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Official mac.nub 10.4.10 Intel ONLY x86 Install DVD v1, Rev. 5 [EN] - Discussion Thread


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Note: I have a lot of RL life to catch up on. Therefore I won't be likely to able to answer further questions for a few weeks.




Hey All,


This can now be found at a certian Demon, and also a Bay of Pirates take your pick! - Just search for "mac.nub 10.4.10 Intel ONLY x86 Install DVD v1, Rev. 5 [EN]"


Please note: The MD5 checksums are included in the torrent download, in the "MD5 & Readme.rtf" however here they are again:


MD5 (v1-r5.zip) = 67969e7192ce88e0fb9f8ba0a0b07b4c

And after unzipping you get... MD5 (macdotnub_OSx86_10.4.10_Install_Disk-v1-r5.iso) = 3f7f65773aa392c04b5d3c8ea3016c58


Some of you may already know of my work, because of my GeForce 8800 and Apple ACPI Easy Installers over at my website, or Install guides etc. here on the forums. If you don't, feel free to scroll down to the bottom of this post to see my Introduction.


Anyway... I’m sure you all want to know what's so different about this install DVD compared to all the others out there... so here's the Screenshots, Features list, and FAQ.


The release date for this DVD will be at the latest 26th October, provided the last beta tester confirms everything is fine on his sytem.

Oh and the DVD ISO zipped weighs in at just 1.3GB, unzipped it's 1.85GB.





post-59159-1193068394_thumb.png post-59159-1193068421_thumb.png post-59159-1193068655_thumb.png


After Install...

post-59159-1193068716_thumb.png post-59159-1193068771_thumb.png


After i've installed a few things myself...



mac.nub's OSx86 Install DVD Overview



  • Based on the official iMac 10.4.10 Install DVDs, modified as little as possible, just enough to get things running.
  • No Third Party Customisations – after install everything exactly as it would be on a real Mac, you get your default desktop, apps etc.
  • A wide selection of drivers, kernels and patches.
  • First of a kind Intel 8.10.1 Kernel that works on nForce motherboards.
  • Integrated GeForce 8800 Series card drivers.
  • A plain English, easy to understand installer.
  • X11, FrontRow and the FrontRow Keyboard Emulator.

Drivers List



  • IOATAFamily – v1.7.1
  • Generic PATA/SATA support (All in one) - ICH8, 8R, 7, 7R, 6, 5, 4, VIA, nForce, Silicon Image, ATI, SB4xx
  • ICH7-R, ICH8-R, ICH8
  • Jmicron
  • nForce SATA
  • USB, Generic USB ECHI Controller


  • GMA 900
  • GMA 950
  • GeForce 8800 Series
  • NVinject v0.1.1 (VRAMtotalsize – all sizes), NVinjectGo
  • Natit Dual v01, v02
  • Apple 10.4.9 nVidia Kexts
  • Titan
  • nVidia mobility
  • nVidiaEFI
  • LaptopDisplay
  • ATI Mobility Support
  • ATI x1x00 & x1x00 AGP support
  • Natit x1300, x1600/1650, x1800
  • ATI x19x0
  • 10.4.5 ATINDRV
  • 10.4.7 IONDRVSupport
  • AGPGart v1.1, 1.2, 2.1, 2.2
  • AGPGartLite Intel 865 Chipset
  • Callisto b003, 5, 6 & 8, Callisto Radeon 7000IGP


  • ALC822
  • ALC833 – 6 ports, 6 ports digital
  • ALC888 – 6 ports, 6 ports digital
  • Sigmatel 9200, 9220/9752/9753, 9223
  • mAudio Omnistudio USB
  • ADI1980 AC97
  • Ati SB400 AC97
  • Azalia Audio
  • Conextant HDA
  • Soundblaster USB Support


  • Generic IONetworkingFamily.kext Fix
  • Intel 82562EZ Networking
  • RealtekR1000
  • AtherosAR5004G Wireless
  • PCGeneric Realtek8139
  • Ralink USB Wireless & Replug patch
  • 10.4.5 IO80211Family.kext
  • 10.4.3 IONetworkingFamily.kext
  • AppleIntel8255x
  • Via Rhine Release 1, 2, 3
  • Forcedeth nForce4
  • Marvell Gigabit – 88E8011, 3Com 3C940 (& 3C940B), D-Link DGE530T




  • 8.10.1 + System.kext + dsmos.kext (Default)
  • 8.10.1 nForce (Intel) – Allows correct functionality on nForce boards
  • 8.10.3 + System.kext + dsmos.kext


  • System.kext
  • Universal 2nd May, 8th July
  • SSE3 25th June, 18th April
  • SSE2 1st April

Patches & Misc Tools/Utilities

  • 10.4.5 Loginwindow.app, 10.4.4 Loginwindow.app
  • RadeonTool
  • PowerManagement.bundle
  • Insomnia.kext
  • System Profiler Patch
  • Verbose Mode



Why did you make this?


