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  1. LAbyOne

    Clover General discussion

    @chris1111You have a point there... that's what i get for taking it for granted...
  2. LAbyOne

    Clover General discussion

    Would you also consider since it already exists "src" folder as possible dir? would just avoid making another directory in Home.. PS Stupid question to all others... Would you pls tell me why you are so eager to have yet Another another folder into Home. since clover already uses "SRC" ? are you maso?
  3. LAbyOne

    Clover General discussion

    Well when Clover.app was made it took plenty into consideration the fact clover could no more make use of root dir for its backups, that's the reason why it does it onto desktop... Then the fact you do not make use of it, it's not really a valid excuse ... I personally do not use it either, and I do not use the Installer package as well. Anyway, Clover.app does exactly the same work as the package = installs the boot-loader on the EFI of your choice and makes a backup. or did i miss something strictly pkg related? anyway long story short, as per their actual backup behaviour, both are annoying... lol
  4. LAbyOne

    Clover General discussion

    Well... this discussion on EFI backup, Since, it's all about what is better for Clover itself.... I would repeat myself once again, As i previously stated, Clover.app made by @vector sigma to take care of the (now solved) impossibility for the installer package script to handle the new systems restrictions a.s.o, already makes a backup onto Desktop called cloverbackup, now the script modified by @chris1111 add another back-up folder onto desktop as well... To be honest, like it or dislike it is not what matters most, just a question of coherence, at least when modifing a code would be nice to take in consideration what is already implemented and take that as start point for what is going to be.. Now concerning what would be the best option, i would have chosen (since already present and most directly related to any Clover dependencies) the src folder itself... but that's just my opinion As @mifjpnsan states, it also a question of ethics and aesthetics my 2 cents.
  5. LAbyOne

    About latest Security Updates...

    omg yes you'r right... that was a supplemental update. my bad...
  6. LAbyOne

    About latest Security Updates...

    That's right, but that one was in order to "patch" the memory allocation failure introduced by last security update... well. anyway its just my testing machine so i do not care too much... thanks for replying.
  7. Out of curiosity... I'm probably not aware of latest Apple's crapinside Normally @ every system upgrade we all get security Updates for all other systems... So today as usual, i got the ones for HS, Moj, BUT ON catalina... que dalle - nothing - nani mo - ничего Did you get the same as me or some apple {censored} still going on? If anyone knows, or have more infos than me about that i'd like to know your opinion - experience
  8. LAbyOne

    Clover General discussion

    Thought! As Clover.app already set-up a back-up folder onto Desktop, wouldn't be safer having the same one used by all instances in Clover build? why setting another directory for same files? and btw, all previous back-ups from EFI-BACKUP, would be ominous for current release..
  9. LAbyOne

    Clover General discussion

    mkdir $HOME/src cd $HOME/src git clone https://github.com/CloverHackyColor/CloverBootloader.git Clover cd Clover git clone --recurse-submodules https://github.com/CloverHackyColor/OpenCorePkg.git git config --global submodule.recurse true <--- This just the very first time ./buildme But its true that latests releases do not create/check anymore if src dir. is present...
  10. LAbyOne

    Clover General discussion

    curious thing: Why in your Drivers you keep both HFSPlus and VBox?
  11. LAbyOne

    New Xcode9, 10, 11

    it has been solved on 12.1
  12. LAbyOne

    [pre-release] macOS Big Sur

    Sorry mates, about this its Surely OT, BUT I'm a bit confused right now, and something really feels wrong reading these latest posts... since Haswell processors Never had any support for HEVC, how can it possibly enable a function it is not even aware? Can't seem to clearly process those infos right now... should I be glad or should i be scared by this new Clover magical power?
  13. LAbyOne

    Clover General discussion

    all changes are already done... file is attached to my post... just replace in source
  14. LAbyOne

    Clover General discussion

    yeah, i noticed that, but the one I used is from another source very stable and reliable constantly up to date.. its actually the one already in use since a little while now.
  15. LAbyOne

    Clover General discussion

    @Slice being testing this for a while now not sure really needed, but updated file to latest stable version 2.15.05 ... just in case buildnasm.sh.zip