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10.5.2 should I use? or can even 10.5.5?

thanks :(

0. You'll need to hack IOHDIXController.kext abit. Show its package contents, find Info.plist and change "Network-Root" to "Root". Do that for all its plugins as well. Regenerate Extensions.mkext.


This is not needed if you use kextcache -n (which includes network extensions). Those of us who have been building Install DVDs have known about this for a while. For some bizarre reason the Ramdisk support was flagged network however its needed for a local boot due to the creation of the small ramdisks. IMHO a bug by Apple but its better to just create a mkext cache with the networking files in it (speeds up boot time because reading the mkext cache is faster than reading the individual files).


7. Now, boot from that media. at the darwin prompt, provide the params:
-v -f -s rp=file:///live.dmg


Shouldn't need the -f if you build the kextcache with -n and -l.

1000ft view of LiveDVD for clarification. This should be identical to USB:

Bootloader (Darwin, Boot-132 system)

--> finds mach_kernel, extensions.mkext, boot.plist -- Directly on dvd.

--> launches kernel, loads kexts.

--> kernel searches DVD for disk image(live.dmg, the desktop install) and mounts it.

Netboot/liveboot proceeds.


btw, the PXE idea is a really cool possibility. Give it a try: netboot for hackintosh awaits.

Working amazing here...




All tanks and congratz to the team!



please, can you tell me instruction for make dvd bootable (1) becouse i have copied the file from my cd boot132 that i used for retail and this not work......


Can we burn this into a pendrive?


You cant "Burn it" for the simple fact that you cant burn anything into a usb drive like you could a cd. you can copy tho :P


and if you refer to the first post


This method provides a way to boot from media that are read-only by diverting all writes to a ramdisk. This means it can be used to boot from a dvd(described here), USB drive, or pretty much any other media. It uses BOOT-132/Darwin as a boot loader and then exploits Apple's netboot and imageboot systems to boot from a disk image.


im sure you could have saved yourself some humiliation :P..


also, might wanna clean up your sig some so its about half that size before the mods come in and recklessly destroy it

Could someone help / add "Live DVD script part" the team of the INSTAHackintosh Tool (an shell script making OSX86 (bootable) DVD out of an orig. OS X Leo DVD( .dmg) ?




Would be fine !

I think for the founders of the live dvd way (with shell script knowledge) it will be not heavy work.

Most shell programming (lot of work, working already since V 1.0 !!!) is done and adding the new part "Live DVD (.iso)" will be only a short step of shell programming, but big step for OSX86_humanzied fans in 2009 !

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