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  1. Adobe Creative Suite 3

    This is too cool. I'm so happy about this. My G5 is running Death Raid (2x250gig SATA) in HFS+ CS Journal. Don't know how I'm supposed to back this up to format down to no case sensitivity. :'(
  2. 3 Hard Disks, 3 OS's

    Oh. I see. Cheers. Will look tonight. Socket AM2 Fatal1ty AN9 32X Yep. Sorted. Didn't see the HD priority list until last night. Using Vista bootloader.
  3. Safe to make iPhoto Calendar?

    I didn't think the calendar request went to Apple. Correct me if I'm wrong. Check that there is any privacy statement when sending the information and if there is, if it states it will be sending OS and computer information. I highly doubt it.
  4. Should I update to 10.4.10?

    If you back up your system. And you get that "Failed to load..... try n times / n - 1" After applying the PascalW update.... What do you do?
  5. 3 Hard Disks, 3 OS's

    That's too fiddley. Better way is a boot loader that you don't miss and only have to up-down arrow > enter = boot. Rather than, DEL find boot order etc, save reboot.
  6. Hiya. Can I get some prompting on how to get this triple OS system going. PATA (160gig) = OSx86/AMD 10.4.9 Working, stable, beautiful. <-- Primary OS SATA1 (80gig) = WinXP. Previously only OS on this computer. <-- to be shelved SATA2 (80gig) = WinVista <-- Secondary OS So they are all installed at present and working. If I plug in the PATA then it boots to OSX. If I plug in the WinXP HD into SATA1 it boots, but have to remove the PATA disk. If I plug in the Vista HD while the XP HD is in, XP boots. Pull out the XP HD, Vista Boots. If I plug the VISTA HD into SATA1, blue screen. Plug it back into SATA2, all is good. I'd like to have all the disks plugged in at the same time , der, and will migrate my XP to the Vista segment (mainly used for games). Cheers for the following help. (EDIT: Looks like Windows boot loader may do it. But if anyone has a how-to on the Darwin loader then I would appreciate that. Or what works best)
  7. Have to lol at the OP. Can't be bothered saying much as it's a mindless, lack of thought rant. People complained, Apple responded with a rebate. How often does a large international do that for their customers or give a s*&t about how their customers feel? You wanted to be one of the first to get an iPhone, we call that a 'Technoweenie'. Me and my partner want one, but we're waiting for Rev2.
  8. CTRL vs Command key

    Both. Still need all those options for Quark. Because of this, you pretty much don't need to use a mouse, except for moving picture and text boxes around. Make manipulating the layout far faster. Some commands require Control(pinky)-Option(middle)-Apple(thumb)-Shift(ring)+other combination left to index or right hand fingers.
  9. I am surprised, or I am blind, that there is not a sticky in regard to this. i want to build 2 brand new boxes and of course want them to be as OSx compatible as possible without too much messing around and also with lowest problem inherence. So basically, I'm about to order some parts and I know it mainly comes down to the MB and also the GFX card. From what I've stated in regard to most compatible what 1) Motherboard Intel® Desktop Board D975XBX2 2) CPU Intel Core 2 Duo E6550, 2.33 GHz Clock Speed, FSB 1333MHz, 4MB L2 Cache, Socket LGA775. Intel G33, P35 or Q35 motherboard chipset required 3) Graphics Card Nvidia GeForce 7900 GT 256MB/256-bit Pci-ex 16x Should I buy? Cheers.