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  1. spartango

    OSX Lion LiveDVD?

    The old technique should work just fine!
  2. spartango


    One of the best ways to shrink your live.dmg is to use a compressed DMG. its not R/W, but once you have finalized your setup, the FS level compression is very effective. We've gotten live.dmg's down to 2.2GB without removing anything (even with backgrounds and apps and stuff) Of course, you can use Monolingual to get the languages youre not using out, but you mentioned you wanted to use this with PPC so im guessing you dont want to take the PPC stuff out.
  3. spartango

    Snow Leopard Live 2010

    The same technique used in the Leo live DVD's works for snow leo. its been tested all over and works as well as it did for leo. same instructions apply, with the only change being the location of the mkext (in snow leo stuff has changed a weebit, but we knew this) nbd, as useful as it was for leo
  4. spartango


    Sorry, Tiger will almost certainly not work with the method that I proposed for leo & SL. The reason is pretty simple...the tiger kernel doesn't have the same imageboot system that sl and leo have. See http://www.opensource.apple.com/source/xnu....22.5/bsd/kern/ vs http://www.opensource.apple.com/source/xnu...ern/imageboot.c All the work in leo is based on that file. That said...modbin has an older method to get tiger to liveboot, but imho its PITA compared to leo/sl. sorry
  5. spartango

    Boot LiveDVD.iso by Grub4dos iso emulation

    Still waiting for root device arises from the system's inability to find a mountable block device--most of the time this happens because there isnt a kext loaded to take care of the hardware where the disk is connected (ie, no diskcontroller kext). Its possible(worrisome) that grub4dos is doing some sata controller emulation and u simply dont have the right kext to handle the emulated device.
  6. You might also try making a shutdown script to save the shadow file to disk(make all the writes at once) and then restore that to RAM on bootup.
  7. spartango

    Turn LiveDVD into LiveUSB?

    1) Format the USB Drive HFS+(Journaled) 2) Install Chameleon on the USB Drive. 3) Copy All files on the DVD to the USB drive Boot.
  8. spartango

    Intel Wireless Drivers [OSx86]

    Hi, I'm a C/C++/objc etc. developer with quite a bit of experience working at kernel level with OSX. I'd love to collaborate if that's possible; I have 10.5.6 and 10.5.7 on multiple machines for development, could test on a 10.5.7 HP HDX 16. Excellent work, much appreciated, and a good approach I think. thanks. spartango
  9. spartango

    OS X Live: Developers' Private Discussion

    pcwiz, can we expand that iphone-like GUI idea to fit any OSX live dvd/usb--that would be useful for quick mac tasks, and also use on netbooks/UMPCs?
  10. spartango

    2009 Live DVD

    Look around and you might find one
  11. spartango

    Current Development Status

    Release Now Exists! see iPC Dual Layer/iPC Live next up? useful features!
  12. spartango

    OS X Live: Developers' Private Discussion

    I'm uber busy. I'm throwing what i believe is mediocre/poorly written stuff around with some ppl for want of time myself to sit and perfect the script. UGH! Anyway, now that this works, what do we want? A builder exists(thx pcwiz), and easy howtos. What kind of things can we do to make this more useful/better?
  13. spartango

    Apple sues Wired

    Its great that wired has caught on to the hackintosh world, but frankly I find it highly disrespectful that they rarely give credit to any of its members, and act as if they are the first and only ones to have OSx86. Really, they've done nothing and yet...
  14. spartango

    OS X Live: Developers' Private Discussion

    Excellent!!! so that said, what cool things do we want now?
  15. spartango

    2009 Live DVD

    Thanks all for trying and testing this method! Sorry I've been busy, but from the feedback I've got a few little things here: First, I apologize for not providing the info on how to make a bootable OSX DVD. There are actually a bunch of ways to do it, so I'd rather not introduce them all here. I mentioned boot-132 because that is the basis for every bootloader used in hackintosh systems, not necessarily DFE's version, though that would be nice to have for the modularity of kexts(via initrd). Hecabe's tut is excellent for getting a dvd bootable. Heh, if you're lazy and have a JaS/Kaly/etc iso that you installed with, you can always just put the DMG and script in that and then burn it. hditutil attach -readwrite xx.iso mounts the iso readwrite so you can copy in what you need. You'll probably need to delete the stuff under /System/Installation to make space...and don't forget the boot.plist. The good bit here is that if the install disk boots on a given system, so will the livedvd. The Kexts and kernel will all be loaded from the DVD rather than the DMG. Also we can get around the -f option and IOHDIXController modding by: kextcache -n -l thanks, Dense. As to the 0x1C errors, i'm not sure what they were, i got them before i got the method working: I got rid of them by rebuilding my image, and increasing the ramdisk size...they're not documented but on a normal boot normally indicate a disk failure. I doubt that's the case here, prob just a bad dmg. CAUTION: You do need quite a bit of Ram to use this Live DVD> the Ramdisk is 1GB in my script, and that is really the minimum acceptable, unless your happy with bash alone . Btw, the LiveDVD definitely works in VMWare Fusion 2.0 and VMware workstation 6x. Sometimes it'll give a stack fault when loading the kernel, but it'll autorestart and be fine after that. That symptom NEVER happens on real HW. I'd really like to try the PXE boot using pxelinux -> chameleon -> live dvd. That would be really good cause then you could have a non-mac boot server setup and also do network install osx as well for hackintosh. I am legally bound and cannot release(or point to) a torrent/direct link LiveDVD image. Please don't ask me for one. That said, I think lots of people would appreciate one, so it is possible that one might appear in the near future. Thanks again!