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  1. DSDT fixing errors

    actually MironeAudio generated that. Sent from my Moto G 2014 using Tapatalk
  2. DSDT fixing errors

    can you point me to a patch for alc255 that would work? Sent from my Moto G 2014 using Tapatalk
  3. DSDT fixing errors

    That _DSM method is all hdef has Sent from my ASUS_T00F using Tapatalk
  4. DSDT fixing errors

    I've been Struggling to compile my DSDT because 1 error. I know if I can use this DSDT my patched AppleHDA will work with my ALC255 with hybrid headset port but I keep getting this error when I try to compile it Name already exists in Scope (_DSM) I'm compiling with ACPI 6.1 Specification, that seems to be compatible with my broadwell system. I've tried a lot of stuff and the error is in the HDEF part which is exactly what I need working I've Attached my Original DSDT (DSDT.aml) and Modified DSDT (DSDT.dsl) inside DSDTs.zip and the Patches I have to use (HDEF_Patch.txt & system_IRQ.txt) inside Patches.zip Hope someone can help me. I've been at this for days. and still I have no Microphone and Stereo Audio on the Headset with VoodooHDA 2.9.0d1. P.S I don't care about the warnings and optimizations that come up. Patches.zip DSDTs.zip
  5. here are my specs: GA-H61M-DS2 Rev:4.0 Intel Pentium G2020 CPU 128GB SSD Zotac Nvidia GT730 4GB I'm trying to get 10.11.1 up and running. I can't boot the install media because of a problem with OsxFixAptioDrv-64. Memory allocation just doesn't work. I managed to do the installation on another computer running ATI 5650. Now when i boot it up in verbose i get: NVDAStartup:Official NVDAGF100HAL (or something like that): Loaded and registered then it would just reboot. I remkved all Nvidia kexts from /S/L/E. now its stuck at IOGrphics flag 0x43 and nothing happens. I'm using Clover v3330 OSX is unmodified and I'd like to keep it that way. I did not inject Nvidia or install web drivers. I'd like so.e clover based solutions here.
  6. i installed voodoops2 on my inspiron n5010 to get multitouch on my synaptics 7.2 trackpad. But its been logging way too much. I compiled the the stuff from source. i've added a screenshot. it seems to be logging every mouse movement and key press. how do i stop that?
  7. HD3000 full acceleration for 10.8

    OK Stock Kexts and DSDT Patch gave full QE/CI but I still can't use Multiple Displays, Anything on that? It's an Inspiron 3520 with Intel HD 3000 (0x01168086). Attached a screenie. Had my Samsung external display connected to vga when I was taking this shot. One more issue. Internal display isn't giving full brightness. It gets lowered right before showing the login screen and OS X thinks that the lowered brightness is 100% brightness and I think I get a kernel Panic when I lower the lid. Also attached my DSDT. DSDT.aml.zip
  8. I think it shows something like that shows up when i boot verbose but its a message from HDAEnabler. btw... this is the pre-patched AppleHDA i'm using. but HDAEnabler Alone can't get the job done so I un this shell script at logon. Without it i don't get audio. cd /TempKexts; sudo cp -rf VoodooHDA.kext /System/Library/Extensions/; chmod -R 755 /System/Library/Extensions/VoodooHDA.kext; sudo kextload /System/Library/Extensions/VoodooHDA.kext; sudo kextunload /System/Library/Extensions/VoodooHDA.kext; sudo rm -rf /System/Library/Extensions/VoodooHDA.kext; exit; I put VoodooHDA.kext in the TempKexts folder which I made.
  9. can you please patch an AppleHDA for my n5010.... I'm on 10.8.4...... I currently use pre-patched AppleHDA with HDAEnabler, it somehow works without mic.... but patching the dsdt patching doesn't work, maybe because HDEF doesn't show up in my DSDT when i extract it. I've attached files u might need. card0.txt is the codec dump. card0.txt pinconfig.txt
  10. Ati Radeon HD 5650 on Lion 10.7 with CI/QE

    i got full acceleration but my display resolution is 1360x768 but my full resolution should be 1366x768..... any way i can get that? i have to use aticonfig=eulemur to boot right
  11. this's just a virtual regulator like shades..... screen brightness doesn't decrease on the hardware...
  12. can you please provide me with the dmg for the app, i don't have a working apple id
  13. brightness command line tool not working for me Last login: Tue May 28 23:56:37 on ttys000 IonTs-MacBook-Pro:~ iont$ cd Desktop/Mac\ Desktop\ 1/NoSlider IonTs-MacBook-Pro:NoSlider iont$ ./brightness get 2 IonTs-MacBook-Pro:NoSlider iont$ ./brightness up IonTs-MacBook-Pro:NoSlider iont$ ./brightness get 2 IonTs-MacBook-Pro:NoSlider iont$ ./brightness down IonTs-MacBook-Pro:NoSlider iont$ ./brightness get 2 IonTs-MacBook-Pro:NoSlider iont$ My System is a Dell Inspiron N5010 Intel Core i5 M480 @ 2.67 GHz 2GB + 4GB 1600 MHz Memory ATI Mobility Radeon 5650 Graphics brightness control works with the alternative slider. anyway i can make the native slider visible and make it work? attached my ioreg.... ioreg.txt
  14. MY system booting ok....... but i can't get into the partition selection..... it says to press any key, when i press something it freezes...... enabling instant menu doesn't even load chameleon and freezes the system with a black screen....... i can boot to my second partition which has windows on it by selecting default partition from champlist bt i hv to edit the xml from a installer disc to get back to osx........ what to i do? since using startup disk isn't an option on Hackintoshes........ what do I do? quiet boot works fine...... but i don't get to select the partition.....