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Your Greatest Photos


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Upload your greatest photos and tell us about them!


Mine at the moment...




The Louvre, Paris

Konica Dimage Z1

Auto Settings


I'll add more when I get the chance. Show us yours!

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Not sure about my best, but these are fairly up there:


Flower and Bee

Bit of a macro closeup of a bee going about its daily business. I'm particularly pleased with the depth-of-field effect.


Forth Bridge Glow

Anyone who has been near the Forth Rail Bridge at night knows the glow it gives off can be seen for miles around. I tried my best to capture it with this long exposure tripod shot.



A bloody cold day - I almost died getting this shot.


Blue Loch

I literally screamed at my other half to stop the car when I spotted this vista on the way back from Dunoon


Ahh Glasshoppa

Another macro jobbie - a grasshopper, somewhere on the south coast of England


Boats on Glass

Taken somewhere on the way to Dunoon. Very calm day.


Golden Boy

Part of the Altare del Patria, Rome. Lovely sunset that evening, which brings out the statue's golden colours.


I've attached the small version of 'Flower and Bee' - a larger version is available from the link above.


if you like these, checkout http://gallery.mungler.com for more :(


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Here's a few samples of my "work" (I'm changing my major to photography next year; but for now, I'm just an amateur)...





A Creek Runs Through It



Gone, But Not Forgotten



The Dead Bath






Sorry for the cheesy titles...


Oh, and these are all sort of old, so I've long forgotten things like aperture, ISO, exposure, etc. Sorry!

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Here's some shots from a recent trip to Amsterdam and Paris.




This upstairs at the Pompeidu Centre, I love this building and the view is spectacular.




Me working on holiday, typical.




The gayest bike in holland, prehaps the world?




Again, from the top of the Pompeidu centre.




My wife is the real photographer in our family, I'm just talentless hack. This is hers, near our hotel in La Defense.

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Wayland's photos are very interesting - think about the unique capabilities of digital technology and how it can provide such an interesting view of something that most of us in America would never see. It's a raw (untouched by the media) view into something that is shaping our lives.

I'd love to see a photo community full of photos taken in Iraq by soldiers - - what an interesting perspective.

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