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CTRL vs Command key

Command vs CTRL  

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  1. 1. Command vs CTRL

    • Command
    • Ctrl
    • Both (this shouldn't be an option, DAMN FENCE SITTERS!) :P

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I prefer command simply because thats what I'm used to using now,i still use my pinky sometimes to do a command, but i usually just use my ring finger. I don't use the homerow {censored}, i just touch-type (I memorized the qwerty layout quite well) so i can use pretty much which ever finger i want to do a command. Its a pain in the ass for me to use Windows or linux now because I'm so used to using cmd instead of crtl, i can't tell you how many times i accidentally logged myself out by using the wrong key command xD! <_>


-Prawker :lol:

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Both. Still need all those options for Quark. Because of this, you pretty much don't need to use a mouse, except for moving picture and text boxes around. Make manipulating the layout far faster.


Some commands require Control(pinky)-Option(middle)-Apple(thumb)-Shift(ring)+other combination left to index or right hand fingers.



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in thory don;t they do the same thing in each os.,.. ctrl-c copy cmd-c copy?


jsut the key button has a diffrent name?

Well, it's positioning of the button that also matters. Command is 2 keys over from Ctrl, just as C is 2 keys over from Z.


I'm just saying that I prefer to use CTRL as to me it's easier to poke my pinky at Ctrl.

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CTRL......tooo used to Windows, so I switch the keys using Keyboard Preferences.




Plus CTRL is so much easier to press than CMD. I use the Pinky for CTRL/SHIFT/Caps Lock Etc

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