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  1. The .516 build seems to interfere with mounting some types of .dmg files, including those that require accepting a license agreement before getting to the installation step. I am guessing that is why this was pulled. It would be safer I think at this time to use an older version like the .417 posted just above.
  2. "Press any key to boot from CD or DVD..." but which key?

    I had the same problem. Try clicking the touchpad button a few times and also try hitting the enter/return key a bunch of times. It took me a few tries booting the Vista DVD before this worked, but eventually it did. Also, if you have Input Remapper installed from before, I would suggest uninstalling it before doing the upgrade and new driver install, and then installing it back afterwards (you will need to disable the new Apple keyboard drivers for it to work right too.) It conflicted big-time for me when I went to install the new Boot Camp 1.2 drivers. Blue screens left and right during driver installs until I cleared it out.
  3. Semthex's Propaganda

    I've donated to this site, to the JaS fund, and to Semthex. I am still glad I made all three donations. I will continue to donate to, and support, people and sites that provide useful and interesting things to me. What they in turn choose to do with my donations and how they choose to direct their own futures is completely their own business.
  4. Is there a Virtual CD tool in MAC

    The built-in Disk Utility can mount .dmg and .iso files.
  5. It can be useful to know if there is hard drive activity going on while you think your machine may be locked up instead. There are menu bar utilities that show hard drive activity, but they only help after you have finished booting up. http://www.ragingmenace.com/software/menumeters/
  6. [HowTo] Mac Drivers for Windows Vista

    Great tweaks! Thank you very much!
  7. You can set the active partition by using the Startup Disk section of System Prefs. All it is doing is setting the "active" flag in the partition table. The active partition is also the one Boot Camp will load by default if you don't hit the Option key while booting up.
  8. Access "boot:" Prompt?

    Thanks for putting all these key commands in one place. I'm going to save this info for the future. I had not found half of the ones you've listed.
  9. Access "boot:" Prompt?

    Thanks for the Open Firmware to EFI info. It actually dawned on me that there was no more Open Firmware about 2 minutes ago. I can get cmd-v and cmd-s working now. I guess I had the wrong timing in attempts before. Also c to boot off a CD and t to boot into Target Disk mode work. But nothing I have tried gets me to any place to feed it boot options and the change to EFI must have depreciated a lot of the options that you used to be able to set in com.apple.Boot.plist.
  10. Access "boot:" Prompt?

    From doing some Googling, I think what I am looking to do is access Open Firmware when it boots. That normally gets you to a prompt where you can issue a "load" command for the kernel you want it to boot with and then a "boot" command to continue on booting it. The way to get into the Open Firmware is command-option-O-F from what I am reading, but that is not doing anything for me. I think some of this gets mucked with because of Boot Camp being in place. So still seeking help -- A way to pass an alternate kernel for it to boot with when you are a Boot Camp user?
  11. Need to activate the Vista boot loader

    In Windows, there is a Control Panel thing for Administrative Tools. One of them is the Computer Manager. Inside it, you can select Storage - Disk Management. It will list the disks and partitions you have and tell you which is active. You can right click over the one you want make active instead and it will give you an option to do that. You are right I think in diagnosing your problem. The OSX bootloader uses the active flag to know which partition to default to. You might also be able to make the change if you get into OSX and then use the Startup Disk utility from there. Telling it to start from the Windows disk should do the same change of the active partition flag. Hope this is all correct and post back if it helps or hurts!
  12. Access "boot:" Prompt?

    I have a new MBP. I used Boot Camp to install Windows XP on it. Now, I would like to do some experimenting with the OSX portion and I can't figure out how to get a "boot:" prompt so I can pass boot options (like -v or mach_kernel.test) like I can do on my Hackintosh. I tried editing com.apple.Boot.plist to add in QuietBoot=No and Timeout=5, but it still boots into OSX without showing a text screen for a few seconds where I can hit a key and then enter boot options. Best I can do so far is hit Command-s after the chime and boot into single user mode, but I really would like to be able to pass it alternate kernel names at this step also. Any ideas???
  13. I have had to replace 2 screens on Dell laptops over the years. Where did you purchase your replacement screen from? And was it just the LCD itself that you replaced or the whole hinged top cover assembly? Just curious to know for when it is my turn
  14. trackpad kext

    /System/Library/Extensions/ Remember to repair permissions after you drop it in there, and then reboot to see if it loads.
  15. Gimpshop

    There is a sort of native Mac fork of The GIMP here, but it has been a quiet project in the past year: http://seashore.sourceforge.net/index.php