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Took this one on the 4th of july in a park near my house with some friends i met up with. i wanted to get more shots but the cops drove by(we have a burn ban in the city limits) shining foodlamps on us so we dropped everything and ran.



this was taken in an open air public restroom at a pool. i hope nobody thought i was a perv for having the camera out in the place. :(



Read the sign carefully.

yeah, but woe betide them if they take photos of coffins being shipped back home....

There are certain things that I agree with, that being one of them, it's out of respect.


Wayland's photos are very interesting - think about the unique capabilities of digital technology and how it can provide such an interesting view of something that most of us in America would never see. It's a raw (untouched by the media) view into something that is shaping our lives.

I'd love to see a photo community full of photos taken in Iraq by soldiers - - what an interesting perspective.

Why thank you. You might want to check out my website then. I did an entire documentary from the Soldier's perspective throughout the deployment. It's at: www.365bootsonground.com

Check it out!!


I thought I might as well post some of my snapshots.


Barcelona, Spain Bullfight protesting:



Sorento, Italy view from boat:



Sorento, Italy canyon thing:



Sorento, Italy world cup craziness:



Nice, France Russian temple:



Fluorence Italy apartment rooftops:



My plane was cancelled in Paris, France. I decided to take some pics that night. Paris, France at dusk:


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The clarity on those is amazing...I just can't get over that duck. :)


In addition to what munky asked....what did you use for the moon shot for such great magnification? (It looks eerily familiar to one of the Windows XP default desktops :P)

I'm using Canon Rebel XT, but the first one and the last one are from film and Rebel Ti. Closeups are made with Sigma 70-300 DL and Sigma 28-80 lenses, (were about US$220 both (new) when i bought'em three years ago, the 28-80 is no longer in production, alas)

Moon is more complicated. It was taken through an old Soviet-made (USSR, Soviet Union, communist evil empire, anyone remembers? :D)) mirror 1000 (one thousand) millimiter lens. It is 12 cm diameter 1,5 kg monster :D there are adapter rings available to stick those old ones to Canons - or, in this case, attach a Canon to it :))))


You can take a look at a bunch on my pics HERE - they are all made with these cheap Sigmas, including all macros, with some exceptions for Canon 28-135 IS. A good portion, at least 50% of all shots, were made with my old film camera with the same lenses.

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Here's one I took last year with a Panasonic Lumix (can't remember the model). I'm no pro, far from it, but when I get her 20" iMac I plan to grab a camera the same day so I can take pics of the "ritualistic unpacking" so many new (and old) Apple owners do.


Again, I'm no pro, but this just stood out at me and I got close and snapped off a pic. I probably don't have the eyes required to modify it properly in Photoshop or Aperture, but I think it came out nicely anyway.



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Here is my Website, I will add more as I come put more on. It is the first time I have showed it to anyone.

Alaska: http://web.mac.com/theoperator90210/iWeb/Site/Alaska.html

Chicken Chicken on Fire: http://web.mac.com/theoperator90210/iWeb/S...0on%20Fire.html

Hawaii: http://web.mac.com/theoperator90210/iWeb/S...ii%20%2706.html


Here are my favorites are

P.S. Sorry for the small Chicken Chicken on fire pics. I had to use my cell phone.




All my pics are up on http://flickr.com/photos/djkianoosh


The first few are some scans of color film slides (my Dad's photos from the 70's/80's he took with a Zorki 6). The rest are mine with my Nikon D50.


These are my 4 most popular pics:


Just in time!




Coral Tree (Erythrina) by the Shrine of the Báb




Sacre Couer, Paris Cityscape





Eiffel Tower at Night


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