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  1. Glad to hear - I'll update and attempt to install ML, see if we get some success.
  2. "mkdir bin" creates a directory named bin. The script removed the bin directory, and recreates it. Shouldn't be a problem. Do we have any confirmation that the unlocker works with 5.1?
  3. So while I've been able to install 10.7 onto ESXi without issues, I cannot get 10.8 installed. Does anyone have any ideas as to how to do this? I've done a ton of research but unable to find a solution as of yet. I see some people have had success with a 'USB' install, what does this mean exactly? Thanks!
  4. lieb39

    When is Leopard Going to Leak?

    I don't think it is.. looks like another 12 hours.. Ah well, more time to backup files..
  5. lieb39

    When is Leopard Going to Leak?

    Hmm pretty funny how many people are just sitting here.. waiting for someone to scream out that it's out..
  6. lieb39

    Leopard Beta

    Yep, I'll be installing it on my Macbook C2D as the main O.S. I need to format badly, and I figure this is a good excuse. Dual booting vista / leopard.. shall be interesting. Cheers
  7. lieb39

    Non-Working Software ?

    It seems that most of the issues are with Intel machines eh? On my Powerbook G4 (PPC obviously..) the applications/functions so far that have failed/issues: Cisco VPN Client Sometimes the auto-sensing lights won't kick in - leave the screen full brightness Time machine - pressing 'backup now' just stays on initialising.. even though it's running Address book - must be restarted before imported records are shown Kismac - driver issues - just locks up in my limited testing..
  8. Hello everyone, I've been trying to install Tiger 10.4.0 (First Release) onto a Powerbook 15" Last Revision, and I keep on running into errors. Is there any way I can upgrade the actual 10.4 dvd to integrate the latest updates, than reburn - as this would solve my errors? Cheers. -lieb39
  9. lieb39

    Leopard Installation Method

    Correct - Only can boot from USB devices on the Intel devices. Cheers
  10. Update: I had to remove a file so that my USB mouse could work - I didn't realise that none of my USB items were working properly prior. Ah well. Now it appears the application gets the signal - but dies immediately after It does, without applying the signal. E.g. Press pause and about half a second later the program disappears from the menu bar. Any ideas? Thanks, lieb39
  11. Thanks! Fixed my USB mouse, now works on my Dell D600. -lieb39
  12. Just been thinking about it, don't suppose I could just either use the windows drivers or the mac PPC drivers? Thanks, lieb39
  13. Ah fair enough, so by installing the software I'm just installing the pure software & no drivers then? Thanks, lieb39
  14. Seems to work on my Dell D600 (with the 1400 card) but I can't get onto my network, probably because it has a WPA? Ah well, I'll test it out some other time out in public. Thanks so much for the easy install! -lieb39