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VoodooHDA 2.8.5 for Mavericks (Slice + AnV) (Signed!)

Andy Vandijck

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Thank you, SPDIF works great on my ALC892, better than AppleHDA cause I got encoded digital audio in MIDI settings now. AC3 and DTS play perfect and it switches automatically to encoded audio. There are some issues though:


1. Each setting has 192khz init value, maybe it's better to set it to 44khz? with 192 I don't get sound.


2. On my HD4000 HDMI there is no playback at all. Can't play any song, the stream doesn't even start. 


3. Static hiss on analog audio, vectorize=true in info.plist doesn't help. (see edit3)


4. In prefpane I see only my NVIDIA 660 TI with four audio ports. No ALC892 and no HD4000 ports. (see edit3)


PS: Didn't test any inputs yet.


EDIT: dump added.

EDIT2: lspci dump and dsdt added.


EDIT3: Issue with static hiss (point 3) was solved with disabling nvidia card by setting: <key>IOPCIPrimaryMatch</key><string>0x1E208086</string> 

So apparently the problem is the settings don't get initialized for internal HDA when nvidia is used. Also I can see all internal ports in prefpane now. 




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Once again a great job Andy, can not wait for the weekend to test this with my sound card. :D

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It sorts of works better than the previous build (ALC892);


- less noise per volume

- finally I can switch between my usb and onboard audio (was broken in the version I used)




There are 2 little snags that hold it back from being perfect for me:


- Doesn't show up in prefpane, but I can live with that

- Turning  the volume up and down works but has a very noticeable delay.

Using shift + volume keys doesn't give this delay, and the delay wasn't there with previous builds.



So overal it's a pretty good and I like it.

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The prefpane entries will appear if you remove your graphics card by modifying the info.plist, see http://olarila.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=28&t=454


I don't have the delay with alc892, try removing com.apple.audio.DeviceSettings.plist and com.apple.audio.SystemSettings.plist from /Library/Preferences/Audio and reboot, as described in the linked post above.



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Doesn't remove the delay but does fix the prefpanel (had no doubt on that, btw also using a 660 Ti).


What's also noticeable about this delay; if you press the keys fast there's more of a delay than if you press it slowly 1 at a time.

Before (with regular 2.8.5 build) I didn't have this behaviour.

When I got some more time I might just compare the 2 for obvious changes in the .plist itself, about best I can do.


Just realized this: the shift + volume buttons just work like the regular way right now, while shift + volume buttons should be lineair but they are not.

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Hi Andy

Hi Slice,


thank you for this very good driver that works great!

Although I have tested it until now only with my headset.
But until now the best VoodooHDA ever I've installed on AMD :thumbsup_anim:


Microphone I have not tested , I do not have near me at the moment.


Edited by spakk
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Edit 19 juilly 2014 new packages  V286 Availlabale

Thanks to Slice .


Thanks you very mutch AnV ! working Great ;)  testing  on Z87X-UD5H  :D  I have create  cool Installer 

 For VoodooHDA Tribute With the binaries   :thumbsup_anim:


EDIT new package with  AnV change log  ;)


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Sorry Andy but your sources based on 2.7.0 even without Zenith432 improvements, without HDMI, Multichannel, many controllers missing.

I think you should look more carefully on sources 2.8.4

svn checkout svn://svn.code.sf.net/p/voodoohda/code/ voodoohda-code

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Andy nice work ,,as Usually you do :) but most of user getting Kernel Panic ,,solution ???

No KP here and HDMI works good, just the up volume bouton not working but  volume work on the VoodooHDA / preference  System 


DVI no problemo  :)

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