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VoodooHDA 2.8.5 for Mavericks (Slice + AnV) (Signed!)

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Thanks Slice for your time !


Here is the NodesToPatch corrected :


however, I still do not have the ability to adjust InputGain in prefpane setting. It is still not activated. (Please see image !). Correcting 3 to 7 doesn't unfortunately improve my sound experience.


What can I modify in the .plist in order to get the settings available ?

Also, I need to know what nodes to pach in order to activate the HDMI for my sound ? (Please see image also)


Great thanks in advance.





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So I have a GTX 760, and this gives both my own board audio and HDMI however whenever I go to use the HDMI audio the HDMI display flickers like crazy, any ideas of what could cause this and how I could fix it? In the meanwhile I m using a  AppleHDA  and patched dsdt that allows my HDMI to work but no onboard...so if I could get this flickering fixed it would be perfect.

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I have ALC662. Sound works except that i don't have headphone showing up in System Preferences.



Anyone can hep me configuring nodes

 nid 27 0x02214c1f as  1 seq 15 Headphones  Jack  1/8     Front   External Green   misc 6

Here is the full voodoohda dump




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Hi Guys,


First, thanks your work!

I have a problem with alc883. I use optical output, everything is good, but when I try to play DTS/AC-3 audio, I got kernel panic with blablabla... IOAudioFamily. Is there any solution for this problem?

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On 4/1/2014 at 9:07 PM, Andy Vandijck said:

I updated Slice's version of VoodooHDA.


- Added 20 bit audio support

- Changed vector instruction definitions if clang is used (enables building with Apple's clang compiler)

- Updated icon on prefpane and settings loader

- Fixed warnings on sources

- Added various audio controllers and codecs (ALC282, IDT ID 7695, Intel Series 7 and Series 8 HDMI, Intel Series 8 controller, Intel Series 8 HMDI controller)

- Signed with my developer account all binaries automatically after build (Go to hell Apple, only updating dev account with credit card from this year? this is what you get!)


A lot of updates thus.

Sources included in zip.


Enjoy... :D


Included binaries:

- VoodooHDA.prefPane

- VoodooHdaSettingsLoader.app

- getdump

- VoodooHDA.kext

All signed...


EDIT: Sorry, small update, fixed a little issue... ;)

Updated to fix small issue, tested, now works great :D


EDIT2: Updated version, thx Slice.

Slice implemented some of my improvements and I did the rest and some more warning fixes and updated prefpane and icons...



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