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  1. You have to install proper GenericUSBXHCI driver and boot with flag -gux_defer_usb2
  2. Any success stories? I've saw only one at: http://olarila.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=3371 On mine notebook I unlocked Menus to get advanced and power menus, I've created a new forum where u can ask for BIOS mods at: modmybios.com And the I unlocked video settings, my experiments were as follows: Disable PEG = OK Disable IGD and manke PEG Primary display = Can't get post, notebook keeps making 5 beeps When I try to disable IGD I can't boot, I wonder why, maybe it's disabling the whole processor instead of only IGD or my screen is attached directly to igd only. Regards.
  3. 10.9.2 Audio Lost after Sleep

    https://github.com/Dolnor/EAPD-Codec-Commander this worked for me using 10.9.2 AppleHDA
  4. [UEFIPatch] UEFI patching utility

    Master CodeRush, Just to inform that I managed to bypass Insyde Secure Flash in my Dell XPS14 L421X, I used prr2 utility made by master SLV7 to unlock BIOS memory to write, backuped bios with FPT using -BIOS to backup ONLY BIOS region, made some modifications to modules using your great UEFI Tool, and flashed it also with FPT, managed to unlock all hidden tabs. Just to tell you this method works to flash insyde bioses in newer laptops and your uefi tool also works great
  5. [UEFIPatch] UEFI patching utility

    @CodeRush, Friend, I've got here a Dell XPS14 L421X with a InsydeH20 BIOS, thing is, I can't flash modded BIOS because of Insyde Secure Flash, it tells me "Invalid Firmware File", do you think fptw method works? I mean, backup, patch, rewrite using fptw? Also, I have another question, can I use your UEFI Tool on a backup made by fptw (using -BIOS to grab only BIOS region) to mod some modules, repack and flash it back using fptw or will it have any problems? Many Thanks for sharing knowledge / awesome tools!
  6. [UEFIPatch] UEFI patching utility

    Too sad, I tried patching the bin and putting it back into the .EXE and then install it with FreeDOS but the installer just give me a message: "Test." and flashes nothing :/ Any1 with a success history on flashing a patched bios into a dell notebook?
  7. [UEFIPatch] UEFI patching utility

    Does this looks oK? ./PMPatch bios/isflash.bin bios/isflash_patched.bin PMPatch 0.5.14 PowerManagement modules not found. PowerMgmtDxe/PowerManagement2.efi module at 0075333E not patched: Unknown error. AMI nest modules not found. Trying to apply patch #1 Nested PowerMgmtDxe/PowerManagement2.efi module at 0001FFE2 not patched: Unknown module state. Nested PowerMgmtDxe/PowerManagement2.efi module at 00254430 patched. Nested SmmPlatform module at 0001FFBE not patched: Unknown module state. Nested SmmPlatform module at 00263CB0 not patched: Patch pattern not found. Phoenix nest module at 00312CC8 patched. CpuPei modules not found. Output file generated. Do I need windows to flash it?
  8. It is in the middle of the guide, I talked abou it, it is the GenericUSBXHCI
  9. @jcfla: are you booting from USB? have you set AHCI mode for SATA operation?? seems a problem with the boot disk, maybe you are using a pendriver without the usb 3.0 kexts...
  10. If you use clover, boot and install in UEFI, I don't know about secure boot so yes, it's better to turn it off (although you can test to use clover with it turned on or search about it). The cool thing about installing in UEFI is that after you'll be able to boot in UEFI using clover uefi or legacy installing another bootloader in another hdd or even legacy clover.
  11. No, I don't, have you tried simple installation? Kext Beast + Kext Utility?? If I'm not wrong, you can try to see what chipset your external wifi uses ARxxxx (e.g.:ar9285) and install the kext for it instead of this specific kext of the product...
  12. I think that everything is OK with your installation... keep in mind that after a install OS X demands more power to put everything in cache so it take some time to normalize power usage, you can also use less brightness in the screen as it is what consumes more power, look at my battery usage: it's lower than ur's but can be because of low brightness *ajust with fn + brightness up or down and i'm not using any heavy app....
  13. 799mhz i guess, that's good enough... Is your CPU a Intel Core i7 3517U ?? Download Battery Health in App Store and send me a print of the program running
  14. Strange, here i get 5:30 ˜ 6 hrs... Install Hwmonitor and see what CPU states are being reached, see if you get 800mhz state