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  1. Hey guys, In the UK, I know that it can be very difficult to find hackintosh compatible parts (motherboards ect) but thanks to this post, you should have no issue getting a hackintosh built from Uk available part that is very affordable -Motherboard-Having a compatible motherboard is very important, I would recommend using a Gigabyte Ga-G31m-Es2l Micro ATX board. Os x works a treat on this board. It costs £52.97 on Amazon UK at the time of writing. I got mine much cheaper about two months ago but I still think it is worth it at this price -Processor-Here is something important, The processor. I went with the Intel core 2 quad q6600 from an old build so it was free for me, but on Amazon UK the faster core 2 quad q8400 costs a very reasonable £116.48 -Ram-I went with 4GB of 1066mhz Komputerbay ram from Amazon UK which performs perfectly well and cost only £35. -PSU-Your computer will be useless without power, The CiT 650w psu should get the job done with no issues and It costs only £30.06 from Amazon UK. -Graphics. The Nvidia 8600GT should be plenty for average tasks costing just £53.99 from Amazon UK. However, feel free to buy something better, just make sure you check its os x compatibility first. -Case- I went for the Coolermaster Elite 330 costing just £28.99 from Amazon UK. However, the choice is completely yours. For things like HDD's and Dvd drives and fans, feel free to choose what you wish, it will all just work. The total cost for the parts I posted comes to £317.49. Enjoy hackintoshing
  2. Still waiting for root device

    Are you using any IDE devices? Sometimes you will get this error if you are using only sata. This happened to me. It was rather strange because I heard that sata is better to use for osx86... Hope i helped Adam
  3. You can change the cpu using OSX86 tools. For the gpu though, i am not to sure... Hopefully one of the hackintosh Guru's that are higher than me will come along to assist you I hope you are enjoying your hackintosh Adam
  4. OS X on Asus P5LP-LE

    Yea it appears to be all good. I googled your motherboard and people seem to be having success. As sirbow2 said, you will have to use the legacy kernel because you do not have a core 2 cpu. I would highly recommend the "hazard" distro of snow leopard. It is also easy to update because the kernel is kept up to date I used hazard on my asus motherboard before I used the retail install on my gigabyte ga-g31m-es2l board Good luck with your hackintosh my friend Adam
  5. If it is running ok then I wouldn't bother worrying about it. As the saying goes "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" Adam
  6. Snow Leopard 10.6.8 Boot Screen

    Thanks very much for your fix Adam
  7. I have came across a strange thing after updating my hackintosh (retail) to 10.6.8 and that is that the circle loading sign no longer shows up. It doesn't effect me and I dont care about It but I was just wondering if this has happened to anybody else? Adam
  8. What DON'T you do in OS X?

    Gaming. Specifically Test Drive Unlimited 2 ( What a wee game ;] )
  9. CTRL vs Command key

    Command Key for sure. I always try to copy and paste in windows by pressing windows+c then windows+v
  10. Which OSx86 ISO do you use?

    Hazard Snow Leopard 10.6.2 (Updated to 10.6.7)
  11. Show Your OS X Desktop!

    Here is mine. Hazard snow leopard 10.6.7 (Legacy Kernal)
  12. Aestheticswise

    The iMac G4 or the G4 Cube or the Mac Pro/Powermac G5. Can't decide. I love them all.
  13. Dude just search Amazon ect for a one that is mac compatible. That is what i did. Just search Wireless Adapter Mac. Good luck
  14. Should Apple Sell OSX For Use On A PC?

    I never wan't to see this happen. That would just mean we would get all of windows problems on mac OS X. There would also be loads more viruses because more people will be using it.
  15. OSX has a superior UI to Windows

    Just had a quick skim read through this. I do agree with most of it. Also personally I think the windows UI got worse when windows seven came out. I think the vista UI was better. Apple on the other hand have been using the same UI for two operating systems and Lion is looking pretty similar. I think they need to change the os x UI a fair amount.