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[Pre-Release] macOS Big Sur 11.5

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This was something like fast food 123 go

Emulated NVRAM
Open Core Bootloader
X58 The Beast :boxing:

Screenshot 2021-05-19 at 23.45.30.png

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All ok on HP Probook 6570b :lol:


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7 minutes ago, miliuco said:


I'm going behind you. I still can't reach you :)

How does it work? Do you like how it behaves?

It's all good my friend, still putting it through it's paces to see the changes and performance, so far so good.

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Update went smoothly but I lost the sound if it's connected to monitor via DP. I do have it if I connect speakers to mobo. 

Anyone know why, please?


UPDATE: The sound is back. Few reboots and it's back. Haven't change anything. Weird



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Beta 2 update successfully completed on Intel laptop and AMD desktop running Clover 5136

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2 hours ago, ndungu6678 said:

Screenshot 2021-06-03 at 6.54.13 PM.png

Update went smooth -as usual! -Dont know if its only me but update seems to make my system run faster


let's hope it's not going to become an iphone, where you feel it faster only because every foreground process automatically disable all background ones granting more resources to the one in use.. then launching a few more make it burns.  (kidding..?) :)

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I am having an issue running Google Chrome and (the Chromium-based) Microsoft Edge on macOS 11.5.  It got markedly worse since installing Beta 2.  The issue is video glitches when running streaming video in full-screen in either Chrome or Edge with hardware acceleration enabled.  When I disable hardware acceleration, the glitches disappear but video display is not quite as crisp.  When I use Safari or Firefox, the problem does not appear.  When I use Edge on my Windows 10 partition, I have no problem.  Any ideas what in macOS might affect video hardware acceleration?  BTW, only my IGPU works in macOS and it is the Intel UHD 620.

@mnfesq - That is indeed unusual but saying that, it works ok in Safari and Firefox so in reality you would think it should work in the other two browsers. With all of that, don't forget we are still in the Beta stage so I wouldn't worry too much until the official release then see if the problem goes away. Meanwhile fish around and see if there are any reports of the problem you are experiencing. Good luck.

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