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  1. Erp, well at least you got an answer concerning your wifi issues. >_< I appreciate it but you're thanking the wrong person for the files. All credit should go to Andrw0308 for his work compiling together packages starting with Yosemite 10.10.x and up. I only started the thread and provided packages for Mountain Lion 10.8.x & Mavericks 10.9.x. Thanks for letting the thread know of your mic issues with Siri. Unfortunately, due to the mention of hardware problems, Andrw may or may not be able to look into fixing it. I don't use Siri and am not running a capable OS supporting it so it's doubtful that I would fix it. Either way, it's good for viewers of the thread to know of current problems and their solutions if available. Lastly, I looks like you're relatively new here so I thought i'd give you a heads up. You may want to remove your link sometime soon since last I knew of links to THAT site were against the rules of the forum. I quickly checked and did come across this so maybe someone can confirm or deny if this (very old) rule is still in effect. Welcome to the forum and good luck again getting your screen issues worked out.
  2. I don't have your card so i'm not sure how helpful I can be but It sounds like you might be missing a Clover patch to enable your wifi device. I unfortunately don't have or know of a patch off the top of my head but try looking around the forum or web. It's also possible that your wifi device ids aren't supported with the included enabler. If that's the case you could try adding them in to see if it helps. Otherwise, you might need a different enabler. Generally speaking, if you have a proper enabler and the device is supported, it should work. In my experience the screen glitching also needs a Clover patch to fix what FakePCIID doesn't take care of for you. It usually gets resolved for me after a successful cache rebuild and reboot. Make sure to update your FakePCIID files to see if it makes a difference since I believe Rehab tries to incorporate newer fixes into each build to prevent the need for extra Clover patches. I'm not very knowledgeable concerning issues of newer OS X flavors but i'm working on fixing that. I have been working on updating files though. No promises at the moment since it might still be a ways off still but check back soon and I may have newer, tested files on the first post soonish. Either way, I wish you luck solving your issues. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.
  3. Sure enough, I got the brightness working shortly after my reply. I thought I removed the post so I wouldn't be wasting your time but I guess I must have forgot. Sorry about that but thanks for getting back to me and confirming the method for others who might encounter similar situations.
  4. If you could humor me for a moment Andrw, what did you do to get the brightness slider working on your model for 10.13? I've also been unable to figure out how to re-enable click and drag with the trackpad but everything else is working using your files. Thanks
  5. I'm sorry to hear that. I wish you luck finding a proper replacement. If it is indeed your last update, i'm sure that I speak for many others in saying that it would be a sad day if we lost your talents and dedication around here. I greatly appreciate all of your many contributions in keeping this thread alive for so long. You had no obligation in doing so and I have no doubt in my mind that it would have very likely died out long ago otherwise. No matter what happens, it's been a pleasure and I wish you all the best in whatever you seek following all this.
  6. First post updated with links to your newer files. I hope you still don't mind me doing this. Thanks for all your work. Apologizes that it took so long.
  7. Hm, good to know. Thanks for the support thread info. I completely forgot that VoodooHDA was an option. The last time I used it, I lost more of my audio than I gained.
  8. Glad the update worked for you. I'll always be willing to assist whenever I can but for future reference, I am not up-to-date nor have I been for a long time now. Any questions regarding newer OS X flavors would likely be better directed at other members in the thread. Post 10.9.x support is mostly from Andrw0380 and RehabMan. They are the ones to direct your appreciation towards, not me.
  9. Updated the first post with a link to your new files. Thanks for keeping the page alive.
  10. Glad to hear it! I'll update the first post as soon as possible. First post updated! Regrettably, I am unable to test your files but I trust them to be in good working order based on previous experiences with your other work. I appreciate the kind words but I don't see myself as deserving of any further acknowledgement regarding this thread. The way I see it, it stopped being mine awhile ago. I do very little to contribute to it these days. All of the appreciation and praise should go where it deserves to go, to RehabMan, yourself and the other active members who continue to invest in so much time and hard work into getting everything working after every major release. Keep up the great work and thanks again!
  11. Once again, thank you for your continued support packages and for all of the hard work that goes into creating and testing them, Andrw! I would like to request permission to add it to the first post to keep everything as neat and organized as possible.
  12. You get nothing! ;p Nah, I finally got it sorted out for this my machines. It ended up being data conflicts. I was using pinconfig info from older installs with working audio to build my newer 10.10+ injectors and that extra data was enough to cause the injector to fail and for all my headaches. It sounds simple enough but trust me, this one had me almost ripping my hair out for weeks. I guess there is just some data that 10.10+ audio injectors not only don't need but refuse to load if it exists. I'll be spending the next week or so fixing this in ALL of my injectors so I never have to deal with this again. Just two more machines to go *sadface* All done! Everything is back to working properly again! UPDATE: There's a bit more to this actually. Including what's written above, I found that the REAL culprit behind my HDA frustrations was multiple injectors causing conflicts with one another. You see, I have 10.11.x installed on a USB drive for testing and each of my machines has a different audio codec so naturally, each needs their own injector with different data to get HDA working. I had 3 injectors installed and I found that only one of them would load at a time. This makes sense considering each of them shares certain similarities, including version numbers. So, it mostly came down to this being the major problem that I wasn't aware of until today. I remedied and future-proofed this issue from occurring again by combining all the data needed for multiple machines into one big injector. So for those who don't know, it is very UNWISE to try to have multiple HDA injectors on the same install of OS X since only one will load. Feels great to finally put this one to rest. Go me! ;p Thanks again to everyone who offered to help me with it! Oops. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I'll update that asap. Sneaky little thing slipped past me all this time. Luckily, it isn't persistent across any of my backup files.
  13. I did follow the guide, to the letter actually and I still have the issue. Guess you could say that I'm proof that simply following the guide does not always mean success. Thanks for posting this! I will try this out and report back with whatever happens. Sounds like improper pinconfig info for your codec. If that injector is based on one of my old ones (as I imagine it is) then that would be a very likely cause of your issue since I whipped that injector up quickly and did little to no revising of it after it was made. You need to understand though at the time, no other injector was available for working audio on our machines. I don't blame you. As I explained to newapple4g, that injector wasn't very well maintained or updated. Just a quick band-aid for the lacking audio problem at the time. Considering my current issue with 10.10+, If the attachment works when I test it, i'll take it. Partially working audio is better than the no audio I currently have under those two OSs.
  14. Yeah...didn't work after all. I tried the patches you sent (thank you again btw) but the machine still is without audio. Going over ideas in my head I thought for a moment that it might be because I never used the patch_hda script but last I knew that script was mostly just applying bin-patches to the executable itself, which is something we can easily do now using Clover patching so unless it does something more that i'm unaware of, that can't be it. If someone feels generous enough to send me their SSDT-HACK,aml, i'd like to compare with my own, though I can't really see a reason why that would actually help. I'm also curious to know how people choose to install their working kexts with Yosemite+. Is it preferred to install them in the Clover kexts folder and/or the usual /S/L/E and/or the /L/E folders? For the record, with the patches you sent me, I tested my injector and rebuilt caches using all three folders before replying. I'm pretty much at my limit with this problem since I have been dealing with it for so long now. I have 3 different (all still haswell) machines with this exact same problem and all of them work perfectly, audio and all using Mavericks and below. I very highly doubt corruption is the issue here since all of them suffer from the same broken audio-only problem and it is only with Yosemite and above. Thanks for the assist and as always, apologizes for my impossibly late replies.