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  1. Xcode and Interface Builder

    I am moving back to Tiger's Xcode. Leopard's is not working fine for me.
  2. Xcode and Interface Builder

    Ok, solved from Finder: http://www.peachpit.com/articles/article.a...qNum=5&rl=1 Xcode is properly invoking the new Interface Builder now
  3. root activation in Leopard

    Nope, it runs as the user that you defined from the OSX installation.
  4. Xcode and Interface Builder

    Well, the names of the builders are different. So I guess that if NIB files could be associated to be opened with the new one, Xcode may properly manage them.
  5. There are two provided Interface Builders: one named Interface Builder Tiger and another just Interface Builder. If you try to open a NIB file from Xcode then Interface Builder Tiger is invoked and crashes. The other Interface Builder runs fine. How to associate the NIB files to the new Interface Builder from Xcode, instead to the Tiger one ? Is there a way to associate NIB files to be opened with the new Interface Builder from Finder ?
  6. root activation in Leopard

    > sudo passwd root Excellent!
  7. Fink for Leopard

    It looks like fink (ppc) is not able to install on OSX 10.5 Leopard ? Any hints ?
  8. How to activate the root user in Leopard ? It looks as the application we used for that is missing.
  9. Installation fails on PPC G4 Mac mini...

    Its running nicely on my mac mini ppc. I used the diskless installation method. Worked great
  10. It works great! Real simple and easy! Congrats!!!
  11. can't install Leopard

    > and then copied the ISO back to my PC How ? > probably you should use transmac or something similar Neither transmac or ultraiso work with this dmg
  12. Leopard Installation Method

    Is is there any live CD utility for OSX that may allow to format the harddisk with HFS+ ? I had Ubuntu on the mac mini and now there is no way to install OSX again... :-( It does not recognizes the harddisk. damn...
  13. Leopard Installation Method

    Has someone successfully used ultraiso or transmac with this install dmg ? They don't recognize it