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  1. Airport-like app for Ralink 2870

    not working in yosemite it just picks up the card but i cant open anything to find my network Edit fixed it by using the pref pane setups
  2. I have a EVGA p55 LF 120 e650 and im using voodoo 2.5.6 from mb and i have hdmi audio from my graphics card which is a gtx 550ti but none of my rear jacks work attached is my dsdt any help would be appreciated dsdt.aml.zip
  3. Problem with sound in ML

    ok im having audio issues again since i updated to 10.8.2 voodoo started tossing me kernel panics
  4. Problem with sound in ML

    the problem im having now is im getting weird kernel panics and my system locking up i think imma have to find another way besides voodoo its too unstand and when i restarted my pc all my sound output changed to digital out(HDMI) final update sound works perfectly with that above voodo all i had to do was edit the .plist folder of the kext now to optimize my ML install
  5. Problem with sound in ML

    ok some news, i just did a fresh install just in case voodoo was being sneaky somewhere and i installed your alc888 dsdt and http://www.insanelym...howtopic=221850 the kexts from this topic i have audio option but no sound still im getting closer and after some research it seems im not the only one with this problem with the alc888/1200 SUCCESS!!!!!!! idk how but http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=215721&st=0 gave the answer using a voodoo package installer and it gave me full sound even mic capability which is something lion doesn't even have
  6. try http://www.osx86.net
  7. Problem with sound in ML

    i came across this while going through the console log: 8/1/12 3:28:20.602 PM com.apple.launchd.peruser.501[139]: (org.voodoo.driver.voodoohdahelper[331]) Exited with code: 1 i dont have voodoo kext in my extensions folder though
  8. Problem with sound in ML

    I give up it'll never work thanks for your help though
  9. Problem with sound in ML

    just do trial and error from this point on using this dsdt?
  10. Problem with sound in ML

    im really not sure evga gave me a half answer and everest gave me something different so im not entirely sure
  11. Problem with sound in ML

    I believe i did it correctly heres the screenshot, and thank you so much for all your help
  12. Problem with sound in ML

    i also noticed something it says intel high definition audio but under windows it says realtek
  13. Problem with sound in ML

    im using kext wizard, i alwqays rebuild caches and etc, idk what to do now ive tried everything youve given me
  14. Problem with sound in ML

    is there a special way to install the dsdt because ive just been deleting it out my extra folder and putting ia new one in, and ive tried both alc888 and alc889 files you gave still nothing just system profile changes this is my system profile under ML
  15. Problem with sound in ML

    this is what it says under lion, I'm using voodoo 0.2.1 btw if thats says anything