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  1. Have you tried the fixes mentioned before in the thread? Have you installed a modified bios, and used the script to copy the bootloader to your hard drive, yet havent deleted or modified the DSDT.aml file?
  2. Cold booting working with DSDT.aml removed, if you use the awesome marsbooter script. Love it, two pints for Ian T!
  3. Load the marsbooter disk, then the OSX SL disk, go into terminal from the disk and remove the dsdt.aml from the /Extra/ folder on your hard drive, as marionez suggests and it should work. If you boot with the -v flag, it should tell you where it's failing, although if the boot process fully completes then it errors, it may be something else.
  4. Files removed, booting fine, just hope that it works again fine after a cold boot tomorrow. Im willing to give anything a go at this point! -- additional -- Removing the boot.plist did remove the graphic support as the explanation above, so Ive modded it and put it back, and graphics are back to normal, dsdt.aml Ive removed and hope that it might have been that which stopped the system from booting. Still, big credit to you Ian T, Im still over the moon to have SL installed and working smoothly, so thanks man
  5. Hopefully that solves my problem too, very sensible idea, fingers crossed - thanks!!
  6. Seems now to be happening everytime I cold boot (i.e. Ive had the system totally unplugged and powered off for several hours). The RAM definately isnt bad, Ive been running windows on the system for probably 3/4 months, and Leopard on it stable for another month since installing SL. Can only assume it's the bootloader?
  7. Just an oddity, had the same problem as this thread: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=63681 Installed last night fine, rebooted a load of times and all good. Started up the machine this morning and wouldnt get past the Apple screen, booted with -v and it's stuck on the IOAPIC line. The suggested solutions through search didnt work, so I removed a stick of my RAM (down to 2g inst/of 4g) and it's booted straight in. Not saying its your fault, just odd!
  8. Just wanted to say many thanks for this, I stumbled on your CD from another thread, and it's eventually got me Snow Leopard on my P5Q/Q6600/8800GT w/4gig of RAM, just a bit more testing and Ill install it as my main OS over 10.5.8, but just wanted to say thanks very much for a very clear and concise guide mate, Ill buy you a metaphysical pint coz you deserve one!
  9. forster

    2009 Live DVD

    Hats off indeed, I look forward to seeing what comes next
  10. forster

    iDeneb v1 10.5.4

    Setup in sig, getting the warning symbol ontop of the apple logo on reboot. Not fussed, only installed for testing.
  11. forster

    10.5.4 release for MSI Wind

    Grabbing it. I may well pick up a wind at some point - thanks for the heads up!
  12. forster

    Modified boot-132 Bootloader

    If you had a proper retail DVD it should work, if you have burnt a copy from a website, please go buy a retail version. Dont try this method with a Kaly DVD - only a proper full retail (NOT RESTORE) DVD.
  13. ooo - think someone needs a hug There's also the software tweaks that members of the community release for free, that other companies give zero credit for, even though it's pivotal to the sales of their machines. Ive installed OSX on a handful of machines now, and I always try and thank those who have contributed patches/tweaks/solutions to problems that I come across - if some faceless company is just taking those patches and not giving anything back, you can see why lots of people would get jaded by that. Also, I think that you would have to be a whole different kind of stupid to buy a whole PC just to see if you can run OSX, and if not, return it to the store - that's just moronic, unless you have the technical ability to work through the problems and get it up and running. However, more often than not, there's usually patches for the more common equipment - my current hackintosh was built with handpicked components from a thread by members from this site, with such a wealth of information here, you'd be a fool to do otherwise, unless you were planning on developing patches for that particular system (Im thinking the first people who got their hands on the new netbooks, eeepc's, MSi Winds etc)
  14. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Mac-Clone-hackintosh...p3286.m14.l1318 eBay 'hackintosh' if the link isnt allowed. NOTE THIS ISNT MY SALE
  15. NVkush for video, and I cant really comment on the audio, I must have tried about 5 different methods before realising that Elastic had a new bootdisk out, after that audio worked fine. It may well have been that something I did before using the new bootcd affected the audio, but unless I do a full reinstall I really wont know.