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  1. Help me decide

    Buy the regular macbook, use the savings to upgrade your desktop PC for gaming. The regular macbook is perfectly fine for web design/photoshop work.
  2. Apple and Fox Reach Agreements

    90% of everyone I know just goes to blockbuster or uses netflix, most people aren't that interested in owning every movie they've ever watched. And since you're on this site I wouldn't exactly peg you as the ideal itunes customer
  3. Predictions for 2008

    laptops: -Hard Drive Space - 160 to 320gb hdd or 32 to 128gb ssd, depending on your needs desktops: -Hard Drive Space - 320 to 500gb on the low end, 1 to 4tb on the high end. I don't think ssd will catch on with desktops all: -CPU Speed - i think we'll stick around 1.6-2.4ghz as the standard, but power draws will be much improved. I also think "lite" cpus like the ones in the asus eee and intel's upcoming stuff will create a new low-end market for computers -Average RAM Size - 2gb standard in most models, 4gb in the higher end. the mac mini will still come with 1gb -iPod Market Share - steady, maybe some slight growth from new ipods at the end of the year. the mp3 player market isn't really getting any bigger, most people are happy with their current player and only replace when broken -iPhone Market Share - i think they'll hit their 10 million target, but not much more than that unless they start to dip into the low end, i.e. an iphone nano for $200-250 -Zunes (Anything) - LOL -Windows, what do you think the next version will be like? - I don't think we'll see it in 2008, maybe a beta -OS X, what will 10.6 be like? - more specific media browsing instead of generic file browsing (think itunes and iphoto for more content types), spotlight really turns into something great, time machine gets fixed to include network/airport goodness, less "desktop" metaphor and more experimental interfaces a la quicksilver. that's what i want at least
  4. X-Factor judge to sue Apple!

    Apple typically outsources static content to content delivery networks like akamai. The screwup could have been in either place, no company seems to be saying anything about it. I can see why Cowell would be pissed though, they probably paid a good deal for that kind of promotion and it's not really possible to recoup from something like that.
  5. Milking Your Money

    dw's not exactly very slim in the memory department, that's why he can get away with less memory.
  6. $/gb value is what the ipod classic is for.
  7. battery Life

    On a santa rosa macbook, new battery, screen around 30-40% brightness, battery set to "better energy savings" instead of "better performance", wifi on and bluetooth off: just over 5 hours. On my original core duo macbook I started off with about 3-3.5 hours on a charge, after 18 months and 350 or so charges that was down to 1.5 hours at best. Take care of your batteries!
  8. What mac?

    No, the refurbs are mostly last-gen models right now and those can only do 3gb (one 2gb stick and one 1gb stick).
  9. USB got super slow again

    firewire doesn't take up cpu resources. usb does. firewire is better, QED
  10. people will spend money if it makes/saves them more down the road, it's called an investment. the price difference between a macbook and say a dell inspiron/xps is so small compared to the amount of money you make if you use your computer for billable work over the ~3 years you own it that the $99 or so for an OS is even less relevant than that. if you're even slightly more productive using os x than windows or linux that time savings will pay itself off in saved costs/increased revenue many times over during those few years.
  11. if both are consenting human adults and the marriage isn't going to harm anybody, why not
  12. i got 4gb of g-skill for $99 the other day at newegg, might as well max out your ram while it's cheap
  13. Throttling....Hardware?

    Oh please, if you were a musician I'd hope you would invest in the $15 a month that a decent web hosting plan costs in order to distribute your music, and not some consumer-grade external hard drive. That's the worst possible example you could give.
  14. macworld expo in january, usually they bring out a new model or two there.
  15. Farewell, CompUSA

    the liquidation company they're using to manage the store closings is notorious for not giving good deals. look for previously marked down items to go back up to their full retail price before getting "20% off" again