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  1. Dense

    New Chameleon Announced!

    Theme support was added for those that want a bootcamp theme. It can't be included by us because its would be a copyright violation. To stay legal it has to be this way. It shouldn't take anyone longer than a few hours to create a bootcamp theme either (just copy some files to the same volume as chameleon is installled on).
  2. Oops, features are going to be revealed in time, so i may have said too much in my previous edit
  3. StageXNU kernel has decryption. Nothing to see here...
  4. Dense

    2009 Live DVD

    0. You'll need to hack IOHDIXController.kext abit. Show its package contents, find Info.plist and change "Network-Root" to "Root". Do that for all its plugins as well. Regenerate Extensions.mkext. This is not needed if you use kextcache -n (which includes network extensions). Those of us who have been building Install DVDs have known about this for a while. For some bizarre reason the Ramdisk support was flagged network however its needed for a local boot due to the creation of the small ramdisks. IMHO a bug by Apple but its better to just create a mkext cache with the networking files in it (speeds up boot time because reading the mkext cache is faster than reading the individual files). 7. Now, boot from that media. at the darwin prompt, provide the params: -v -f -s rp=file:///live.dmg Shouldn't need the -f if you build the kextcache with -n and -l.
  5. Dense

    AnV Chameleon boot loader

    During development that is absolutely normal. The license doesn't say when the source code must be released just that it has to be released. This is a very common issue that comes up with GPL software. I would consider during development it is entirely reasonable that test versions are being sent around without source code. Once released to the general public, source could must be made available which has always been done with Chameleon. Consider in the situation above that BuildSmart is the tester. This is just BuildSmart trying to turn nothing into something. As usual, development will continue on the next version of Chameleon and when its released, source code will be simultaneously made available.
  6. I've been through your patch and cut it down from 9meg to 260k. My first concern is that you've added HPET back in. We never needed it before and the removal was a good thing. I realise for porting simplicity, adding it back in was easier but this is only a temporary solution. Its hard to find the actual code changes you've added yourself because you haven't tagged your changes. I realise most of it is fixing issues with Apples modifications and you've done a good job making the diffs go in cleanly and resolving the collisions. I do have a slight issue with you calling it Voodoo Release 1.1. This gives the idea its an official Voodoo release which it isn't (just a derivative). Would prefer you have kept the same version and just marked it modified by you. This is nit picking though and in the grand scale we are happy for your efforts. Far more gained for the community. In the future please come and talk to us, we are not in competition with you or trying to exclude you from developments. You have shown you are a capable developer and it would be advantageous to all of us if we could have a more frequent and direct communication. The Voodoo "project" is now much bigger than just the kernel work and we want to have a long term strategy which is more than just about making these components work.
  7. Dense

    AnV Chameleon boot loader

    Will you quit it with the attitude. He tried to help you out with a version that seemed to fix a problem. The details of the development of Chameleon versions after 1.0.11 is complicated. Basically there were a number of derivative version made by people such as munky, mackerintel, fassl and turbo. There were also internal CVS revisions used to test some very minor changes that were part of what is eventually going to be either 1.5 or 2.0. The Chameleon developers (now under the Voodoo branding) have become unified with munky, mackerintel, fassl and indi join the development efforts. All their work in their derivative versions has been either rewritten or massively enhanced. No one is trying to break license agreements. This isn't a group trying to horde the sources or control the community. Take off your tinfoil hat for once and consider that we are only trying to unify the community by putting out quality, feature complete releases.
  8. Thanks Andy, we will spend some time going through it and merge it into the official sources. Voodoo team has been busy with some other projects so this is a great help to us. Possibly send me a PM with any more technical details about your patch. Did you find any problems with the original Voodoo sources? It would be great if you could drop by IRC and talk to us (you have the channel and server details from the PM I sent you a while back).
  9. Dense

