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  1. What do you mean with not working RGB rams? Thanks for hint with saving static light setting - i will try. I really dont like that multi colour lights show when ICUE didnt run
  2. Hi, i ordered K55 RGB and use it now with High Sierra + that beta app. Firmware was newest, ao no update needed. Question: I set the keyboard light to an fixed, dimmed colour. Worked! But, only if ICUE Mac app stay running in background ... app takes constant 5% cpu power, not good. If i close icue app, keyboard ligth goes back to standard multi colour and shifts that colours... i dont like Any way to set colour that it stays fixed with that settings?
  3. I perhaps plan to buy an K55 RGB Keyboard - is not expensive. Do i undertstand right, that this keyboard needs an update of his firmware using windows - i have on an extra HD, update with win native so is available for me.?
  4. mitch_de

    VirtualSMC — SMC Emulator

    Noob question to devs: I follow the commits of that sources with interest. Question: My smbios mac modell iMac13,2 was uploaded as new (commit) dump file and now there is an .txt in source. Are that .text dumps used for compling or change the kext? I ask because the release build of kext is much older as the new imac13,2.txt dump today.
  5. mitch_de

    Intel FB-Patcher v1.6.6

    Hi Devs, i reported that FB patcher shows some wrong Info about my IVY Bridge IGPU. Reason was not FB, the IGPU was missed (in IOREG also) so FB patcher maybe reads ioreg also fails. Reason for missing IGPU (connectorless) was that Inject Intel - Clover graphics was disabled ( normaly i had enabled). Perhaps i disabled that setting and without real "willing". Now all good: FB shoows correct IVY Info. A bit off topic but maybe usefull if other get an answer: I use WEG (lastets). I thought WEG would setup IGPU complete - no Clover Inject Intel (and IG-ID) Question: Does WEG always need also Clover Inject Intel to do rest of IGPU setup?
  6. mitch_de

    Intel FB-Patcher v1.6.6

    Hi, the first (info screen) shows sandy bridge CPU generation, but should be ivy bridge i think. I tried older version ( 6-8 weeks agao) and i think there was shown correct cpu gen for my i5-3570K. Platform-ID (by clover)is like shown in the upper right select box. But in system info 00000. From where / How get the app the System Info data?
  7. mitch_de

    WhatEverGreen Support Topic

    Its an newer socket for ix-3xxx Cpu. So SLICE post about Chipset (Socket / minimum CPU type) may avoid running that AMD gpu on 775 Socket / Chipset for that type. But i think you may get answer by google about that, because then the no go for that GPU type would bei also for WIN / LINUX 775-socker- systems EDIT I started for my own interest a bit googling... nothing real found. lot people talk about PCIE Slot Version / UEFI BIOS vs Leagancy BIOS ... in case running newer gpus. But no real "valide" answer found. Maybe its not the 775 Socket / CPU itself, its perhaps missing UEFI BIOS and/or some PICE Slot Version (to old) problem which cam from Chipset and, because of age, no UEFI BIOS. EDIT2: If you cold boot, do you have the BIOS Bootscreen (from mainboard)? If not then i think card has no dual bios (legancy + UEFI). EDIT3: maybe its UEFI problem, like posts here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Amd/comments/4rnslu/uefi_bios_for_rx_4xx_series_of_cards/ And it may that some vendors (Saphhire) put dual bios ons some newer AMD cards. In general non UEFI system seems to be a problem.
  8. mitch_de

    WhatEverGreen Support Topic

    Hi, i use LILU+WEG since long time with mx RX 460 (similar to RX 560). Should work. In MB-BIOS AMD GPU should be primary. Which port do you use for monitor? Sometimes not all ports (DVI, DP, HDMi) works out of the box, even with WEG. First try change to other port (if you can) to verify if its an port problem and WEG works in general. Also check if you have any DSDT /SSDT files in use wich belong to the GPU (for naming, setting ports etc.) can interfernence to WEG. Also check if you use RADEINIT (an clover option, i think in the gpu section) if set, disable that.
  9. mitch_de

    [pre-release] macOS Mojave

    Maybe because BETA, but can be Apple want sell more newer Macs!!! Same as every Major Updates - often without real HW reason. But i guess OpenGL stays 4.1 and also OpenCL 1.2 - yeaaaars old versions Hope some get that Beta running next hour - at least ONE installes already I am not.
  10. mitch_de

    [pre-release] macOS Mojave

    that Model Names can be found in the .dist file, comes with the DL
  11. mitch_de

    [pre-release] macOS Mojave

    var nonSupportedModels = ['MacBookPro4,1','MacPro2,1','Macmini5,2','Macmini5,1','MacBookPro5,1','MacBookPro1,1','MacPro4,1','MacBookPro5,2','iMac8,1','MacBookPro5,4','MacBookAir4,2','Macmini2,1','iMac5,2','iMac11,3','MacBookPro8,2','MacBookPro3,1','Macmini5,3','MacPro5,1','Macmini4,1','iMac9,1','iMac6,1','Macmini3,1','Macmini1,1','MacBookPro6,1','MacBookPro2,2','MacBookPro2,1','iMac12,2','MacBook3,1','MacPro3,1','MacBook5,1','MacBook5,2','iMac11,1','iMac10,1','MacBookPro7,1','MacBook2,1','MacBookAir4,1','MacBookPro5,3','MacBookPro6,2','iMac12,1','MacBook1,1','MacBookPro5,5','iMac11,2','MacBookPro1,2','iMac4,2','Xserve2,1','MacBookAir3,1','MacBookAir3,2','MacBookAir1,1','Xserve3,1','iMac4,1','MacBookAir2,1','Xserve1,1','iMac5,1','MacBookPro8,1','MacBook7,1','MacBookPro8,3','iMac7,1','MacBook6,1','MacBook4,1','MacPro1,1',]; var SupportedHackintoshModels = [ ' all you can inject ',];
  12. mitch_de

    GTX 760 OpenCL

    OPenCL usage of OpenCL in real Apps - other than benches - is an addon. Means, the GPU (OpenCL) is used for some work, but not - as an cpu - for all work. So, the cpu has work to do - even OpenCL is working beside the cpu. Only on some OpenCL bench apps cpu load is less and GPU load maximum. On real Apps (video, etc) using OpenCL cpu load is at least medium to high - to do the main work and put work to gpu and receive results from the gpu. So CPU speed does matter / is under load even OpenCL is used.
  13. mitch_de

    GTX 760 OpenCL

    What Apps? Some Apps fail to use OpenCL , especially some which work on WIn & OS X. Like some Videoconverters. You can do nothing if some apps fail and other work with OpenCL. PS: Novabench is on older bench. I would use Gekkbench 4 for CPU & OpenCL.
  14. mitch_de

    "new" ATI Clover patching with Sierra?

    Here you go: https://github.com/vit9696/WhateverGreen/releases https://github.com/vit9696/Lilu/releases Both came into Clover /kext. No parameters needed.
  15. mitch_de