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  1. Yes, his code changes were merged into the official driver. That's why.
  2. Gringo Vermelho

    Can anybody patch this DSDT for brightness control and fix errors ?

    I can't help you with the specifics as pertaining to your laptop, you're going to have to discover things for yourself, or look for others who are working with similar laptops. I don't know if this is still the case but Sony VAIO laptops are known to be problematic IIRC because the display is hooked up in a different way than other laptops or something. I've never worked with one. Look for users with other laptops with the same or same generation ATI graphics as yours and working brightness control. Maybe the brightness control code will be similar enough that you can use it. There are many different ways to get brightness control working, but only one that will work with your hardware. Be careful not to mix too many different methods together (aka the carpet bombing method) - you might end up having something that you did actively blocking something else from working.
  3. Gringo Vermelho

    Strange GM965 X3100 issue on Lion 10.7.2

    Cool, take your time. I like to see guides and tutorials for rare issues like this, even when it's for older hardware. There's gotta be only a few desktop PCs with X3100 video. I guess it should go in the Intel Video sub-forum, it doesn't really fit in neither the desktop or the laptop section. Good luck with your studies.
  4. Gringo Vermelho

    Strange GM965 X3100 issue on Lion 10.7.2

    That is awesome, well done! Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
  5. Gringo Vermelho

    Mafia II: Director's Cut

    LOL that's a weird bug - usually they take the wheels and leave the car.
  6. Gringo Vermelho

    Strange GM965 X3100 issue on Lion 10.7.2

    It can, my T61 works fine with an external monitor via VGA whether cloned, independant or rotated. But the coolest thing is, if I close the lid with the external display connected, instead of putting the laptop to sleep, the external display automatically becomes the primary display. I put it to good use while I was getting the X3100 in the T61 to behave, the internal display gave me a lot of grief but I never had any trouble with VGA. I can't test DVI because it is only available on the docking system for the T61.
  7. Gringo Vermelho

    Strange GM965 X3100 issue on Lion 10.7.2

    All the fixes for the X3100 are for an internal display, ie not connected to the VGA port like yours. I'm guessing it's possible that the X3100 drivers are freaking out because there is no internal display. Apple only used the X3100 in laptops, like the MacBook3,1 and 4,1. It's a long shot but maybe it'll help if you have OS X think that it is running on one of those? If you're using Chameleon set the SystemType=2 flag in org.chameleon.Boot.plist and you'll need an smbios.plist with DMI data from a MacBook3,1 or 4,1. You can probably get the DMI data from Slice's archive. Look here for more information about smbios.plist, Chameleon syntax is different from Clover. If you're interested in upgrading, there's a version of the same patch that was applied in 10.6.8 that can be used on 10.7.5. I don't have the link but it's here somewhere. I don't think this applies in this situation because there is no "internal display" and therefore no brightness control.
  8. Gringo Vermelho

    Strange GM965 X3100 issue on Lion 10.7.2

    carlo: It's not necessary to use special kexts or a special version of Chameleon. Sergio: I did a lot of reading and tried a lot of things while I was installing Lion on my Santa Rosa Thinkpad T61. It seems the main issue for most people is OS X failing to correctly identify the main display connected to the X3100. Don't use modified drivers, use the ones that came with the version of OS X you're running. I believe the modded drivers are intended for use with laptops (an internal display). What I did was extract the EDID from the T61 display on Windows using "Extron Electronics EDID Manager" (it's free). You can then use Andy Vandijk's "FixEDID" with the extracted EDID data to make your own display override. Try this first and let me know if anything changes for the better. My T61 has the Windows HDD installed at the moment, once I swap it with the 10.7.5 drive I'll post my DSDT VID device for you and see what else I have. I can't remember everything, it's been a while. Another thing I did was hex edit some 10.7.5 x3100 driver file that makes brightness controls work. This is the only modification to the driver itself. But since you aren't using a laptop I guess it doesn't matter.
  9. Gringo Vermelho

    Strange GM965 X3100 issue on Lion 10.7.2

    Does it boot in safe mode? What do you mean "I can't boot with the kexts", are you using older drivers? What's your boot loader? Apparently Chameleon injects wrong data for the X3100 since forever, GraphicsEnabler must be =n. Is it distro or retail? Try all available display outputs. If you post some more information, maybe I can help.
  10. Gringo Vermelho

    What does this mean?

    Discussion of TonyMac tools is against the forum rules. If you want help, I suggest starting over.
  11. Gringo Vermelho

    Only ISO build of Clover works on my system

    No suggestions because "Initializing bluetooth controller transport" is a status message, not an error message. Whatever is happening is unrelated to that message.
  12. Gringo Vermelho

    My hackintosh has no bootloader. What do I do?

    Your "retail USB" had no boot loader on it? When building a USB installer, always put a boot loader on it......
  13. Gringo Vermelho

    trying to hackintosh my old pc :(

    Not with the video card he has, please pay attention before giving advice.
  14. Gringo Vermelho

    Bastidores do Hackintosh

    Graças a Deus, tem isso também rsrs Mas vou ter que admitir, é falta de interesse mesmo. E eu já esqueci mais do que eu aprendi. E ai, vai ter festa de aniversario aqui? Pelo jeito OSx86 vai fazer 10 anos esse ano.
  15. Gringo Vermelho

    Bastidores do Hackintosh

    "Many people know me by my initials (dfe) as the original designer of the BIOS-to-EFI compatiblity portions of the Darwin/x86 bootloader (boot-132) which netkas later dubbed and marketed as the "EFI Emulator". To the best of my knowledge I was the first person to realize that the Darwin kernel could be made to run without modification on a non-EFI BIOS-based machine. This was only the first of many further ideas that eventually resulted in VMware Fusion supporting the installation and running of factory-sealed DVD copies of Mac OS X Server on Apple hardware." A pagina do criador: https://tgwbd.org/darwin/ Segue os links no final da página também. OSx86Project em 2005, arquivado no Wayback Machine: http://web.archive.org/web/20050815000313/http://osx86project.org/index.php Site do Semthex em 2006, arquivado no Wayback Machine: http://web.archive.org/web/20061220210750/http://semthex.com/ Primeira página do blog antigo do Netkas, Março 2007 http://netkas.freeflux.net/blog/archive/2007/03/ E o forum http://forum.netkas.org/