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  1. iHackintosh_PT

    AMD Radeon GPU Injector tool

    Got to give this a try,my Dual 6990 its recognized like a 6850.
  2. I guess i need first, find whats the correct configs in Clover as well as my DSDT GPU injection..
  3. That iOReg trick dsnt work for me,when i reach the white screen,can't do nothing but restart... PS:Thanks for your effort anyway.
  4. Well,i don't have black screens,only white,without spinning wheel,whenever the 6000controller loads... Can you check this new boot.log ? bootlog.log.txt
  5. Would these "ATY Gibba@0 @1 @2 @3 @4" be my 4 Display-Ports and the DVI ?
  6. Rikoshet do you know inside iOReg,what should i look for,to check Framebuffer issues ?
  7. 1-Yeah,when i put my id on 6000Controller,Stucked white Screen. 2-I know Dual Display,dsnt mean QE/CI. 3-Well,for some reason,FBName its not there,but thats not the problem,even when its there,don't work properly. 4-Its just a name,for sure,but like always,when you edit the x3000,you look always where your GPU family is,to insert the id,no ? 5-My bad,yes,its like 2x6970. 6-Ill check that,just to be sure if its an option. 7-Same like the Framebuffer.maybe i messed up the files to upload. I now have 3 Partitions,2 to edit,and one to boot from,just in case.I have 1920x1080,with or without AMDSupport and AMDX3000 loaded,strange,i guess its the Connectors Patch,on Clover,that its giving me the resolution. I will now try to recheck my configs,and boot up from a fresh install.Also,i will try to inject my GPU on DSDT.Ill get you updated,thanks for your time.
  8. Slice can you tell me something more ? I see on my boot.log that Clover will always use "Lotus" on boot,even when it has Duckweed marked on config.plist.I guess its a Framebuffer issue for now...
  9. No luck yet...Is Flashing this 6990 card an option ?
  10. Hi Slice,thanks for your time,really. I can upload the boot.log,algo,yeah,my bad, the fake id... PS:Clearly,some changes that i make with Clover Configurator,always something missing from what i have marked,ill use Plist Edit just to be sure. bootlog.log.txt
  11. Ok,got some progress here.After Connetors Patch trick on Gibba,i now have 1920x1080 resolution, im using the connectors Patch on Clover at boot.I can also load AMDx3000kext with no problem,AMDSupport already had my dev id ( only Framebuffer and 6000controller not loading,or not loading properly at all ) but with same result,only resolution.When i load the 6000controller,sometimes i get 2 white screens and sometimes 2 white screens with instant reboot. Also found,that theres no “Antilles Family” on the info.plist of the 6000controller, my 6990 Dual GPU its “Antilles” iv checked that.Any info about missing Familys on info.plist of 6000 controller ?What would be the process for this ? Emulate a Family ? Or try to put inside “Cayman” Family ? my 6990 Dual 4 gb its recognized like a 6950,7 vram,but i know my 6990,its actually 2x6850,also “Cayman” Family.Any idea,advice or tip,are welcome,even the small ones.Im uploading my iOReg,Darwin Dumper,DSDT,clean and patched,config.plist and a Screenshot of my "About This Mac" and "System Report" in case you guys maybe can see something that its missing me at all. Thanks iHackintosh_PT Files.zip
  12. Well,no luck in blind mode,to extract the ioreg file with the loaded kexts,the keyboard dsnt respond to nothing,but its working..Also impossible to log in remotely,no internet connection.I guess only left me to try the connectors patching.White dual display,with any combination,without the spinning wheel.I can get x3000.kext and AMDsupport.kext to load with no problem,( dual mirror display 1024X1050 With Clover and 1400x1050 with Chameleon ) only when i insert the device id on 6000 controller,ill get sucked.
  13. Thanks for the tips,i will post the ioreg after cloning my partition,and let you no.
  14. I can log on remotely to my desktop and save the iroreg with the kexts loaded.Iv tried already,all the frames from 6000 controller,just didn't try to patch any yet.I have a triple monitor setup,HDMI,DVI, and VGA,im trying also,only with one Display connected.Thanks for the ioreg tip,i will try it right away. EDIT:I have 2 Partitions,one to boot from if i messed up,just in case.