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  1. Leopard Installation Method

    AWESOME! I now have 10.5 installed, but it seems like I put it on the wrong partition. I put it on the one with tiger. It just upgraded it to 10.5. How do I get rid of the second partition I set up using bootcamp. I cannot select anything in the disk utility. I am down to 8.2gb on an 80gb drive. THANKS FOR ALL YOUR HELP! Also, I am running Time Machine, and it seems to be taking FOREVER. The bar is barely moving, at like 1 or 2% I think, and it has been going for 30 minutes.
  2. Leopard Installation Method

    Just out of curiosity, are you guys going to be uninstalling tiger? If it is stable, I guess I will be getting rid of it. If I want to do that, how would I?
  3. Leopard Installation Method

    Ok, I am backing up everything on my external, and then going to reformat. I REALLY hope I dont have to redownload. I had my macbook running for 55 hours straight.
  4. Leopard Installation Method

    Ok, I moved the dmg file to the documents folder, and tried it again. Here is what comes up I am extracting it again. All I did was use unrarx, open up the .rar file, and click extract
  5. Leopard Installation Method

    What do you mean by "move" the dmg. It seems like it is starting to moves files over to the external becuase the files "applications" and "bin" show up.
  6. Leopard Installation Method

    Maybe SOMEONE can help me. I did exactly as instucted above. It starts to move it to the external, and this is what pops up. I should not that I was not sure how to format it, so I did not. I also have alot of info on there, so I didnt want to in the first place.
  7. Leopard Installation Method

    After you do this, does it get rid of everything on the external HD? Also, does this run Leopard off the HD? I dont want it to run off the HD because it is so much slower.
  8. Leopard Installation Method

    Ok, I got the dmg using unrarx, and tried transferring it to my firewire HD. It gets to the end of transferring, then an error comes up. I want to burn it to a DL disk, and not run it off an external HD. I transferred it to the external so I can put it on my PC that has a DL burner. Any suggestions?
  9. Leopard Installation Method

    Ok, i partioned the drive using Boot camp. I now have 20gb free on the other partition. I am done downloading, and I am going to burn using unrarx. Once it is done, do I just stick it in? Will it let me choose which partition to send it to. I am going to leave the computer running for 3 days until I go on vacation, so I will stay seeding.