I felt that none of the recently released Install DVDs provided everything I required from my Hackintosh, they either lacked in features, the standard Mac Programs, or had bugs that made them unusable on my systems. Originally this DVD was not ever intended to be released publicly, but after I mentioned it in my GeForce 8800 Easy Installer topic, people have been asking me to release it since... so, I did a whole lot more work on it, to make it as universal as I possibly could.


Why does your DVD not contain third party programs/customisations?


Put simply, I think there have been too many Install DVDs over the years that contain un-needed applications, some of which are even installed by default, or others have included annoying customisations. My DVD aims simply to get the system up and running, and provides the application set a real Mac would have (Mail, Safari, FrontRow etc.), you then have the choice to add whatever programs you like. What would you rather have? A half working system with a few extra programs - or a fully functional one?


How long did it take you to actually make this?


Well, I started putting it together on the 12th October and the current release (5th Revision) was made on the 18th, I worked on it pretty much solidly over that period, and it probably took a total of about 75 hours to put together, it's been under testing since.


Will this work with AMD?


It is very unlikely, I believe you need different decrypted system files for it to function correctly with an AMD system, these are not included.


Does this support multiple cores, and 64-Bit?


Yes it supports multiple cores. 64 Bit will definitely be supported under processors used on real Mac's. e.g. Core 2 Duo, Xeon etc. it may however not work on some CPUs not supported by Mac, e.g. Pentium D's using 8.10.1/8.10.3 kernels.




Those of you who have no idea who I am, so allow me to introduce myself properly... I'm mac.nub, a 19 Year Old University Student from the UK studying Computing, oh, and I’m also a perfectionist, I’ve never been able to decide if it's a blessing or a curse - I've been interested in OSx86 & Mac in general, for about the last 5 years, but have only really properly used it for about the last two, all started for me all those years ago with the 10.4.1 Deadmoo image, and now we're on 10.4.10, and I’m releasing my own install DVD image.


As you can imagine, and may very well already know, it's been a busy and dramatically changing last few years for the OSx86 scene, with many big names, retiring, leaving due to disputes, or just generally getting tired of all the forum etc. politics and just deciding "why do I even bother?" and simply stopping development... since JaS stopped making install DVDs, there have been various attempts by various people to make Install DVDs that continued to keep up with the quality or JaS' releases, but with each release thus far there have been problems... ranging from things like Rosetta not working, essential applications being removed to "save space", the Network System Preferences pane crashing, these are just a few examples, honestly there are too many to list... so I decided I’d make one myself, that functions exactly the same as it would if it was a real Mac Install DVD, so I bought myself the new iMac 10.4.10 Install DVDs and went from there... after 5 revisions of my Install DVD, I now believe I have a DVD that is ready for public release, i'm just waiting for the last beta tester to confirm it works on his system... provided it does, it will be this revision that is released.


When the DVD is released, you'll notice my perfectionist tendencies in the install DVD, there are no spelling mistakes, no stupid errors, no missing features, no System Profiler crashes, no standard programs removed. Just a plain English, Mac install DVD, that works exactly as it would do if you installed 10.4.10 on a real Mac.



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At some point in the future most likely, but until a stable x86 kernel etc. for Leo GM is released i'm not going to be working on it.

I've also heard Leo install DVDs are made slightly differently, so it may well be more complicated - that may just be a rumor however...


I have yet to try Leo, i'm waiting for the GM to be released on the 26th. Then i'll take a look.



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Sorry - should have mentioned that, have edited my origional post to make this clear.


Just waiting for the last beta tester to confirm everything is fine on his system... The latest this should be released is the 26th provided everything works out OK.

As soon as I get the OK from him, i'll be uploading it, and will post here to let you know where you can find it :D



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Yes, it should work fine on your 680i board, due to the fixed kernel :D


Only thing I couldn't fix with this kenel is the reboots (at least on my 650 SLi board) - it still doesn't reboot properly... it gets to the MACH Reboot stage (if you look at the process in verbose mode) then just does nothing, so you have to press the reset button after it gets to there! - It shuts down fine though.



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jas installer is really stable in my hackintosh except for the ntfs-3g that crashes finder once in awhile. hopefully your release would have better support for usb and audio. im looking forward to in tasting your cooking.



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Can't wait til you release this! It's great to read how you have kept things as standard as possible without all the extras. I've spent a lot of time on the xda-developers forum (hacking wm6 on smartphones) and have suffered the same problems with hacker customized screens which is great for some people but I just want the damn thing to work and I'll load other applications on if and when I might need them.


