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  1. ALC298 still not working on GalaxyBook12

    Done itSip on ElCapitan does not work right? Cause ive tried el capitan to but no luck
  2. Hello there! I have a Galaxy Book 12. And the audio still not working. Tried both sierra and el capitan Tried many ways, with alc298 kexts, clover hda, lilu, applealc, and a patched applehda. Still fn keys and just slider working, sysprefs and all is okay! But no fkn audio! Here there are the linux codec dump Could you help me? ThxDumplinux (1).zip
  3. Oled new kext for brightness?!

    thanks anyway for the hint!! Do you know someone able to know how to fix this??
  4. Getting man on a Galaxy Book 12 xD guys. Tried this without anything in L E Sliders ok, but no brightness changez. Screen is oled
  5. UPDATED 20.12. GenericBrightness.kext

    Hello installed in l e for an samsung oled laptop display, but still not working (sliders ok but no brightness changes) Galaxy book 12
  6. Oled new kext for brightness?!

    Thankyou i installed in L E but still fn keys and slider works, but no brightness change. What i still.miss? I tried all ways xd
  7. Oled new kext for brightness?!

    Hey there! I have an oled hackintosh (galaxy book12) Since the screen that we used since now they wad IPS or just LCD, they had backlight, so they has the same apple screens and easy to kext. Now that oled screen will come out, how could we got enabled to adjust brughtness? I tried on mine too many patches, but brightness only works FN KEYS and slider, no brightness changes Anyone know something?
  8. Gpu works..Audio ans brightness not working
  9. Installed Gpu working with FakePCIID kext Having glitch issues on the notification bar! Trying some DVMT methods but no luck. Amy idea?
  10. No support for pen pressure above el capitan release So i think im just going to install el capitan Really no working method for GPU ?
  11. Finally booted and installed Dont working Gpu full (no accelleration) Brightness Audio
  12. This is the panic This is my efi folder cloverefi.zip
  13. Install Mac Osx El Capitan on Galaxy Book 12. Why did I choose ElCapitan and not HighSierra? Simple. From El Capitan release 10.11 + (so mac os Sierra and High Sierra) Apple has eliminated from HID event driver, pressure, tilt, Stylus position! Having this device for artistic purposes, I decided that El Capitan would be the best in this field. If you do not need a pen to draw, but just for taking notes or simple things, you can safely install Os High Sierra! That has Native support to KabyLake. Let's go to the elcapitan installation procedure! Just delete the usb and install the captain using the Createinstallmedia method. Only use FakeSmc and VoodooPs2Kext and config HD620spoof.plist. Obviously in driver64, add HFSplus. (Search these files on Google for the latest version, very important thing) Made this install el capitan on disk. What Works Cpu and Gpu: They seem to be recognized by the system and it seems to be okay! (To run the Gpu, put Fakepciid and Fakepci id graphics in the Other, Clover folder) Trackpad: Still to be fixed, but with Voodoops2 it seems to work (The trackpad is not a PS2 device, but for the moment use this kext, looking forward to fix this in the future) Bluetooth Not working (but updating) Audio Brightness Battery Wifi (not supported) Updating AcpiTables.zip
  14. Hello chunnann, i have a GalaxyBook with a soldered QCA 6174 and Bluethoot Works on Mac Osx 10.13. Wifi not working, as i see in this post, you made works some Atheros (i think this one is Atheros Qualcomm), do you think is possible to make it work? As i would like to do it, i can help if u need testing, hardware info, and such other things! Plz make this thing work cause its soldered for many people xD, and dont have the possibility to swap with another one so easy. I know it could be difficult but i can say, that if you would . like to work on it, or someone here would like to, i can pay (not a big amount lol) but is better to make thoose stuffs free, i will help the development i hope . Also who have this wifi . card would like to donate some euros for the developers its okay for u?? Thanjs i really need a wifi working on my tablet, only 2 usb c ports, and one is for charing xDD I say all
  15. Samsung Galaxy Book 12

    Hey there ! I would like to install sierra on my Galaxy Book 12 inch!! Specs i5 7200u HD 620 1440p res SSD sata3 USB c ports WIFI ATHEROS/QUALCOMM QCA6174 Its a 2 in 1 convertible laptop! So its detachable and also i can use it with a keyboard! Can i install osx sierra or high sierra on this? Actually im tryinh to install but i get thoose errors cartellaEFI.zip