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  1. For the records, Ubuntu running on it, Android booted.
  2. The Beagle Board http://beagleboard.org/hardware looks like a very powerful and low cost hardware. It is based on Texas Instruments ARM OMAP3530 processor. As it is not an Intel, SSE2/3 support is not available. So my initial guess, is that this will never run OSX (But no one should understimate the capabilities of the smart people arround here). But it could be nice to imagine the ease of use and power of OSX client (or Server edition) and the ever increasing offer software for this OS acting like appliances devices, P2P dedicated, VOIP servers, hosting-database-file servers, MobileMe, etc, etc with a very low power consumption. Obviosly this could be done with some Linux distros, but I won't make a list of reasons of why to preffer OSx. Anyone could provide feedback on the feasibility of this? I'm not good at software level, but I'm willing to provide my expertise on electronics, or to follow instructions to test if anyone is interested.
  3. Hi! Finally, prepared to replace my hackintosh... it has done well its mission: it converted me. Do you think it is a good time to buy an iMac? I'm not in a hurry as my computer works neat. Macbooks just got better, and I have seen better processors (4 cores) on PCs... What do you guys think? Thank you!
  4. Windows XP SP3 RC goes public

    Final? Is somebody waiting for a final - stable - version of a MS product? It will never happen!
  5. Leopard server?

    Hi... Sorry, I want to be sure I had understood it. So excuse me if it sounds trivial. Does, the proposed means this: 1) On the intented PC, install something like Kalyway 10.5.1 2) Later, install a "vanilla" disk of the Leopard Server like the ones found at the pirates, overwriting the previous installation. (I assume there is an "update" option at the Server install disk). Can you please help me to solve this questions: a. does vanilla means "untouched"? b. can be a Server disk be a version before the Non-Server? ie. Leopard Server 10.5.0 over Leopard 10.5.1 c. or better, can the server be installed in an previous version like Jas 10.4.8? d. about the updates, what can be expected? Assuming Server updates are different, what will prime on the proposed installation? Thank you!
  6. New MacBooks

    Well, I don't conceive that an iPod Classic has the same or twice hard disk space than MacBook basic model.... Even more, its 5400 RPM hard disk drive and no DVD/W on the basic makes me feel that the MacBook is quite overpriced...
  7. Sadly, I'm returning to Windows on the in tented PC. The reason is that the PC is quite unresponsive in general... but gets annoying with Office 2004, which is my daily basis (I know its a PPC application) I have noted that video is pretty slow. Working with pivot tables is quite frustrating... Also, the iWork didn't open the documents! I have an Intel Extreme 2 Graphics Video, a 82845G chip, (ID: 0x2562), and I have found no solution to get a decent performance after trying many of the posts. I know it is not related to mac.nubs release, which by the way, is a great job. Surely, I felt pretty much more confident installing this release that other things I tried before. So, I re-started saving, to get the real Mac. Good luck everyone...
  8. DONE! I have reset everything... New partition with the Disk Utility. Those with Celeron on Intel 845GEBV2 board can use the following: - Select SSE3 and its patches. - Select the 3 packages for the SSE2 Only - Sound is ADI1980 AC97 - USB 2.0 configured setting the BIOS to USB 2.0 Legacy: Full Speed (Otherwise will not recognize the USB2 Hard Disk) - Video: Will work without any other package to 1280x1024 setting the "Graphics Mode" line on the Startup. However, if anyone can give me a hint on how to resolve 1280x720 I will appreciate it. (I dont like the appeareance of 1280x1024 on a Wide Screen) My Realtek Lan works with the PCGeneric Realtek8139 Ethernet. Bye!
  9. Hi: Not working... yet. I got the black screen with the cursor blinking. I understand it could be many things... Starting point: My PC worked with Jas 10.4.8, with no changes. I want to install it in a disk with no other operating systems... So, I got a clean DD IDE. My Pc is a CELERON on an Intel 845GEBV2 board with everything integrated, except a Realtek Lan that works without any problem. When Installing (I had a mix of selections performed) I see a recourring error that comes from the install Log: Couyld not determine if partition needs bootloader. Partition is not MBR \n Can't set active boot partition as dev/disk0s2 I suspect it could be an error of the partitioning... But I have played with the Disk Utility to recreate everything. Sorry if it sounds trivial for some of you... but can you give me a hand on this please? Thank you!
  10. Feeling the very same... I rushed to get a new screen... to replace my old 800x600 !!! The savings for the real iMac should be replenished somehow... Never had ejoyed looking at the swarn graphics from Azureus: those little pies getting filled from their sibblings... ahhh.. time to sleep... let the seed begin... tomorrow, the install...
  11. How to force 800x600 installation?

    Success, Tha problem was not the flag... The Bios, (By the way, an Intel 845 based) had the PCI instead the AGP for the Video Option. All I had to do besides correcting the above, was to set the Frame to 512 KB, but just to install the OSX, and later restore it to something more decent, and to include the TAG for the 800x600 graphics. Bye now...
  12. How to force 800x600 installation?

    Update: I installed the OSX after guessing the screens. When it starts for the first time, it gets the Gray Screen and Apple and it plays musics where - I guess - it begins the registration at apple, or the timezone /whatever. The problem is that the Gray Apple never goes away, and let the graphics come out. I have tried to use the following as a flag at the start up: platform-X86PC "Graphics Mode"-"800×600×16" Same behaviour... Different Video Configuration at the Bios provides the same results. Any lights on this matter?... please... Thank you!
  13. Cheers! It seems like you have conducted a brainstorm session for the release requeriments... Waiting for it!
  14. How to force 800x600 installation?

    So far, I have set on the BIOS the "Frame apperture Size" of the Video Options, to its lowest option: 512K This has forced the installer to use a lower resolution. However it is almost unreadeable as the video comes in an black and white. I'll try to navigate trough the installer and after everything is setup I'll change the configuration to use the 800x600 mode. However, if anyone has a better solution, I'll surely will appreciate it. Thank you!
  15. Hi! Is there any way to install the Jas 10.4.8 using a monitor that is only able to handle 800x600? I'm getting unreadeable lines on the monitor as soon the installer gets the graphics mode... Thank you!