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  1. I've got the HD 5450 1GB -- does anyone have any problems recording in Camtasia or Screenflow? My audio gets really choppy, and I'm using a USB mic.
  2. CLiDE FTW!!1

    Guide To Enable HD 5450 In 10.6.6 + Lion + Mountian Lion

    Actually, I retract my previous statement... When I record screencast with camtasia or screenflow, the audio gets real choppy. I revert back to onboard video, and audio is fine. I wonder what causes this...
  3. CLiDE FTW!!1

    Guide To Enable HD 5450 In 10.6.6 + Lion + Mountian Lion

    My HD5450 card works great with 10.6.7 on Conroe1333-667 (had to update bios, I did it using Hiren's Boot CD with MiniXP). QE/CI enabled! My computer runs silky smooth! Thank you! I'm tempted to install Lion. :-P
  4. Honestly, I don't deserve a whole thread for this, but... I need to leave this message board (as well as others) for good. I appreciate all the things the community has done for me, starting with Dax, who helped me setup my first hackintosh, all the way to each member who contributed their hard work to each kext, patch, documentation, etc. You guys are doing an AMAZING job here! Since then I have bought a real mac (several, now), and I thank you guys for helping me make this transition. I need to better myself; life is way too short. I want to focus on making myself more socially involved with life, accomplishing things that I've never thought dreamed of. Of course, I'll always be a nerd at heart, heck, my main source of income is through the internet (by various means of ecommerce stores!) I've scrambled my passwords and changed my e-mail address so I can't log back in. I feel its the only way. Sorry for making you all read this blabber, but quite frankly, InsanelyMac is one of the most down to earth, warmest, friendliest message boards on the net. Please stay this way! Cheers to good health, and remember to follow your dreams -- if you don't have dreams, what do you have? R.I.P. Prawker, and I hope the best to all!
  5. CLiDE FTW!!1

    Best Web Hosting providers?

    You can't go wrong with HostGator... honestly, probably the best all-around web hosting company for the price. Tech support is top notch, the service is really solid, and the MySQL speeds are phenomenal.
  6. CLiDE FTW!!1

    The Matrix Runs on Windows

  7. CLiDE FTW!!1

    uTorrent Mac 0.90 Beta Released

    Yeah, used to love uTorrent on windows, now I'm a huge Transmission fan, so we'll see how this works! EDIT: Downloaded, and it looks slick!
  8. CLiDE FTW!!1

    iPod Touch Gen 2 or Gen 1?

    I also enjoy my jailbroken iPhone 3G.
  9. CLiDE FTW!!1

    Can you see the fear in Microsoft's eyes?

    Windows fanboys like to drink Windex...
  10. CLiDE FTW!!1

    President-elect Obama

    Smaller government = less salaries to pay. People who are opposed to Obama are just cry babies.
  11. CLiDE FTW!!1

    Can you see the fear in Microsoft's eyes?

    Microsoft is an idiot for giving into the whole Mac/PC thing.
  12. idunno why people want screen shots of Snow Leopard...
  13. CLiDE FTW!!1

    The spotlight turns to notebooks

    wtf, the new MB and MBP are far from hideous... best looking laptops on the market, easily.
  14. CLiDE FTW!!1

    The spotlight turns to notebooks

    Agreed. 13" MBP anyone?
  15. CLiDE FTW!!1

    Free Crossover Mac

    Cool idea, publicity stunt, but very effective nonetheless.