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  1. Pu7o

    Headphones don't work

    I installed OS X on my laptop yesterday, and thanks to some of the drivers posted here on InsanelyMac, I managed to get almost all of my hardware working (except wifi, but I don't care about that at this point). However, sound only comes out of the internal speakers (that is to say, even if I plug headphones in, they don't do {censored}, and sound still keeps coming out of the internal speakers). My laptop is an LG F1 Pro Express Dual, and the sound card is a Realtek HDA card (though I don't know the exact model). The driver I have right now is the AzaliaAudio driver (I tried the other two in that thread, but neither worked). I'm running OS X 10.4.8 (JaS's DVD) upgraded to 10.4.9 (minus the kernel). Does anyone know what I can do to hopefully fix this? Thanks in advance.
  2. Pu7o

    Hacking Leopard GUI

    The last two change the look of the menubar back to Tiger's, and the first one changes the look of the windows back to Tiger's.
  3. Pu7o

    Hacking Leopard GUI

    Guys, open the Terminal and type this: defaults write -g NSUseLeopardWindowValues NO defaults write -g HIUseLeopard2MenuValues NO defaults write -g HIUseLeopardMenuValues NO Then open Quartz debug and turn off QE. Thanks to grabberslasher for telling me this
  4. Pu7o

    Safari for Windows

    This seems to be extra buggy. It can't even render links right!
  5. Pu7o

    OS X for SSE (qemu)

    The thing is, kqemu and qvm86 change qemu from an emulator into a virtualizer. So, if you run qemu on a P3 with Kqemu/qvm86, you don't get SSE2/3, and therefore you don't run Mac OS X.
  6. Here's an easy-to-use version of this thing. You still need X11 installed, but for the rest, just double-click on Gens.app in /Applications
  7. Pu7o

    OS X for SSE (qemu)

    You can't virtualize half the architecture and emulate just the SSE2 stuff. It doesn't work that way.
  8. Pu7o

    OS X for SSE (qemu)

    I don't know the technical aspects of it, but I do know from experience that running OS X Intel on QEMU is slower than running OS X PPC on PearPC. Remember that in both cases, you're emulating a whole architecture, which means it basically comes down to what was better implemented.
  9. Pu7o

    OS X for SSE (qemu)

    It'd still be faster it you did all that you're doing, but using PearPC instead of QEMU.
  10. Pu7o

    OS X for SSE (qemu)

    Guys, Mac OS X on qemu is slow as molasses, you'd be better off using the PPC version on PearPC.
  11. Cisco should be shut down, and the owners should be arrested, then tortured, then hanged.
  12. Got this email: Yes, I actually paid for CrossOver Mac. Surprised?
  13. Quoting from Sillydog701... VMware Inc, has released the first public Beta version of VMware Fusion, a virtualisation client, similar to Parallels Desktop for Mac. VMware Fusion has been out in Beta for quite a while, but it was only available as private beta. VMware Fusion's feature: Fusion allows you to: Create and run a wide variety of 32- and 64-bit x86 operating systems on OS X without rebooting. You can simultaneously run PC applications next to your OS X applications. Leverage Virtual SMP capabilities to gain additional performance improvements. On any Mac with dual-core processors, you can assign multiple CPUs to your virtual machine to gain additional performance for CPU-intensive workloads. Access physical devices from the virtual machine: read and burn CDs and DVDs, and use USB 2.0 devices like video cameras, iPods, printers, and disks at full speed. Even devices that do not have drivers for OS X will work in a virtual machine. Drag and drop files and folders between OS X and virtual machines to easily share data between the two environments. Leverage the cross-compatibility of VMware virtual machines. VMware virtual machines created with existing VMware products are all cross compatible, including virtual machines created by VMware Workstation, VMware Player, VMware Server and VMware Infrastructure 3. Run any of the 360 virtual appliances available from the Virtual Appliance Marketplace (http://vam.vmware.com). For more information and to download Fusion public Beta, please visit Fusion Beta Program (page)
  14. Pu7o

    Presenting: Macfox!

    Macfox 0.2 has been released. Macfox 0.2 has been released. Macfox 0.2 includes the following new features: The aqua controls were a bit refined, now they act more like Safari's. Added (incomplete) support for <input type="search">. The Firefox codebase was updated to the latest code in the 1.8.1.x branch. Macs with a G3 processor are now supported. Download link: here. Example of <input type="search">: Again, if you want to share the link, go ahead. Digg it even, if you want to. I'm not the one wasting bandwidth