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  1. login failure?

    sure, im not the most active of members here, but when i come to the number 1 site on hackintoshs, i expect to be able to login. I dont know what the hell is wrong, but this new layout is horse{censored}. and obviously these idiots here, http://www.do1.uk.com/, cant code worth {censored}. i would be able to code a skin better than they did, and one that worked at that. despite how great of a site this is, im tempted to just leave and never come back, like some of your staff and countless others this guy puts it great..
  2. Windows 7 And Leopard

    try this for sleep and for the other stuff, just search the forums for drivers
  3. Windows 7 And Leopard

    so you have the dual boot working? and as for registration, just say that you have no internet connection, fill it out with fake info and delete the "send registration" shortcut
  4. Windows 7 And Leopard

    maybe this will help you http://www.themudcrab.com/acronis_oss_bootwiz.php make sure you have hidden files showing and hidden operating system files showing via the Organize dropdown/Folder Options EDIT: you did install Acronis Operating System Selector first right?
  5. Windows 7 And Leopard

    the way i did it was with acronis operating system selector. its a bit complicated, but basically, install leopard, install windows 7 and then install Acronis OS Selector manually edit the bootwiz.oss to have a Vista entry that refers to the win 7 partition and your mac partition should already have a entry. i cant remember the forums where i read up, but if you give my your bootwiz.oss ill be glad to edit it for you EDIT: this should help you get a windows 7 entry http://www.wilderssecurity.com/showthread.php?t=229200 and leopard should already be there just get Acronis Operating System selector from your favorite warez site and all will be good
  6. DVD-RW Gone?

    So ya, ive had mac installed on my mockbook pro for about a month now, i know my dvd drive was working at install, but recently ive noticed its missing.... Can anyone tell me which kext controls DVD Drive recognition and maybe give me a stock 10.5.6 one? thanks! EDIT: Screw the stock extention, i have my 10.5.5 ones.. but i still need to know what kext it is EDIT: Nevermind again. i searched for a more general term and found my solution http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?act...st&id=42688
  7. i dont use os x tools much, but if it backs up kexts, replaces them, repairs the permissions, and deletes the kext cache, then yes it will. the backup most likely wont be in the same folder, but probably still in the root of your primary mac partition
  8. well, if you use kext helper to install the fix and it still doesnt work, you can just use the backup in \Backup Extensions\ to restore your network card and restore your preferences by deleteing NetworkInterfaces.plist and renaming NetworkInterfaces.plist.old to NetworkInterfaces.plist
  9. yes, it should have brought back all the network devices you had deleted in the past.. did you happen to apply the time machine fix mentioned in the first post before you tried this method? If you have, your airport should show up as ethernet and your ethernet will be airport. kind of a {cenosored} fix, but it works
  10. 2009 Live DVD

    geez bro, its just a little friendly torching, you need to chill
  11. you have to run it as sudo. you can do this as one of two ways 1. put sudo in front of it and type in the password for the root user 2. type the below, type in the roots password then you run this
  12. 2009 Live DVD

    You cant "Burn it" for the simple fact that you cant burn anything into a usb drive like you could a cd. you can copy tho and if you refer to the first post im sure you could have saved yourself some humiliation .. also, might wanna clean up your sig some so its about half that size before the mods come in and recklessly destroy it
  13. OS X Live DVD

    how about a 'bay release for us lazy folks. also, i dont happen to have a retail of mac laying around and its gonna take 2 weeks to download one with all these {censored} leechers
  14. Regarding the domain

    to the site devs, THIS PROBLEM STILL EXISTS! and it was reported way back in september? make sure the images are under the images/ directory of the non-www site. if all else fails, add static images <td><a href="http://wiki.osx86project.org" target="_top"><img src="http://www.osx86project.org/images/osx86.png" alt="Go to OSx86 Project Wiki" width="317" height="275" border="0" /></a></td> <td><a href="http://www.insanelymac.com" target="_top"><img src="http://www.osx86project.org/images/imac.png" alt="Go to InsanelyMac News and Forum" width="362" height="275" border="0" /></a></td> its the most simplest fix in the world. my dog could have corrected your code and in fact, anyone with any html knowledge at all could have fixed it (yes, my dog knows some html ). i think some one has been lazy.. see attached screenie if you arent seeing the error error.tiff
  15. Problems with notebook speakers?

    nevermind, i finnally got my audio working with the dell laptops post installer