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  1. I agree. That said, I'm not switching to Firefox anytime soon...
  2. Urbz

    Soon the end of Windows?

    two words: WEB BROWSER.
  3. LOL. Yes. Parasites who convert ourselves and the effort we put into this project into dollar signs for Apple. They must really hate us. Come on! So many people on this board have bought Macs that this site is a money making machine. Our little operation has also been like a research project for Apple. If nothing else we prove that once curious people get a taste of OS X, they want it. (in many cases bad enough to buy a Mac) Isn't that up to the law to decide? I mean, if any of this were clear, an outcome would already be reached, no? (I don't believe in the system, but isn't that the argument? ok.
  4. Urbz

    Pwnage Tool 2.1 Released

    it never puts my iphone into dfu mode... edit: new version worked great!
  5. nice to see them learn from their mistakes!
  6. Urbz

    Rogers/Fido = EPIC FAILURE

    yeah I'm in Montreal and I'm very happy with my plan. I signed a three year with fido... Knowing that when the next iPhone comes out I can probably qualify for HUP, it doesn't bother me all that much. So anyways, I have $30 data at 6gigs, $20 'regional' plan (although I think it's supposed to be Ontario only...) for 150 minutes and unlimited e/w, and the $11 value pack for 125 SMS, CID, VM, and whocalled. So I beat the $60 value plan almost everywhere except I don't have VVM... Which really doesn't bother me since I'm getting so much more!
  7. Urbz

    Rogers/Fido = EPIC FAILURE

    WRONG. There are different tiers which current clients fall in which determine how much you pay. Just like any other phone. Generally, you only need to be HUP eligible to qualify for the 199/299 pricing. Rogers/fido's servers were down until 1:30, and Apple's 3ish (EST). I thought it added to the excitement. After running all around the city of Montreal, I got my hands on a 16GB and look at it fondly because of it's story lol... OMG WUT AH BEG DIZAZTREE!! Wrong. It is for the full three years. The promotion is that you must get it before August 31st. *sigh* -Urbz
  8. Hey technobob, do you surf howardforums.com?
  9. Urbz

    Happy 4th of July

    Ugh... everyone stop bickering and get a life.
  10. Urbz

    3G iPhone Confirmed For WWDC

    I don't understand why people like cdma...
  11. This isn't about quality! Yes, everyone knows HD is pointless on such a small screen! Still, if one were to download a HD 1080p movie from iTunes but had to take it with them, wether that be to watch it an another screen or on the device (think travel), you need a hardware codec to do it.
  12. Urbz

    Confirmed: Atom-based iPhone!

    No. It's too big, too expensive, and too little too late.
  13. Now why would you do that? I think it's fairly safe to assume that there will be iPhone 2.0 soon enough. If you want a cheap iPhone, wait for the next version, then get a 4/8/16 Gig refurb of iPhone 1. Just saying...