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  1. same here PS, After trashing the edk2 folder and relaunching the command worked.
  2. LAbyOne

    Clover Theme Manager

    Unfortunately here's all what i get (when connection error doesn't apply)
  3. You'r right! Probably. Just forgot about latest issues with SF
  4. Updated to v 4.8.1 is it normal it stay stuck for about 1 min then it takes forever to download updated revisons? [edit] now 6 min later still downloading omg
  5. I guess that's the reason, probably in the config all has been mixed up, and now the rules applied once only for devs thread applies also to members,
  6. I couldn't agree more, reading all comments, just a question arise now, its only "me"<----- or there's something strange into dev corners section which not allow anymore posting or quoting comments? this is not there for me...
  7. May i suggest to change the directory of 'BuildCloverConfig.txt' from Home to ~/src ?
  8. LAbyOne

    [pre-release] macOS High Sierra

    The main problem comes becose they probably just installed the 'macOSDeveloperBetaAccessUtility' instead of 'macOSPublicBetaAccessUtility' so since its the developer utility they gets the developer update which has no GM as per latest candidate version.
  9. LAbyOne

    [pre-release] macOS High Sierra

    For what's going on and the silence about any GM during WWDC i guess the GM is already installed on your machine So they keep quiet and wait, btw 10 days are not enough to do anything and even if they posted a GM now there will be no more time to produce a corrected one for public release. So there's no point in making a GM only to have it around for 4/5 days before the official. and btw what do you expect as improvements in a new release? probably only the the boot (i386 folder) will have some little adjustments if any. (and after that post, Apple announced the GM )
  10. Nope. no renaming by my side but i genarated a new one with old ssdtGen_0.2.2.b(v2) and its working ok as GFX1 that's why i guessed something was wrong with latest oops forgot to mention still unable to generate HDAS.aml
  11. ok i'll do that about kext i din't install any particular, made excetion for an injector to get my audio working.. (done with HDA Patcher) then i just want to let you know, that in latest ssdtGen you gave me something not working right, for GFX1 with previous release i was able to see the nvidia card into pci's system profiler, now with this new one its gone. otherwise all seem working fine i guess its just cosmetic.
  12. indeed Actually there isn't any in my current boot only ssdt's generated by your app