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  1. ATI X1300 Pro working on BrazilianMac's Leopard

    Does it work with a laptop screen?
  2. x1300 Mobility

    What installers do i need for this card? http://diabolik1605.com/DHF/R1Files/Mobili...staller.pkg.zip and http://diabolik1605.com/DHF/Vault/NatitX13...1.Installer.zip?
  3. Black And White Vertical Lines

    Here is a video of what it does now: Clicky Cheers.
  4. Black And White Vertical Lines

    Mines not an external monitor.
  5. Black And White Vertical Lines

    Ok, reinstalled with the titan drivers instead of the other ones in the "most common hardware" bit. Now the screen isn't stripey, its just black. I'll run with -v now and post the output.
  6. Black And White Vertical Lines

    Yeah, i ticked them in the installer (Not the titan ones). I've also done the boris method, but it didn't change anything.
  7. Black And White Vertical Lines

    Incase it helps anyone, here is a video of the problem: Youtube link
  8. I'm trying to install a JaS 10.4.8 onto a Dell Inspiron 6400, Core Duo 1.73GHz (1 Core disabled in BIOS) and an ATI x1300. I've got it installed to an HFS+ partition successfully. When I try to boot, it goes through the Darwin sequence, and gets to the grey apple screen. It doesn't stay there too long, then it goes to a screen with black and white vertical lines. Anyone got any ideas as to why it does this, and how to fix it? I'd like to get up and running tonight if possible! Cheers.
  9. Not Booting

    Hi, Any ideas as to why this doesn't boot? I'm trying to install a JaS 10.4.8 (Defiant patch) on a Dell Inspiron 6400 (1 Core disabled in BIOS). I created a new partition, formatted it to HFS+ and the tried to install OS X to it in VMWare. The installed worked perfectly. Next, I created the relevent entries in Vista's BCD (Dual booting with vista) and added chain0 to the C:\ drive. When I select OS X from the boot selector it goes to a black screen then back to the boot selector. Any ideas as to why? Cheers
  10. Installs but won't boot

  11. Installs but won't boot

    Done the boot with -v, it doesn't go any futher than "Localgost - mDNSResponder: Couldn't read user-specified localhost name". Any ideas?
  12. Installs but won't boot

    Right, i'll do -v later. Think why it wouldn't prompt for me to press F8 was that their was no timeout set? I've set it to 8 seconds now.
  13. Installs but won't boot

    Yea I do see darwin, but it just starts to boot. I'm using chain0 with the vista bootloader.
  14. Installs but won't boot

    How can I add -v into the options if it is booting from the hdd?