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  1. Agreed - I'm not actually in a hurry to write it out, because as I'm an XPS user now.. and wingrunr21's guide was a quick and easy read to get things up to scratch
  2. I think it might be time for me to re-do the guide slightly
  3. [GUIDE] Leopard on an XPS 1330/1530

    Thanks for the informative thread wingrunr21, and the DSDT.aml from Brandon2004 and Chrysaor. It has been a long while since I got the Mac up and running on the XPS M1530, and my previous guide is now completely obsolete I've got a 10.5.7 system running off Chameleon 2.0RC1 dual booting with Vista SP2, but I have a question, I've seen a lot of people use Chameleon on its own, but then some people switch to PC EFI v10 by replacing the boot file; if anyone with experience can tell me, does it make a noticeable difference on this system? Cheers, P.
  4. There is a difference between supporting a community project and making a sweeping statement that everyone who uses OSx86 hasn't bought the software.
  5. Makes me wish it was a jumper setting on the HD itself.
  6. I'm not quite sure what you're trying to say here, it's a bit convoluted and shows that you haven't really grasped the true nature of the problems you are experiencing. Your External Monitor problem could be due to an incorrect NVCAP setting. What method are you using to utilize your displays? is it an Nvidia card? NVinject kext? EFI GFX Strings? If you're scared of your system failing, use an OS that fully supports your hardware It just sounds to me like you want a stable setup that you can rely on, maybe if you love the Mac so much you should save up and invest in a Macbook, that way you would not need to worry about anything apart from the possibility of hardware faults occuring OSx86 isn't for everyone as it requires maintanance, driver updates, checking back to see if the latest Apple Software Update is compatible etc. A lot of these problems have been squashed because of EFI injectors, but yes, there are still incompatibilities. Things are a lot better now than they ever were though, and so long as Apple doesn't do anything radical, we should see the relationship between Generic PC hardware and Mac OS X get closer.
  7. You actually sold your Macbook to get a lesser powered machine? Never in a million years would I do something like that
  8. Quick update: first post now includes dual-core fix, just so people don't get confused
  9. People hate Vista without knowing why, like it's some kind of bizarre trend. Once you actually sit down, configure and embrace it, people realise just how good it is. This isn't false-fact, have a look here Wasn't the biggest cause of BSOD's to do with nVIDIA graphics drivers? those were the early days; I have been using recent 17X.XX Forceware's without a single problem... both on my desktop and with a modded INF on my laptop. People need to learn to seperate hardware fault with driver/os related problems, there is a tendancy for people to jump to conclusions just because they know a bit of lingo, or love ranting in fanboyism ignorance to relieve frustration. Mac OS X still looks way nicer though, but then again, once you install Windows Blinds and IconPackager there really isn't any to complain about. Something else worth mentioning, UAC may be annoying, but it was the most effective method for preventing rootkits from taking over a system. P.
  10. Just check what Sigmatel codec you have and apply the appropriate patch. It's all on the first post.
  11. I'd give the fan and CPU a good clean, then apply some Arctic Silver 5 thermal paste instead of the {censored} that Dell uses. Your overheating problems will go away after that
  12. Forum Game: Ban the user above you

    David Leonard should be banned because he opens milk bottles by smashing them Uh oh, I can feel a good one coming, my post-count is 666 *hint* :censored2:
  13. *cough* wrong kind of forum