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  1. mac.nub

    Experimental Intel SpeedStep kext

    Just reporting back CPU/Mobo: Core 2 Duo E6750 2.66 GHz, OC'd to 2.8 GHz/Abit Fatal1ty FP-IN9 (nForce 650 SLi Chipset) Kernel: Darwin Kernel Version 9.4.0: Sat 2 Aug 2008 18:35:36 BST; iGuru:xnu-1228.5.20-nForce/BUILD/obj/RELEASE_I386 i386 (Custom 10.5.4 nForce Kernel, no speedstep support integrated in kernel) Due to the nForce ACPI being a pain in the ass as always, the kext obviously didn't detect the default Power States, I played about with PStates manually, and finally narrowed the viable frequencies down to: 2000, 2500 and 2800 MHz. No matter what other PStates I added, it would not go below 2000 MHz under Mac. Loaded v1.3.1, started "tuxx_SpeedStep_improved_beta.tar", left on auto. It automatically stepped up/down as required, there was no audio stuttering, obvious slowdowns, etc. Debug/Further Info: http://paste2.org/p/58137 Cheers for the great kext mate!
  2. mac.nub

    iATKOS v2.0i

    If it's being released at 1pm GMT + 2, then it's 12am in the UK, not 11am. UK is currently GMT + 1 (British Summer Time aka. Daylight Saving Time)... I should know, I live here ~mac.nub
  3. Dense just notified me that the Source zip file was corrupted for Rev. 6 (thanks!) - It has now been fixed . Edit: I've finally worked out how to set the FSB speed (thanks to Superhai!) - If you need one with a fixed FSB, email me via my site. ~mac.nub
  4. @penarol - Great, glad to hear it @00Diabolic - Interesting - thanks, seems I was looking in completely the wrong place! Haha - I'll PM Superhai and see if he can lend me a hand with that part - If so, user settable FSB will be in the next version. @Redliner - Haha, weird. I'll see if I can allow the user to set the FSB in the next version. @pablovbas - np
  5. AppleSMBIOS-27 - Rev. 6 finally released! - Changelog and answers to recently asked questions below. AppleSMBIOS-27 Change Log: 21/04/2008 - Fourth Release (Rev. 6). - Cleaned up/removed some older code. - Removed user specifiable value for Model Identifier - this was causing Disk Utility to Crash! - Added option to specify serial number. 18/02/2008-25/03/2008 - Internal Release (Rev. 4 & Rev. 5). - User specified values for Model Identifier, Memory Speed and BIOSVersion. - Updated comments. - Implemented Netkas' Serial Fix. - Known Bugs: Causes Disk Utility to Crash. 17/02/2008 - Third Release. - Checks if product-name exists if so it uses it, else uses specified value. - Versions with Memory Speeds hardcoded (667, 800, 1066Mhz DDR2). - Versions with hardcoded Model Name and Boot Rom Version (MacBook2,1, MacPro3,1, iMac7,1). - Second Release, DVD Player bug fixed. 16/02/2008 - Initial Release. Enjoy, ~iGuru/mac.nub @~pcwiz - Sorry for the slow reply, if you haven't noticed any changes then the old version was probably still cache'd or something. @Nadeo - np, glad to hear it @rudefyet - Can you provide me with more info on this? @superfront - 2GB should be being used, to confirm this you can check using Activity Monitor.app (/Applications/Utilities) under the System Memory Tab. @00Diabolic - With regards to FSB being displayed incorrectly, it seems this is down to the kernel rather than AppleSMBIOS, as it seems that the FSB speed can not be set via AppleSMBIOS (I have tried hardcoding it). 1. No idea about that, I can safely say it's nothing to to with AppleSMBIOS though. 2. Again, no idea. 3. See answer for FSB above. 4. Again, nothing to do with AppleSMBIOS. 5. Sounds like a driver specific error, see if you can find another driver that works for it, e.g. try AppleHDA Patcher. @chentwoten - np, glad you got it it working eventually! ~mac.nub
  6. The fact is, Apple has tried this (selling their OS to the general public) in the past, and it almost bankrupt them. They're not going to be doing it again anytime soon. People have the choice to use decent OS' - you can Use Linux, Mac OSx86, and Mac OS X. My MBP is the best laptop I have ever used... i've not had a single problem, kernel panic or crash with it. When you buy a Mac, you pay for the quality and the brand name, not just one or the other. ~mac.nub
  7. Look what I found: Link He/She makes some nice points. I wonder how long it is before it gets deleted.... ~mac.nub
  8. Something I just thought of, that should really have been in my first post. Even with the EFI emulator installed (which err, has questionable legality in the first place...) the fact is, that any Mac OS X installed on a generic PC will require dsmos.kext, r3d3.kext or an equivalent decryption kext... and no matter how you try to put it in words, there is no way what so ever that those kexts are legal - as it's completely obvious that it's reverse engineered from Don't Steal Mac OS X.kext. Thus at least breaking the DCMA. Unless of course they managed to get their hands on AppleDecrypt.kext source - which was made by Apple for the old IDK and they [Psystar] modified it so that it would work with Leopard - but with the exception of them having an insider in Apple that has source access though, there's no way they'd have this (most people have probably never even heard of this Kext... unless they used to work for Apple or something). ~mac.nub Edit: Fixed typos/grammar/hopefully made it a bit easier to understand.
  9. Personally, I hope Apple sues their asses. I bet they're using a pre-made OSx86 Install DVD to install the OS on these things, and that they will never give any credit to the authors of the DVD, kernel makers, patch makers, etc. When I develop things for OSx86 I do it for fun, and for people's education - not for commercial entities to come along and think "Oh, we could make some money from this" If you want a Mac, go out and buy a real one. If you don't want a Mac, but want to use OS X, build your own PC. My $0.02. ~mac.nub
  10. mac.nub

    Vista Service Pack 1 Released

    Installed it on a family friend's computer earlier today... my goodness it takes a while to install, even on modern PCs. It was a ~66MB download and took a good 45-60mins to install. I think MS need to take a leaf out of Apple's book with update install times... ~mac.nub
  11. mac.nub

    Our top 10 Mac softwares

    In no particular order... 1) Coda - The best all in one Mac Web-Design app. 2) Audium - How else am I supposed to keep in contact with people? 3) Terminal - Terminal + Leopard = Fun. 4) iTunes - For listening to all my ripped CDs 5) XCode Tools - Got to make those kexts/kernels somehow 6) Adobe CS3 Design Premium Suite - Complements Coda for graphic design very nicely. 7) VLC - For all videos I have with obscure file formats. 8) Little Snitch - To make sure i'm not sending out anything I don't want to. 9) Camino - For general browsing. 10) Safari - Also for general browsing. Think that's about right... ~mac.nub
  12. For VMWare support it is kernel dependent. If you use the ToH kernel, you can use the boot flag -vmware if need be. Cheers, ~mac.nub
  13. Nice, been looking for a review since they were released. Cheers, ~mac.nub
  14. If you're going to post things like that, at least get it right... Try reading the whole article next time. ~mac.nub
  15. @Team Scream - Sorry I haven't managed to get back to you sooner, really really busy day yesterday... I'll drop you another email in a few minutes. ~mac.nub