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  1. With that screen.. are you seeing the mouse at all? at that point the mouse will be black and normally shows up in the top corner. Great to see some people are enjoying their systems, i use min every day, have found of course that flash doesn't play all that well due to it being heavily cpu bound - however the machine is powerful enough to play 720p avi with ac3 5.1 - podcasts and such - it makes a great general purpose computer. Just follow the instructions... start fresh & I suggest when done you use xslimmer to strip out all the ppc code, slim down the os and speeds up booting / general use. Enjoy your systems, One regarding dualboot - much much easier with 2 drives.
  2. OK Hey I'm back from the weekend.. I see Stells been helping out and Beklyns whistling I suppose I should contact iSynapse and maybe get the first post updated? Cheers, One
  3. Thanks Kernelzero - Its working for me fine - any questions just PM me or post here - I'm curious to see what your take is. It is working for me, YMMV One
  4. I have a theory for those people who are using a current installation - first off the original dsdt file that was posted in Synapse's installation kit is actually for the previous version of this board, the 945gclf - single core atom. There are some significant differences in this new board - perhaps someone running synapses install would like to test my DSDT.aml file by replacing their old one in the root drive and see if you can install 10.5.7 from the combo update? I have a pretty good idea that the hardware differences are causing the halt after the installation. Someone test, lemme know. cheers, One
  5. I'm about to find out .... we'll see.. UPDATE: success ! 10.5.7 is installed without disabling Hyperthreading using this new install method. Download the 10.5.7 combo update from apple - located here: http://support.apple.com/downloads/Mac_OS_..._7_Combo_Update run the package - let it reboot - the first bootup you will see a lot of text.. this time ACPI passes normally - it takes a few minutes then you'll see MACH REBOOT - this is normal On the 2nd boot up, just let it go, after about 2-3 minutes you'll get to a blue screen with a black mouse, it will flash a couple times, and then you're presented with the login screen or the desktop. All kexts are still intact, audio etc will be working normally. You might want to run the ' about this mac ' package, or osx86tools if you want the about this mac to show its an atom processor, it defaults back to 1.6ghz unknown. BUT IT WORKS and you don't have to disable HT 10.5.7.tiff
  6. Hey Beklyn - thanks for trying it out.. at the moment since this is a pure vanilla install without even using chameleon as a bootloader or anything - no. You gotta leave the USB in, as thats what osx boots off of. (where the kexts reside, etc) I just have a tiny 32 meg usb sitting in the back.. the 945 has enough ports on it, i never miss that one. This solution is more like efix - a dongle permanently attached. IF you like it, great, if not there are other methods - just tryin to make things easier for people -One
  7. I updated the RS link and there are 2 mirrors now courtesy of Beklyn If you use the trailing slash you'll get this error - remove the trailing slash and it'll create the bootable usb wrong way f: is just an example here as it is what my flashkey shows up as C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\bootsector>makeusb.bat f:\ Format f:\ ... Create boot sector ... error E2003: File was not provided! ERROR: Read DBR: failed - Failed to create files (LastError: 0x3)! ERROR: Read MBR: failed - Failed to create files (LastError: 0x3)! Could Not Find C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\bootsector\usbbs3 2.bin Done. RePlug device before using it! right way C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\bootsector>makeusb.bat f: Format f: ... Create boot sector ... Read DBR: successful! Patching FAT32 BPB: successful! Write DBR: successful! Write MBR: successful! Done. RePlug device before using it! C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\bootsector> MAKE SURE YOU UNPLUG / REPLUG THE USB KEY IN BEFORE YOU COPY ALL OF THE 945GCLF INSTALL KIT FILES TO IT You'll know this is working if it boots from the key and you get a flashing cursor in the middle of the screen, if you see one in the top left corner of the screen you forgot to unplug/replug before copying files
  8. I have not tested as yet. I had this installed with nearly the same install method and the other dsdt, failed.. will try this soon.. would like to resolve it.
