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  1. Last week I installed parallels on my Wife's Hackintosh, and the next day the computer was running very poorly. Moving the mouse was glitchy, the dock would take up to ten seconds to respond, to clicks, etc. All these problems are present whether parallels is actually started or not. I have been suspecting a bad hard drive, but have not had time to work on it. I did not suspect Parallels until today, when I installed it on my Hackintosh at work, and immediately had the same problem. The system was running so poorly, I couldn't even eject the image. After a reboot I was able to uninstall the program, and things are running perfectly again. Both computers are using Intel Motherboards (1 a P945 and 1 a P965) using pentium D processors and 2GB of RAM. I am using the Jan 18th build of parallels. The software runs fine on my macbook, so I am kind of at a loss. Has anyone already experienced this issue and come up with a fix? Thanks for any input. UPDATE: Finally found another thread dealing with this topic. Moderator may delete.
  2. CTRL vs Command key

    I have to use windows at work, and therefore use ctrl. Can't get used to command at home, so I remap the keys.
  3. I am having the same issue. This is the 3rd hackintosh I've built (10.4.6 JAS), and the first one with the problem (all on Intel 945 with Pent. D820, GMA950 and Sigmatel 9220). I first suspected that the wifi device was causing "activity" and keeping the screensaver from coming on, but sleep works fine, so I dont think thats the issue. I've not had a chance to go remove the wifi card (USB) and try again though. Have you guys made any progress? I'm considering a script that will just provoke a "test" if I cannot figure out the true source of the problem.