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  1. which chipset do i have? please help

    As you have already got your hardware ids, its easier to search. For you, your google query is vendor id:8086 device id:284b If you dont get any results which is very unlikely to happen, download progrm "Everest". It should give you your audio hardware information and its for Vista/XP.
  2. I Installed Kalyway 10.5.2 on Dell Inspiron 1525 which went really smooth. After that i applied The AppleHDA patch using the 1525 dump from www.espressoreport.com tutorial on hackintosh. The sound works now but the only problem is that whenever computer wakes-up from the sleep, there is no sound. System sound preferrance pane indicates that there is only internal speaker available but before that it reports as "Unknown Device" I already searched the forum and some workarounds invove loading unloading kexts which I am not using. I even try to manually unload,load AppleHDA.kext but no system detects no sound device at all. It comes back after a reboot. How this can be fixed? I am sure all Dell Inspiron 1525 users are eithering suffering this problem or not at all. -EnLi
  3. 2009 Live DVD

    I hope there will be some script to automate the process or the working release of the live-dvd itself. Cant wait!! Keep up the the good work
  4. OS X Live DVD

    Thats a wonderful gift from XDev team. Great job guys !
  5. I guess what he wants to say is, he need a OSX driver to refer to so he can go on developing his own driver?
  6. Bump. If the active application is a game all mouse movements are traped by game engine. So to work-around that i made a little macro with "proxi" which launches sleepdisplay.app which works but for games like "Frozen Throne" (crossover) it doesnt work. If there is no fix atleast let me know so i will stop searching and eventually spend that time for better purpose EnLi
  7. Hi, I have been using Kalyway updated to 10.5.5 and the only problem is that whenever there is an application say any game which changes my default screen resolution the screen goes blank and i have to quit the application/ change its resolution to get screen back. ( I do it with "LightMe" PrefPane) I have gma x3100 chipset and been using the kext which comes with kalyway install dvd. Now I am trying to play "Frozen Throne" and its really painful to change resolutions each time. Any fixes? Thanks EnLi
  8. As the name suggests its a cache cleaner. I need a program to disable write caching on selected disk. EnLi
  9. Slice, So does that mean you are working on driver? EnLi
  10. Thanks Chrisb27, that is interesting. The problem is that currently the UPS i have is dieing instantly when there is a power-cut. I guess i will have to repair it but i dont have enough money right now ( yes I am a student ). And how does the mac read ups stats? Using RS-232 interface? EnLi
  11. I searched a lot, but couldnt find the answer. I desperately need this how-to . EnLi
  12. Hi, I was wondering if we can somehow disable write caching for SATA. We have frequent power-cuts here and I am not always at desk to turn-off Desktop before UPS dies. If I understand correct, enabling disk caching increases the data-loss possibility when there is a power-cut. Any help? EnLi
  13. Is this possible to boot the cd from usb-drive ? What is biosdev number of cd/dvd drive ? EnLi
  14. OS X themes?

    xD FreeMn1979, Have you used any leopard themes like iLeopard? EnLi