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  1. @Sascha_77 Indeed. Thanks for taking time to solve this.. had immediate call for updated app, and so i did, Now all is fine.. issue is gone.
  2. Problem persist Kext Updater_2019-08-27-114513_iMac.crash
  3. LAbyOne

    OpenCore Discussion

    Just had this bug now AppleSupportPkg fails finding OcTimerLib into OcSupportPkg ======================================= Ran 270 tests in 1.225s OK 'import sitecustomize' failed; use -v for traceback Build environment: Darwin-17.7.0-x86_64-i386-64bit Build start time: 13:11:28, Aug.22 2019 WORKSPACE = /Users/labyone/AppleSupportPkg/UDK EDK_TOOLS_PATH = /Users/labyone/AppleSupportPkg/UDK/BaseTools CONF_PATH = /Users/labyone/AppleSupportPkg/UDK/Conf Architecture(s) = X64 Build target = DEBUG Toolchain = XCODE5 Active Platform = /Users/labyone/AppleSupportPkg/UDK/AppleSupportPkg/AppleSupportPkg.dsc Processing meta-data . build.py... /Users/labyone/AppleSupportPkg/UDK/AppleSupportPkg/AppleSupportPkg.dsc(...): error 4000: Instance of library class [OcCpuLib] is not found in [/Users/labyone/AppleSupportPkg/UDK/OcSupportPkg/Library/OcTimerLib/OcTimerLib.inf] [X64] consumed by module [/Users/labyone/AppleSupportPkg/UDK/AppleSupportPkg/Application/VerifyMsrE2/VerifyMsrE2.inf] - Failed - Build end time: 13:11:29, Aug.22 2019 Build total time: 00:00:01 AppleSupportPkg.log.txt ___ EDIT !!!! ____ NEVERMIND.... Now Build start time: 13:46, Aug.22 2019 Back to normal... build succeeded
  4. LAbyOne

    OpenCore Discussion

    "hackintosh for all or for specialists" Hackintosh as any other Hack can't be for all. ca va sans dire, or for better understandig i'll say, all for hackintosh, and means just what i already said above, first of all you must learn, its the basic rule to do anything in the living world (not only here) You said " That's because I understand Chris's post. If it takes days...." I don't remeber learning to speak took me little time... but now i can speak 5 languages, the same goes for walking an so on.... to enter this world without any knowledge and pretending to get through with no hassle is fantasy you probably just forgot the very early days of clover... it was similar for all coming from Chameleon... it took time and patience, then appeared different tools to simplify... the tasks What in my opinion fails to be understood here, is OC is still a work in progress and ofc so is its documentation, many things may vary from a day to another when all this work will finally reach its final stages, maybe we'll also see some automation till then the only way is to learn, and it may take days ok but then you'll surely know how to get throug it and possibly also been able to help others and also share your knowledge a Configurator and a Builder... have already been made and still some aren't yet happy
  5. Please read carefully my answer You'r not using 'buildme' that error is only given by cloverbuild.command since it still have it stored into 3rd party drivers.... to avoid it USE 'buildme' <-- find it (and Double click on it, you'll see the magic ) or edit the command and unlink the repository Find https://github.com/acidanthera/AptioFixPkg Replace https://github.com/acidanthera/AptioFixPkg
  6. @camillionario You already have one... its called buildme present into clover since a little while now src/edk2/Clover/buildme <------
  7. LAbyOne

    Lilu Suite builder

    UPDATED, now Lilu Suite Builder version 1.2.1, and VirtualSMC Builder version 1.1.3 * New plugin added to collection, it's AsusSMC ( a VirtualSMC plugin) all infos can be found here and more here
  8. LAbyOne

    OpenCore Discussion

    just noticed in fact Thanks
  9. LAbyOne

    OpenCore Discussion

    Sorry if wrong thread to ask... but was wondering if something changed since yesterday, into AppleSupportPkg and AptioFixPkg? As per today build is not working anymore both complain about miissing a lib into directory... and till tonight it still worked... my last test build had no such problem..
  10. LAbyOne

    Lilu Suite builder

    UPDATED, now its Lilu Suite Builder version 1.2.0 and VirtualSMC Builder to version 1.1.2 * only a few little adjustments to the Gui for XCode installation detection * users who are not willing to install Xcode can NOW abort the process
  11. LAbyOne

    Lilu Suite builder

    UPDATED, now its Lilu Suite Builder version 1.1.9 and VirtualSMC Builder to version 1.1.1 only a little adjustment to the XCode installation *** Updated Xcode Application detection, now when missing, by clicking on "Open AppStore" button, you will be be directly redirected to the XCode download section on the AppStore.
  12. LAbyOne

    Lilu Suite builder

    Sorry Guys. but it turn out my latest Suite 1.1.6 had little typo which prevented a plugin to make a valid Release build * added ulterior checks to the Needed tools, and modified the compilation, Rewritten the code in order to make a Cleaner and faster build Added automatic detection and installation of Xcode Application, Xcode Tools, Nasm + Disasm, Mtoc + Mtoc.NEW So Now if Xcode is missing the build will be terminated Lilu Suite Builder is version 1.1.7 and VirtualSMC Builder is version 1.0.9
  13. LAbyOne

    Lilu Suite builder

    UPDATED again now Lilu Suite Builder version 1.1.6 and VirtualSMC Builder to version 1.0.8 Added : New iconset, and since the new simplified build of Vsmc, I finally modified the interface building sequence, monitoring the execution buid, you will now be visually informed about the kext being built (nothing you can't live without )
  14. LAbyOne

    Lilu Suite builder

    NEW UPDATE Lilu Suite Builder version 1.1.5 and VirtualSMC Builder to version 1.0.7 *modied to the compilation, to reflect actual changes made into Acidenthera VSMC build Due to those actual changes I would recommend you to update.
  15. LAbyOne

    Lilu Suite builder

    Done! UPDATED Lilu Suite Builder version 1.1.4 and VirtualSMC Builder to version 1.0.6 Added automatic detection and installation of Xcode Tools (previously only detected the installation and invited you to install using terminal command)