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Airport-like app for Ralink 2870

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Thanks aqua-mac

Works great on 10.9 Mavericks GM with my Aztech WL552USB !!!

I followed onelove steps installtion method and I had to replaced the kext with the offical Ralink\MediaTek driver

from here:




USB(RT2870/RT2770/RT3X7X/RT537X) V4.2.6.0


I extracted the pkg and took out the driver and replaced onelove's kext, at  ralinkinstalltion/root/System/Library/Extenstion/

for anyone intersted in the driver only, i uploaded it in this link





The only thing needed to make this better, is to fix the preference panle restart when using RalinkWireless, im gussing as @Gwion Smith said it's 32-bit.

screenshots below




Hi TaDem,



Where did you get de configuration utility v.2.8.7 from ?


My DWA-140 (B1) can work on OSX 10.9, but only manually launch each time after boot with the 4.1.6 kext from OSX 10.6. Wifi connection says "no matérial present" !


Thanks reply


Update: Found just a beta for Mavericks:


RT2870USBWirelessDriver.kext for Mavericks (10.9) driver version v4.2.9.2




Going to try !

WORKS IN LION with newer next  :P


attachicon.gif Bildschi...01.54.31.png


I have a Sitecom 608 branded usb wifi stick, added Ralinks official latest drivers ( 32+64bit ) and used their "utility". Sadly this has issues with Lions Fullscreen mode featue, the utility activates itself, pops up in front of a app and disconnects the connection.


So until ralink makes a Lion compatible utilty I searched for som small ap that will just let me choose my profile. I found this topic here and lucky I am - it works in Lion (GM).


the prefpane is 32bit only, but that is no real problem - it just asks you to launch in 32bit mode.


need to delete the original ralink utility from Startupitems, else the both confuse each other.


SL/LION working KEXT 32/64 inlcluded for Rt2870, Rt2770, Rt3X7X , Rt537X


attachicon.gif SL_Lion_...B_RT2870.zip



Kext /

UI DLink (64bit, lock 1 channel, bad icons)

64bit but perf-panel support only "1 channel"

Software Supported: Mac OS X 10.8.X or 10.7.X or 10.6.X or 10.5.X 






DWA-140_B3_D- UI-


Hi. I have the wifi working with the official ralink/mediatek driver and a patched kext compatible with Mavericks.

The problem is that when I boot my computer the Ralink Wireless Utility app opens. How can I hide this utility at the startup ? And have an have an airport like app?

I have installed the official driver from ralink website, but this installer in Mavericks doesn't install the kext file and so I placed it manually with Kext Utility. 

Now I have the WiFi working but every time I boot my Hackintosh, Ralink Wireless Utility windows appear, and so I have to close it manually and this is really boring. And in addition to this I would like an airport like app that give me also the wifi signal icon in the bar at the top right instead of the ralink icon.


Can anyone help me?

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Hi guys. I just bought EDUP - N8531 USB WiFi for my Dell XPS L501x which is running Mavericks. After googling I came to know it has Ralink 5370 chipset. 


1. First I installed the package from here link and rebooted. It installed Ralink which shows up in my top bar. It has two options, Turn on Internet Sharing and Open Wireless Utility. When I click on Open Wireless Utility nothing happens. Also in the launchpad there is new icon 'WirelessUtility' when I open it nothing happens. 


2. I uninstalled that package and installed this kext : link with Kext Wizard. I rebooted my machine, went to Settings > Network, I thought it would show wifi, but it did not. 


3. Now I re-installed the official drivers and installed the kext manually [hoping this would override the kexts installed by the package]. Still same problem as in 1, nothing happens when I open up 'Wireless Utility' 


4. I uninstalled the package  and then I downloaded the zip file from this post, installed the prefane. and also the application. And rebooted. When I open that 'RalinkAirport' from application, it says connecting on the top bar, and then vanishes. In Prefane, in 'Link state' it says 'No device'


What to do guys? Any help appreciated. Thank you!

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hi guys i have installed for edup ep-n8531  a new driver but don't have coonection 

can help me?

 i have unistall use kext utility and reinstalled the old version but don't woks!!
what is the problem?
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Hey peoples. Here's a modified version of the Ralink Airport app, modified to work with the dwa-140 prefpane. If you want to try it out, goto /S/L/PrefPanes and delete the DWA-140WirelessUtility.prefpane; then copy the WirelessUtility.prefpane supplied to /S/L/Prefpanes. Finally put the wireless utility app wherever you like and add it to login items, and there you go, ralink wifi that vaguely resembles airport. 

NB, i created neither of the two programs supplied, although i modified that whose copyright apparently resides with aqua-mac. The other one, i.e the prefpane appears to belong to D-Link, in which case the copyright of such resides with them.



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New Mediatek (RALINK) RT5870 drivers here: MT7610U for MAC 10.7/10.8/10.9




Contains version driver and WirelessUtility



No longer available on Mediatek's web site for some reason (bugs?), so here it is. I can confirm that it works in SL 10.6/L 10.7/ML 10.8/Mav 10.9 for wireless adapters based on 150Mbps 802.11b/g/n MT7601 Ralink/Mediatek chip (I used a Lafalink LF-D12, PCI ids 148f:7601).



NB: the Wireless Utility/adapter's configuration appeared buggy and would not initially connect to my own wireless network. Turned out it was due to the default channel I was using on the router (channel 1). 'changed it to 6 and everything popped to life! So, do test with various channels before stamping your adapter or the driver as defective...


Edit 05 Aug 2014:


Works too in Yos but app is quite buggy (Yos is unsupported at the moment I suppose) so dongle must have previously been connected to target wireless network to expect auto-connection and that can take several long seconds! Manual attempts to connect will fail (no browsing, no profile, etc.). So, to be used with caution under pre-release 10.10...

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