  9. 10.5.6 RETAIL INSTALLATION Working on 10.5.7 - dropping the hyperthreading currently works with the combo update as mentioned before in this thread New installation method - Proper DSDT.aml file built specifically for the 945GCLF2 motherboard Hey folks.. I've got a new way to install here for you - at this link http://rapidshare.com/files/233285517/945gclf2_new.rar.html you will find an install kit for uEFI for this motherboard. Inside the package is a specific to the 945gclf2 dsdt.aml file, a bootsector kit, and all the files you should have on your flash key. Note this install does NOT use chameleon at all. No modified kernels and must be installed from a retail installation disk (meaning no ideneb, kalyway,etc ) Apple Installation disk only ! Download the archive - you must get it to a working windows computer as the bootsector/flash key boot enabler must be run there. Unarchive the file, inside you will find the Bootsector app, Kext Helper B7, the AppleAzaliaAudio.kext and the New 945GCLF2 Install Kit.zip First, get a flash key, min 32 megs - pop it in your windows computer so its recognized - note the drive letter, e: d: f: whatever it is. Copy the bootsector directory to your desktop Go into CMD, cd to the Desktop\bootsector\ directory type at the prompt makeusb.bat [drive letter] ie: makeusb.bat f: [enter] This will format the flash key and make the usb drive bootable. You must unplug / replug the USB key to work properly before you copy the 945gclf2 files to it! next, unzip the New 945GCLF2 Install kit to the freshly formatted flash key so that efi, extra kext, kext unused folders and the files including DSDT.aml are in the root. Put that flash key into a free usb port on the 945gclf2 go into bios, set your boot order to ' always boot from usb devices first ' (cant remember off the top of my head, but its in the boot menu) Have your installation disk in the drive Boot up, you'll see a cursor for a few seconds, then a bar moving from left to right across the bottom of the screen - saying ' hit any key to enter setup' dont, just sit and wait a moment You now get a really nice graphical rEFIt screen, showing your drive to boot from - select the install disk.. follow through with a normal retail installation. Note - proper resolution, QE/CI is already enabled, you will see a ton of scrolling text - this is because I have the loader set in verbose mode in case there are any problems - we will change this later. Once the installation is complete, the computer will automatically restart - select the installed OSX hd icon in rEFIt - this will boot you to the welcome screen.. After you hit the desktop - copy over AppleAzaliaAudio.kext and the RealtekR1000.kext (which is located on the usb drive in Kext Unused) and install them using Kext Helper - reboot You will now have full audio out, qe/ci, proper resolution with resolution change, bonjour as well as Real Time Clock, Hpet (sleep, shutdown, restart) 945 GMA 950 Graphics and Gigabit ethernet with Bonjour enabled. Have fun. Special thanks to Stellarolla and the guys behind the rEFIt project Cheers, Onetrack. link updated - re-uploaded to RS
  10. So there is a bit of a performance loss by dropping out HT, not very noticeable in just running apps.. compression / any integer work will possibly see about a 20% increase in time. I ran some test benchmarks in my uEfi install before I junp into .7 - results are here: With HT http://browse.geekbench.ca/geekbench2/view/134698 Without HT http://browse.geekbench.ca/geekbench2/view/134703 more to come.
  11. I have this board, and last night installed the update - of course I get the same kernel panic as is posted - kind of a bummer. I'm using a retail 10.5.6 installation disk - uefi/refit install - no chameleon. - Same error. I thought it might be the machine identifier as mine is set to Mac Pro (its looking for more cores than I have) but nope. thats not it. Kind of stopped this machine dead in its tracks hey.
  12. DSDT.aml for GA-945GCMX-S2

    Thank you for this, it was exactly what i was looking for Really appreciated -One
  13. WTB: EFI-X

    Hey Weaksauce12 is selling his.. he's gone to sleep now, but pm him and i'm sure you guys can work something out. My eFIX is gold, you can't tear it outta my hands. /best purchase evah....
  14. 2009 Live DVD

    Would this allow net-booting through pxe ? Is that a possibility?
  15. Was completely dead simple to update here.. clicked apple update, downloaded 10.5.6, installed, reboot.. back to desktop.. but then I have an Efi-X now, so.. its just that easy.