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  1. Dr. Hurt

    AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching

    Any reason as to why HDMI patches were removed? I added them back to Clover... but it took me some time to discover why HDMI audio broke after the update!!! It might be worth mentioning this somewhere to help out users who use HDMI
  2. Dr. Hurt

    VirtualSMC — SMC Emulator

    My battery suddenly started showing as "Replace Soon" with SMCBatteryManager. My battery still has 73% of its design capacity!! Switched back to ACPIBatteryManager to check if it'll say the same thing, but nope. Says battery condition is good. Capacity hasn't changed since I installed SMCBatteryManager. At lease not that I've noticed.
  3. Attached is the kext I'm using. It works without any additional patches whatsoever... Backup, then install inside IO80211 kext plugins folder. Also, remove all additional patches/kexts you have. (ath9k kext, -ath9485 boot flag, other injector kexts or clover injections). That aside, I wish I could use ath9k and lilu to be able to use latest untouched apple kexts. And to avoid installing patched kexts to system partition. But sadly, I never managed to get it to work... 9485.zip
  4. I have personally never had any speed issues with my AR9485. Speed tests show speeds of up to 50Mbps (limit of my ISP plan). I'm using a patched Airport kext (without Lilu, Injectors, or Fixup). What are you using to get your card to work? (What kexts, where installed, DSDT or Clover patches). I really wanna switch to ath9kFixup but could never get it to work. Thanks in advance!!
  5. Dr. Hurt

    Mojave and Windows 10 (Dual-Boot)

    Of course you can dual boot. You’ll be using Clover bootloader to install macOS and it can boot Windows too (both legacy and UEFI mode). I personally prefer starting clean and using macOS disk utility to partition the SSD. That way, I get a GPT disk partitioned the way macOS likes (with those 128mb gaps and all). That way, you also avoid complicated repartitioning and MBR/GPT issues.
  6. Dr. Hurt

    VirtualSMC — SMC Emulator

    Just switched to VirtualSMC and SMCBatteryManager. All data seems fine except battery temperature which shows -273.2C (which is probably an absolute zero on Kelvin scale). Also, AppleACPIACAdapter doesn't load like with ACPIBatteryManager kext. Everything seems to work regardless...
  7. Has anyone been able to get 9485 to work with ATH9kFixup on Mojave? Or even High Sierra? If so, where exactly did you place the kexts? Clover? S/L/E? I was never able to get ATH9KFixup to work
  8. Dr. Hurt

    AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching

    @jaymonkey You sir made my day!!! I was never able to move to an AppleALC version above 1.2.7 Removed _DSM from under HDEF in DSDT, added inject=6 in Clover's config.plist, and BOOM. Sound works with latest AppleALC (1.3.1) Also, not sure when this happened, but I no longer need CodecCommander!!
  9. Dr. Hurt

    Mojave and AirPortAtheros40.kext

    It already works when using the patched AirPortAtheros40.kext in /S/L/E and is assigned en2. What we're hoping to do is make system more "vanilla" by avoiding installing patched kexts to S/L/E. Patched AirPortAtheros40.kext doesn't load from Clover folder (maybe because it's older than vanilla SLE one, or maybe unfilled dependencies on early boot) I wish I could get ATH9Kfixup to work. It's supposed to do on the fly patching.
  10. Dr. Hurt

    Mojave and AirPortAtheros40.kext

    I tried doing that but it doesn’t work. Neither Airport nor IO80211 kexts load from Clover folder. There is the ATH9Kfixup kext with is suppoed to work from Clover folder but for some reason I could never get that to work either... If you do manage to get it to work, please do update.
  11. Dr. Hurt

    AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching

    I can't get any version above 1.2.7 to work with my system!! Using latest Lilu 1. Sony Vaio SVE15115 / 7-series mobile chipset 2. ALC269 3. layout-id=6 in DSDT (also tried alc-layout-id, and apple-layout-id) 4. macOS 10.13.6 Any help would be appreciated...
  12. Dr. Hurt

    Stuck on PCI configuration...

    Try enabling USB ownership fix in clover (and BIOS if available).
  13. Dr. Hurt

    CLOVER 4509

    Es mejor usar el HFSPlus.efi (del internet) en vez de VBox-HFS
  14. Dr. Hurt

    Clover General discussion

    Fwiw, 4509 fixed the slow clover startup / scan loaders phase.