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  1. HP mini 5101 to 10.6.2

    you got any networking?
  2. notMac Challenge

    Just donated some money to this.....good luck to 'em... I'll be there when they cross the finish line!!
  3. anyone here use SmugMug?

    http://picturesync.net/ this is an uploader/iptc editor that i use for flickr and it's good. it supports smugmug too. i'm impressed by your comments so i'll be checking smugmug out now though.
  4. Photoshop wizard required...

    he really is quite evil! love to see those pics too, will get in touch with big al. I hear the big plan is on course for the stag week.
  5. Photoshop wizard required...

    whos in the avatar? it's not hami circa 1988 is it?
  6. Photoshop wizard required...

    Sneaky bugger!! no yabbies just a 6kg king snapper cooked in fresh kaffir lime leaves and chillis.......what a spankin' good feast! oh, and blew the froth of a few too! Anyway, you pretty much got to the same point using a different approach. Got any plans for bringing the new year in? New York? Edinborough? MCR? Glossop?, all four?
  7. Photoshop wizard required...

    i should be able to help, i am a professional photographer.... but i'm not sure what you are asking..... do you want to burn the shapes of the letters into a background image? select the text and go...layer>rasterise>type then set the layer to colour burn or darken in the layers inspector (must have text darker than the image) or when you say opposite, do you want to see inverted text, clear text on a black background.....or something else?
  8. Photoshop VS Aperture

    Not wanting to throw the cat amongst the pigeons but I think capture one will have something to knock the socks off those guys next year. The workflow in that app is by far the quickest i've ever come accross. It doesn't seem as popular around here as lightroom and aperture, but i believe the quality of it's processing far exceeds any other raw processing app. We use it at work and I can crop colour optimise and output for press use by clients a hundered files per hour (retouching aside). They don't do libraries though, so they don't really count for this topic, and we have to use other software for DAM. I have to say, i'm not aware of any pro photographers that use either software for managing libraries, although I might expect Lightroom to be adopted by some when it comes out of beta. For our workflow any given image goes through no less than 5 pieces of software (capture one is counted twice.... used for tethered shooting and later for processing) This seems to be the best approach we've come accross on any pro discussion sites. FYI Capture One Pro - Tethered shooting Photomechanic - Reliable and universally readable IPTC/XML annotations IView Media Pro - Web preview gallery creation and per shoot cataloging Capture One Pro - RAW file processing Photoshop - retouching/spotting and colour profile management. then archived to HD caddies (and tapes) using Retrospect's byte by byte verified duplication system and catalogued back via IView. Sorry bout this ramble, but thought you may be interested......and it's nearly on topic! To finish, i do however use lightroom at home....and especially now with the PS10 beta it is tightly integrated with adobe's image system. It does a fair job of raw processing and handles my 6000 image library well enough. Aperture will likely struggle to do battle for the pro market when PS10 and lightroom are out of beta. Re MBP vs MB for the pros comments.....i couldn't imagine ever wanting to carry any given piece of kit knowing another comparable item was available that was smaller and lighter.....so it's a macbook for me all the way. I used to have a 12" powerbook, and it looked like {censored} by the time i upgraded at the ripe old age of 2!...so no more alluminium for me!
  9. Macbook Core 2 Duo Question

    hope so. ordered a macbook last thursday. thanks bearcat.
  10. Just a quicky......has the new macbook got the draft 802.11n wireless ability of the Imac and the Macbook Pro? anyone know?
  11. Essential Lenses

    i've held one.......you'd want a pretty strong forearm or an industrial tripod!
  12. Essential Lenses

    Nice post boris, I have the same outlook, i love my standard lenses for the reasons that you have outlined and also with it being the closest to the human eye in terms of magnification. I love the challenge of instilling limitations such as working with only one lens.
  13. DNG Converter now UniBin

    does this mean that even though photoshop is using rosetta the conversions will speed up? or is this the stand alone converter only? btw.... http://www.macnn.com/articles/06/09/18/ado...reviews.ps.cs3/ exciting!!!
  14. Bags? Crumpler, etc?

    i got a crumpler for overseas travel and a lowepro sideline shooter for trecking. http://www.lowepro.com/Products/Beltpacks/...ne_Shooter.aspx love them both!