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  1. The NSPanel Thread

    where do i put these? I know how to do the program specific ones, but what about the activity monitor and login and about this mac ones? Where are the original files located? THANKS!
  2. ok, so i accidentally screwed a .kext file up for my ps2 keyboard now I can't do anything in leopard. How do you rename a kext file without getting into leopard ? Edit: I have tried 5 ways to get rid of this ApplePS2.kext file through terminal and none of them are working. I DO NOT want to format.... someone, please help me...
  3. no, i didnt. how did u get fcp to work ?
  4. my bad... Sound Blaster X-fi gamer also, I can't install FCP6 because it says i have 0 VRAM, when in system profiler it says i have 512 VRAM. Also, when I try to do software update, i get a kernal panic.
  5. can anyone help me get my audio working along with my PS keyboard?
  6. Show Your OS X Desktop!

    Here is mine, background made in 3 seconds.
  7. I really wanted to share this Background I made for my hackintosh, and to show proof that I did it. Just trying to get sound, PS2 keyboard, and software update to work now. Any help is very much appreciated !
  8. I am typing this from my AMD Hackintosh! I just tried to install FCP 6 and I get this error: Final Cut Pro needs 64MB of VRAM, you have 0MB VRAM. Can someone please help me with this ? ? ? Also, I still get a kernal panic when I try to do software update. AND I still have no audio, any ideas ? What is everyone doing for a boot menu ? I am having to hit ESC to go into my mobo boot menu and choose my drive, this works fine, just wondering if there was a different/easier way to do this like rEFT has when you dual boot ubuntu or xp on a mac. PLEASE PM ME IF YOU CAN HELP ME WITH ANY OF THESE ! ? Thanks for everyones help !
  9. HOLY {censored} ! I GOT IT ! IT WORKS ! Awesome guys ! I love this forum! Special thanks to ChiefWiggum & Anjan T. for helping me personally through PMs ! 8800GTS works, internet works, haven't tested sound yet. I tried to do software update and got a kernal panic. Is there a fix out there for that? I am so @#$%ing happy right now guys. I own a g5, a Macbook, and now a AMD HacKinTosh! CAN YOU SAY RENDERFARM ! ?! ? WOOT ! If anyone knows of a software update fix, please let me know ! Thanks again to this forum and the members of it for being so helpful. SUPER ULTRA SPECIAL THANKS TO Zephyroth for taking his time and intelligence to make this ISO. WHERE DO I DONATE TO HIM!?
  10. thanks for the reply. Haven't tried single user mode. How do you do that? I have now fixed my previous issue and have a new one. Mac boots, welcomes me, I create a user, skip registration, then it says MAC OSX is READY! I creamed my pants, clicked OK, then it went back to the beginning of the same welcome menu. It just does this, over and over again. Anyone have this issue? Please HELP! I am one step away from desktop ! ! ! Thanks in advance. T
  11. I am still having problems when booting. Can anyone help me? msn = dizzy_Derf@hotmail.com I really want this to work. The error I am encountering now is that when i boot, the screen flashes white really fast, then restarts my computer....
  12. Hey everyone, I have installed Zephyroth's 10.5.2, I used the patch.sh to fix somethings. I got everything installed, but now when I try to boot i just see a very quick white flash, then it restarts. I have been researching for hours, days, weeks, and cannot find a fix. Please help! My specs are: AMD 4200+ DFi Lan part Xpert mobo 2 gig hyperx nvidia 8800gts 3 seagate satas; 1 xp, 1 osx, 1 storage Please help me, I have tried everything and I am at my wits end pulling my hair out. Thank u. t3nacity