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  1. 8800 GTS 640 in Intel Box!

    i could swear the last time i checked on the geforece 8800 thread someone stated 640 mb is not supported and probably never will be
  2. 8800 GTS 640 in Intel Box!

    640mb does not work atm
  3. NEVERMIND! Gdammit, 2.9 MB/sec I'm happy with this. I'll spread love. p.s. THANKS!!! and get better soon
  4. mac.nub- dude, thanks for the detailed responses, you are right my mobo is p35, its also a ich9r(which i know you're already supporting)
  5. @Orfeus Learn how to read, October 26th is written all over the thread @mac.nub Damn. Nice. I have a new Intel dell system inspiron 530, and so far no install DVD other than tubgirl's AMD release has been able to successfully go to the installation without the waiting for root device error(i don't wanna install AMD on an Intel). Anyway you can make your release Dell friendly??(i realize i'm asking a lot from you here) Pretty please?
  6. Hey guys, I have a broadcom 440x integrated ethernet, most people have been having success getting this to work. I seem to be one of the few people who is missing NetworkInterfaces.plist is there anyone who can tell me how to resolve this? or anyone with this type of card or integrated ethernet possibly pm me their networkinterfaces.plist? thanks in advance
  7. Hi guys, i'm missing networkinterfaces.plist after installing anyone here know why?
  8. Jmicron 363

    i have an mcp51 mobo, without any PATA ports...(DELL E521) i know SATA isn't supported for mcp51 or nforce 410/430 there have been confirmations that using a jmicron 363 you can make it work by editing plists so i was going to buy this product: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16816124007 can anyone tell me if i'm buying the right thing or not?
  9. Radeontools

    Hi guys, this is pretty much the only thing i need to get my setup to work. I tried looking for the link and I know i'm not the only one. If someone could repost RadeonTools, it would be much appreciated.
  10. Can anyone post AppleAPIC.kext from either 10.4.8 or 10.4.9 or even link me to one? perhaps even PM it? Pretty please?
  11. ACPI problem

    If you're using UPHUCK's dvd then you must likely change the AppleAPIC.kext to theAppleAPIC.kext from 10.4.8 or 10.4.6lots of people have had toIf you're using UPHUCK's dvd then you must likely change the AppleAPIC.kext to theAppleAPIC.kext from 10.4.8 or 10.4.6lots of people have had to
  12. Hi I'm going to follow the instructions written on these threads to install osx on an nforce 430: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...SATA+RAID++Card by using this device: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16815283005 It says we must modify APPLEVIATA.kext with the file given by the poster. I need help on this part. Should we patch the .kext file before installation? If so how do we do it?