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  1. Hello guys I need help.. I have two partition one for el capitan and one for sierra. I deleted the el capitan by accident using windows installer when I was about to install windows 10 on different HDD(not partition).I have two HDD. 1 dedicated for mac and other for windows. Now I cant format the deleted partition to mac journaled. keep having this mediakit report. I tried reformating the deleted partition to exFat didnt work. Any way to fix this without deleting the whole HDD? I really dont want to delete my Sierra. Spent a lot of time installing it. Thanks
  2. Shame a handful of people use AMD anymore. From amd-osx forum, enoch can't be use in Sierra so I have to use clover.
  3. After installing Sierra using the kernel posted here. The kernel was from shanee on AMD-OSX website. He is also one of the kernel developers I think active here in this forum. Boot flags used: -x -v graphicsenabler=no usekernelcache=no Problem: 1. Graphic glitch still there Here and Here 2. Can install Enoch Latest Version Here Any ideas? Thanks. Merry Xmas to all
  4. I am using MacPRO 5,1. Does this have to do with downloading Sierra with wrong SMBIOS? cause at that time I use MacPro 5,1 to download Sierra.
  5. ALright so I manage to make a bootable USB. I boot with usekernelcache=no -v graphicsenabler=no -f. After passing the language selection screen I was greeted with this error ( NOTE: I am doing a clean install. This is not an upgrade) use the Sierra Kernel in the Download page. I was also using the latest version of Enoch. The sierra is Downloaded from Mac App Store. I am doing a dual boot with el capitan. I allocated 500g for sierra using Disk utility. Whats wrong here? Thanks
  6. Is there any fix for this? The different media player I installed all crashed when playing a video. The only extension that would play okay is an mkv. The rest wont and will make the media player crash. Anyone?
  7. Is there anyone who has a working VoodooHDA for my mobo asus m5a97? I tried most of the voodooHDA here still no sound. and others have a static noise but cant play any other sound. anyone?
  8. After successfully booting from HDD without the need for the USB installer, I found some issues 1st : I cant install any PKG file aside from the boot loader. The continue button is disabled 2nd. I dont have a picture but the ICONS on the top right side (ie the notifications and sound icon) are all GREEN BARS. is there a fix for this? 3rd. My safari keeps on crashing. Is this somehow related to graphics problem? I use -v GraphicsEnabler=no My spec are on my signature Anyone?
  9. Boot error after installing Enoch

    Thanks artur. even years after I saw your name here, your still active. Youre awesome WIll this work to any type? like intel or amd? I am using AMD here is my spec processor : AMD- FX 6300 GPU : AMD R9 270X MOBO: Asus M5A97 R2.0 RAM: DDR3 16G
  10. SO right after I installed enoch, I restared and boot to the OSX installation HDD. Problem is I have this boot error at the start and I cant get past that boot error anyone knows how to fix this?
  11. Newbie AMD build here

    Hello. Thanks for replying. Can you tell me what guide did you follow? Thanks. We have the same CPU but Im a bit worried about my GPU. Not much had this GPU.
  12. Newbie AMD build here

    its been a while when I had my first hackintosh build. But it was intel. As of now I have a mid range gaming rig and I want to install MacOSX on it Here are my specs CPU: AMD FX 6300 six core processor GPU : AMD Radeon R9 200 series ( R9 270x ) MOBO: Asus M5A97 R2.0 RAM : DDR3 16g Base on the succesfull build here on the forum, most got it working with Phenom II. and with GPU as GTX series. Is there a good chance I can get a successfull build with my rig? Thanks