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  1. New Driver for Realtek RTL8111

    Old version: https://code.google.com/p/r8168/downloads/list?can=1&q= New version: http://r8168dl.appspot.com/ RTL8168EP/8111EP RTL8168H/8111H RTL8168H/8111H Support EEE Support DASH Web-configure chipset Support Wide Area Network (WAN) remote wake-up function r8168_8.37-38.diff.zip r8168_8.38-39.diff.zip r8168-8.37-39.diff.zip
  2. New Driver for Realtek RTL8111

    not found in github branch this patch
  3. New Driver for Realtek RTL8111

    RealTek 8139C+/8169/8169S/8110S/8168/8111/8101E jumbo frames - http://svnweb.freebsd.org/base/head/sys/dev/re/if_re.c?view=markup
  4. New Driver for Realtek RTL8111

    RealtekRTL8111/RealtekRTL8111Linux.cpp Line 2724 and 2728 (performance) Variable 'data' is reassigned a value before the old one has been used. [RealtekRTL8111/RealtekRTL8111Linux.cpp:17176] (warning) Redundant assignment of 'rx_left' to itself.
  5. Airport-like app for Ralink 2870

    Kext / UI DLink (64bit, lock 1 channel, bad icons) 64bit but perf-panel support only "1 channel" Software Supported: Mac OS X 10.8.X or 10.7.X or 10.6.X or 10.5.X ftp://ftp.dlink.ru/pub/Wireless/DWA-140/Drivers/Rev.B3/Mac%20OS_b3/ DWA-140_B3_D- UI- BearExtender-B037.dmg