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  1. Leopard Installation Method

    This is how i did it (installed on my External HD 250gig) Made 3 partitions (1: Media 2:Leopard 3:Leopard disk) So i restored the DMG to the 3th partition en rebooted my mac holding ALT. The 3th partition showed up as a installation disk and i entered the setup. Then i selected the second partition and installed leopard on that. Easy like that!
  2. Non-Working Software ?

    AdiumX Mercury Amsn
  3. Hey, I tried to install ubuntu with boot camp so i booted in the live disk and started installing like in http://www.planetisaac.com/articles/ubuntuinstall.html that tutorial, but i did something wrong and now i can't even format the drives Windows does not reconize them Os X does but i can't mount the two partitions What do i do know?
  4. usb unstable? [bootcamp]

    Same problem here! (iMac 17")
  5. Hey, Tried to install windows 2003 server on my bootcamp partition but it did not work the BSOD appears in the install and then it says i don't have a good boot device. Anyone has this problem too? and how do i fix it