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UPDATED 20.12. GenericBrightness.kext

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Hi, first of all I want to say thanks to all of those who have shared their knowledge to get this working.


So far I am able to control brightness on my laptop, the slider shows up and all, but I still have one problem and I hope someone can give me some insight. When I boot OS X 10.8 for the first time the screen looks dim and this is the max value when I check the slider but when I wake my laptop from sleep the brightness increases at the right level, but how can I keep it at this level without putting my laptop to sleep every-time ? do I have to change some hex values in my DSDT ? what can I do to fix it ?


Thanks !!!


this is my ioreg



Hi everyone,

i'm running Snow Leopard on a Vaio VGN-SZ1. Graphics is Intel GMA950 using framebuffer 1.4.20

Everything working fine except brightness slider (wrong scale) and brightness change after wake from sleep.

Since I don't have Device (LCD) or similar section in my DSDT.aml, I couldn't manage to add BCL BCM BQC values. I don't know where to put them and which values to use.

Can anyone help me?


Attached is my DSDT and IOReg snapshot.






Edit: I've added RWEverything snapshots while changing brightness in Win7.




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Made driver out of ivik's sources for ML10.8.3(SDK and so on)

In my case brightness was working before without these modifications. But only with Fn+< and Fn+>

But now with this kext, Slider of brightness works

But I found a little bug. I see sun of brighness only with Fn+>.

Whereas with Fn+< brighness reduses but in this case I don't see the sun of brighness. And pointer of brigness stayed in the same place.


P.S. I use DSDT's midification which is suggested at first message of this topic.


Forgot to tell.

If pointer of brightness is moved from maximal position to minimum position straight away, brightness doesn't change.


And also brightness changes with latenesses through menu's slider.



With GenericBrighness I receive instantaneous reboot when I plug in HDMI-Cable to laptop.

ACPIBackLightDisplay does nothing with brightness.

And author of ACPIBacklightDisplay says that For some user of ATI card it isn't fitted for as a matter of the fact.

I just rechecked this.

Hence. A good driver of brigness just doesn't exist.

Removed all brightness drivers. My brighness is regulated fine by Fn-keys. And I even see sun bezel if slider was removed to minimum posirion and if to be heightening the brightness by combination of keys namely Fn+>.

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brightness command line tool not working for me


Last login: Tue May 28 23:56:37 on ttys000
IonTs-MacBook-Pro:~ iont$ cd Desktop/Mac\ Desktop\ 1/NoSlider
IonTs-MacBook-Pro:NoSlider iont$ ./brightness get
IonTs-MacBook-Pro:NoSlider iont$ ./brightness up
IonTs-MacBook-Pro:NoSlider iont$ ./brightness get
IonTs-MacBook-Pro:NoSlider iont$ ./brightness down
IonTs-MacBook-Pro:NoSlider iont$ ./brightness get
IonTs-MacBook-Pro:NoSlider iont$


My System is a Dell Inspiron N5010

Intel Core i5 M480 @ 2.67 GHz

2GB + 4GB 1600 MHz Memory

ATI Mobility Radeon 5650 Graphics


brightness control works with the alternative slider.


anyway i can make the native slider visible and make it work? attached my ioreg....



this's just a virtual regulator like shades..... screen brightness doesn't decrease on the hardware...

Of course it won't work because driver is need for it. But brightnees can be controlled by keys such as Fn+->/<-.

Good driver just does not exist for ATY card.

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Hello friend. I have a little problem, My max brightness set to 100% is the half of very intensity in Windows . My card is intellhd4000. I set mac book pro 10,1 retina, i have insert plnf in dsdt and the bar function correctly but when load framerbuffercapri the max light is the half of original backlight

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Hey ivik,


I am working on a Dell XPS L702x with 3D.... I have attempted your kext several times over the past 2 years with close success (whereas I could get values and set values using the brightness cmd but nothing would change until the system was rebooted) but now I've finally got it!


