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    On sell again, with a new price. Also on ebay.
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    Price Dropped. I need to get rid of it fast! $1200 shipped!
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    Your Greatest Photos

    That cloud is UNREAL, baysie. Looks like a tornado is about to touchdown!
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    Ibook G4

    Adding a shim is only a temporary fix. Best way is to open up the case and solder the parts together.
  6. Thanks for your wonderful and funny mini review, but I have one question: how much real screen estate you lost in comparsion to your 15'' Powerbook? I use Indesign and Painter all the time, and I am always short on pixels despite owning a 20'' ADC. Now, people may say, go and get a MBP. Saddly, cannot afford one now, besides, I really want a "portable" computer accompanies to the library and other places. "Why don't you get a DVI dongle?" I am plannig to do so, but I want to make sure MP has at least reasonable room to work while I am away from my ADC. Thanks in advance.