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  1. LAbyOne

    Lilu Suite builder

    Inserted EnableLidWake plugin and updated the source for NightShiftUnlocker (mojave compatibility added)
  2. LAbyOne

    Ozmosis Modded Bios OS Mojave (18A371a)

    @BALDY_MAN dunno if its the same you'r already using but in case it isn't you may want give this a try contains: HFS Support APFS Support (including Darboot ) ExtFS Support KernextPatcher AcpiPatcher OzmosisHFTheme FakeSMC v.1800 including sensors iMac14.2 SMBios
  3. LAbyOne

    [pre-release] macOS Mojave 10.14.2

    if it was't tragic, i'd say so funny
  4. LAbyOne

    OZMTool - An Ozmosis Toolbox

    For new mobos support i would suggest using MMTool (Aptio V+ and all others with patched version) only thing (its .exe) and has to be into a wine container if used on mac, but it works very well then for a 500mb app here you can get the lot. it contains also older versions and for the latest one. the untouched and patched ones this is how it looks like if you don't know this tool
  5. LAbyOne

    Lilu Suite builder

    Inserted 2 more plugins into builder new versions on 1st post cheers
  6. its happening because the repository is not there anymore... so while waiting for what has to become... either you remove the link or wait for a fix PS only a suggestion but should replace all cuopertino links whith https://github.com/acidanthera ones
  7. LAbyOne

    Lilu Suite builder

    Small update, from now on you'll find all new modified versions on 1st post
  8. LAbyOne

    Lilu Suite builder

    UDK is inside VirtualSMC and is used to build its dependencies, sorry don't quite understand your request, Then if you really need to know which files and why are they necessary well, you should probably talk directly to the one who wrote them, actually.. But then again whats the point? If your point is to see the sources-master zipped simply go to https://github.com/acidanthera/ there you have all the files used. Get every file you need and open into Xcode to investigate all the dipendencies.
  9. LAbyOne

    Lilu Suite builder

    usr/bin? did you actually replace the original one? which btw its just a symlink to the one inside your XCode all new cli should go to /usr/local/bin.. i guess there's something not installed as it should... try to: - download https://github.com/acidanthera/VirtualSMC/archive/master.zip - run the script inside: VirtualSMC-master/VirtualSMCPkg/macbuild.tool - That should take care of it for you, after relaunch the app. and see if the error persist. On my machine gives no problem.
  10. LAbyOne

    Lilu Suite builder

    Sorry this is a very stupid question, but you put those files into /usr/local/bin/ right? and manually works now?
  11. LAbyOne

    macOS Mojave - It's out!

    well useless to say for those impatient to get it swscan.apple.com can give you a little hand ... packages are under 041-08708
  12. LAbyOne

    Lilu Suite builder

    well what i can see from a very far point of view is: your nasm is deprecated and you need to install the newer version into your machine *do the same for mtoc Links on my 1st post (mtoc+nasm.tgz) still available install them and let me know
  13. LAbyOne

    Lilu Suite builder

    sorry can't help you right now... since i\m still using XCode 9.4.1 + cltools 10 on mojave and it works as expected .. but .. will update to 10 and let you know in a little while.. Well My friend i guess it must be to some privilegies issue related by you side as per Screenshot as you can see here all is fine
  14. LAbyOne

    Lilu Suite builder

    Sure thing but what are those unnecessary files (but the sources) you'r referring to? Anyway i've just updated my post About these .dSYM, i left them in place because maybe you'r not in the need for them but they can be useful for others.. Cheers