    AnV Chameleon boot loader

    These are modifications done by other people and were based on the existing 1.0.11 sources. It is not a Chameleon modification that was done by zef. The internal work in progress has its own implementation of these modifications. If you look around you'll also find the DSDT source additions by mackerintel (he posted his diff). The /Extra change is only a few lines of code that I am sure you can handle yourself.
  10. While I appreciate you compiling it with a new version (the diffs do go in cleanly and voodoobuild just needs 1 line to create this) it is absolutely 100% useless. Voodoo kernel has this file embedded into the kernel and thus voodoo never uses the file on disk.
  11. Dense

    AnV Chameleon boot loader

    Most people don't have the vision to see that forking of projects in the long term is a bad thing. The chameleon project is extremely active and has a number of developer contributing nearly daily to the sources. Taking Chameleon to the next level has required massive internal restructuring and just breaking the 64k limit was a difficult and long process. The chameleon project now is part of the Voodoo team and other than the kernel work there are a number of other projects in development. The long term goal is to create quality alternative implementations of the key foundations of OS X. This was why the kernel was dealt with first and the boot loader is in the process of being made much more modern and expandable. We also have a few other extensions that will resolve some very outstanding and troublesome issues for users. Also some of the smaller extensions which have been required have become integrated into the boot loader (SMBIOS enablers, EHCI ownership problems etc). We also hope to have PCI probing added to allow device properties to be added (to fix problems such as GMA 950 on some systems as well as networking problems - time machine). While the source code for all these projects will be open to everyone, during development we have found that its better to keep the sources closed. The truth of the matter is that most people have no interest in enhancing and fixing problems with OS X. The kernel sources we put together have had practically no interest (and even with a simple building tool to make kernel compiling easy for those looking to learn). The majority of the advancements in OS X running on normal PCs has been done by a very small group of people. I wish I could say it was a community achievement but that really hasn't been the case at all. While its possible for the community to continue to toss out DVD's with a million different options (just look at the new iPC DVD) practically no user will know what option to choose and end up with a system that doesn't work. Is this the direction we really want to go? Alternative extensions with a quality boot loader and kernel will give a much simpler install and a much higher compatibility. If the OS X community wants to grow up, it has to move in this direction. This is what the Voodoo team is trying to do. We hope others are willing to join us.
  12. Dense

    Voodoo Kernel 2.0 Announced

    When using Voodoo under 10.5.6 you also need to use the 10.5.5 seatbelt.kext otherwise there will be a system panic opening disk images. It seems seatbelt.kext needs to match the same version of System.kext.
  13. Is the kernel panic reproducable? If its the only kernel panic you have had its best to just ignore it. Unless we can reproduce a kernel panic consistently its practically impossible to debug it.
  14. Preliminary analysis shows that the merging processes is going to be a long one. The diff between 9.5.0 and 9.6.0 was 600k and there are a lot of changes in many of the same files Voodoo modifies. Once Mercurysquad is online we will be able to give a better estimate but certainly don't expect anything today or even the next few days.
  15. Dense

    AnV Chameleon boot loader

    The comment you made regarding the Chameleon team is really insulting. You might not believe it, but the Chameleon team is the same as the Voodoo team. Every person who has worked on Voodoo is now working on Chameleon (plus we have extra developers). Once Voodoo was released we have shifted our focus across to Chameleon and I will tell you there has been huge changes to the code. Every other bootloader out there has had their changes merged into Chameleon now and we have a number of features no other bootloader has. It is the only bootloader that has broken the 64k barrier which has allowed so many new features to be added. I don't want to spoil the surprise but when we are ready it will be obvious to the community why Chameleon is the only one worth using. We are attempting to unify the community behind just one version as there has been too many forks of the original boot-132. So while we appreciate other people developing their own versions it would be more worthwhile to put development efforts behind one version. While we appreciate source code being released it just means more time is needed to merge changes (zef has become an expert code merger over the last few weeks). So while there hasn't been an update on the Chameleon website, I can say development has been going at a frantic pace (far faster than Voodoo ever had).