At first I thought it was my weird modifications to my DSDT, but thank god it wasn't!


It turns out Enoch's revision of the Chameleon bootloader had a flag to "EnableBacklight=Yes"


Enoch is a bootloader dedicated to improving systems with Nvidia graphics.


So that magical flag allows your kext to work!! :D


Hope this helps other Nvidia users!

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Many thanks to ivik for their work on this! I'm sure it's been helpful to many...just not for me :(


I'm in progress of getting most of my HP Envy 17t-j000 Quad working. I'm pretty sure I messed something up in my DSDT for this. Unfortunately though, I honestly don't know why it doesn't work. I haven't had much time to figure it out either. I'm a bit confused on the max brightness > 0 thing too. Can't find it in my ioreg and I looked everywhere I thought it would be. I had to assume I didn't have it but I wanted to try the kext anyway.


_BCM _BCQ & _BCL aren't listed anywhere in my DSDT. Again, at least I couldn't find them. I added them to my LID0 anyway, however, I get new compile warnings for leaving them blank {}. If I use this DSDT, it KPs on GenericBrightness for CPU6 or something (goes by too fast to read, then reboots)


I've since reverted my DSDT so I can use my system again. I haven't tried any of the other listed kexts or methods yet because i'd like to have some kind of "native" setup if possible. Would anyone be so kind as to check what I might have done wrong? My zip includes my current, working DSDT and the broken, edits above I attempted. GenericBrightness_failure_HP_Envy_17t-j000_Quad.zip


Much appreciated! Thanks in advance. If any further info about my system is needed, please refer to my WIP thread here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/290687-help-needed-hp-envy-17t-j000-quad-on-mlmavericks/
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Thanks THe KiNG for a very instructive explanation.

Also as you i get ApplePanelTable under PNLF device but if i use LegacyAppleBacklight containing my lcd panel's productID key in ApplePanels dict. For the start copied into it values from MBP6,1 panel's key. Don't know how to get AppleGraphicsControlBacklight loaded instead of AppleBacklight like in real MBP6,1. Maybe changing/injecting panel's vendor/product IDs resolve it? But how/where? Flashing eeprom? Not prefer (don't know how).

i dont know if you are still here,

but i have been found the way's to use the ApplePanel and you can look what i've written



i dont know if you are still here,

but i have been found the way's to use the ApplePanel and you can look what i've written



I'm using this method from years. I don't remember if I described/posted it somewhere, may be here or there (Samsung R Series Notebooks) ;)

BTW nice tutorial.


HI   My Sony EA18 got this working,but it's unstably.and i can change my light step without this kext,but it's to light and looks the same with windows steps 3. is there anyway to get a better ApplePanelRawtable?

To adjust brightnes levels I edited values in ApplePanelA table related to my LCD panel (inserted before). You must know that pwm-info entry (GPU section in DSTD) influences brightness levels, I think it's a InverterFrequency (same two bytes as in APPLE00,InverterFrequency). Be careful using/editing pwm-info key, you may mess your stuff up! You do this on you own risk!

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I'm on Yosemite public beta. I got everything working except the screen brightness control. I tried the GenericBrightness.kext as well as the noSlider applications (patches applied). Nothing seems to work! Then I tried rehabman's patches. I got to a point where I can control my display brightness but my laptop's screen remains black. The external display works fine though. 

Specs: Toshiba p750 satellite, core i7 sandybridge, intel HD3000 512mb + nvidia 540m 2gb.


Here is my DSDT..


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I am interested in finding out if anyone is able to use the GenericBrightness.kext with High Sierra.  For some reason, my laptop seems to only use ACPI methods to control brightness so none of RehabMan's methods work on my laptop.  GenericBrightness.kext works for me still, but it causes my OS to crash whenever it wakes from video sleep.  I am exploring other methods to control screen brightness but I don't want to abandon the GenericBrightness.kext, which has worked so well for me for many years, without trying to figure out what's going on and why I can use it anymore.


Anyone having my same experience with High Sierra?

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