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[Guide] El Capitan 10.11.X - Dell Optiplex 780 (760) 755 (790) (990)

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Well, if you use the config.plist from the .zip file, you should have things (which shouldn't be there by default IMHO) like Dual Link set to 1, FB Name Shrike, NVCAP, VRAM, Video ports, etc. full of 0…


Just remove everything and that's it…

ok, but something seems to be wrong

DSDT stored properly?
Clover properly adjusted and adapted SMBios?
Clover installed correctly?
check everything again

have you tried booting the setup from usb without using any boot flags ? If so do you get the apple logo up ? Cause I had to this problem but it was showing a prohibited logo.


If you get the prohibed logo. You would want to recreate the usb making sure you following each step of the guide

Are you absolutely sure it's an AMD Radeon HD 5450 ? Do you have a link where we could have a look to its full specs ?


Because there's no reason you can't install with the supplied DSDT. You could also give a try to the Generic DSDT but you'll need to add 0x68E01002 in Fake ID and set InjectATI in Graphics.




I get this in attachment when I connect after install of osx and ill have to check the windows thing tomorrow as my brother is using the windows pc for college so therefore can't create a windows usb installer


Actually, everything looks good for me. Those "glitches" on the screen also appears on my system, just before I reach the desktop.


So your problem is that when you reach this step, monitor turns off and there's no signal anymore ? Right ?


At first, I thought it was the HDMI video port the culprit but now, I'm wondering if it's not something else like incorrect monitor's EDID recognition by OS X which is another and much more annoying issue…


You could try this if possible :


Remove the Radeon, boot OS X and enable VNC remote control. Looks like this in french localization :




Then shut down the Optiplex, put the Radeon Back and let the OS boot until it reaches the desktop. You won't see anything but you could remote control the Optiplex on another Mac/Hack/PC with built-in remote access in OS X or VNC viewer software on Windows. That way, you could check if the Radeon is correctly enabled in System Profiler with full VRAM.


Else, you could check EDID option in Graphics in Clover Configurator and check InjectATI.


Sorry but right now, that's my best :P.

Okay well I've only got one power cable and hdmi which I'm sharing between computers so I can't do that remote control but imma try the clover configuration now

Oh and I very sorry but I just noticed after about ten minutes of the the monitor loosing signal the computer reboots it self


Edit: the pc only reboots it self sometimes and the clove reconfiguration didn't work lmao I generally think I'm going mad haha

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