I've got an Asus P5B Deluxe WIFI mobo and have waivered whether or not to install OS X onto it. None of the releases so far seem that compatible looking at the forums and it looks like I will have to give up my RAID'ed disks (2 x striped - boot plus 2 x mirrored - data).


Looking at what you've said I'll give yours a go as I want to kiss goodbye to MS Vista which slowly seems to be corrupting by picture files.


I see you have an Abit Fatal1ty FP-IN9 SLI . Does this work without any issues (audio, ide etc)? As I'm looking for a mobo (Socket 775) that I can use without any hassles. I've asked the forum for the best mobo to use but didn't get any response. I just want to install off DVD and bang it's up and running.


Thanks, Jason

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Interesting. I haven't found any install DVD that will install to Sata on an Asus P5VD2MX motherboard. If this is the first, I'm excited! A lot of people picked up that motherboard thinking it was a bargain!

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Sean Rob - np


clintoy - Cheers


beniel09 - Generic IONetworkingFamily.kext Fix - This IONetworkingFamily.kext allows officially supported Mac cards that would work in real Mac systems to work correctly on 10.4.10 e.g. 3Com - 3C90x, DEC21x4, Broadcom - 440x, Broadcom - 5701, DP83816, Intel - 8254x, Intel - 8255x, Realtek - 8139, Realtek - 8169, Yukon etc. RealtekR1000 - Driver for Reaktek 8169, 8168, 8110, 8111 chipsets by DaemonES. PCGeneric Realtek8139 - Reaktek 8139 Ethernet Driver by orByte. 10.4.3 IONetworkingFamily.kext - IONetworkingFamily.kext from Mac OS X 10.4.3 Install DVD.


unknownserv - It does indeed.


macgirl - Thanks :(


jasoncheesemanuk - Afaik, there's currently no way to get raid working under OSx86, however it's worth trying this on your mobo before buying a new one. Apart from the reboot problem, the Abit Fatal1ty FP-IN9 SLI works flawlessly with my modifed kernel, however it will not work with other 10.4.10 kernels, and it is very unlikely to work with Leopard kernels, so I wouldn't recommend buying this board for OS X compatability personally.


Detosx - Can't guarantee it will be supported, but it *should* be after looking at your mobo specifications.



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The release date for this DVD will be at the latest 26th October, provided the last beta tester confirms everything is fine on his sytem.



Come on, come on.


I'm looking for a leak of this one, more than the A581 :unsure:

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Fantastic work mac.nub !!


Is there any hope for AMD support as well ?


I've been waiting for working nForce 550/570/590 SATA solutions and if this is it, I can't tell you how happy it would make me.


Anyways, thanks again for excellent work,


- J

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@Orfeus Learn how to read, October 26th is written all over the thread








Damn. Nice.


I have a new Intel dell system inspiron 530, and so far no install DVD other than tubgirl's AMD release has been able to successfully go to the installation without the waiting for root device error(i don't wanna install AMD on an Intel).


Anyway you can make your release Dell friendly??(i realize i'm asking a lot from you here)


Pretty please?

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The Baron - Isn't everyone's? :mellow:


Vimes - The audio driver isn't built in, however as far as I'm aware installation on your motherboard should be fine, I'm pretty sure I added ICH9 SATA support to the installer... if not, let me know and i'll release a PPF that adds it.


macgirl - Haha, nice to know. Personally I'd prefer a Leo GM leak, then again... I already have this :gun:


Probe53 - Currently, I have not built in AMD support, as i've not got an AMD machine to test it on... you *could* try installing it and then replacing the kernel with an AMD one... but I don't think that would work, as I beleive you need a few different decrypted system files... maybe at some point in the future? - Have you tried Kalyway's Install DVD with PPF1? I beleive that should work for you.


mauro19 - It pretty much was actually, for several days.


Slip Kid - Currently Intel only, as is says in the topic title.


Orfeus - As ninjapig said, by the 26th October. As for how, via torrent, and I may also possibly upload it to rapidshare, or something like that.


ninjapig - Interesting, apparently it uses a P35 Chipset, I do not know which one, as I couldn't find out. However this DVD *should* be pretty P35 friendly, so you may well be in luck. As for graphics, the Integrated Intel Graphic Media Accelerator 3100 currently has no Tiger drivers as far as i'm aware... so you may well be out of luck for that, and i'm not even sure the card options they gave were OSx86 compatible...



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I'm BETA testing this at the mo' and give the thumbs up!


It is by far the most organized disc I have ever seen. No extra 3rd party {censored}, just the stuff we need!


macdotnub is teh r0x0r :mellow:

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