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  1. I've built the tools for compiling aml and stuff. The built products are under: acpica-unix-20181031/generate/unix/bin They support ACPI V6.2A acpica-unix-20181031.zip
  2. Andy Vandijck

    AnV is back

    Been without a computer for 2 years. Had to save money to buy one But now I am back...
  3. Private headers for Mojave are attached below. They'll allow you to use ObjC private information (or you can convert it to Swift). Mac OS X 10.4.0. MojavePrivateHeaders.zip
  4. I could when I have the time. I'm currently updating the build tools and stuff. I'll get around to it.
  5. Andy Vandijck


    I've updated cctools to include the NG patches and my own extensions. It's prebuilt for Mac OS X Mojave (10.14). It should work for Mac OS High Sierra also. It includes an updated mtoc and otool-ng + llvm-otool-ng. It also builds libdisasm.a for use in applications you write. It's a library that allows you to use any feature used in otool / llvm-otool as a library. Patch is attached as well. Enjoy ... cctools-895.diff.zip cctools-895-AnV.zip
  6. It dumps literally everything from dyld cache. It got updated for Mac OS High Sierra and Mac OS Mojave. It's prebuilt for Mojave. Sources are included. I'm currently dumping as much as I can using a recursive script. It still has a few issues (could use some additional help in fixing those). It uses crashpad libraries (prebuilt for Mojave included). EDIT: I fixed some of the current issues. It now is capable of dumping the shared cache. It can work now Also dumped the Mojave Frameworks and PrivateFrameworks directories. Github repo: https://github.com/andyvand/classdump-dyld-Mojave classdump-dyld-Mojave.zip
  7. Andy Vandijck

    AutoAPBDecrypt 2.0 for Mojave

    I was able to dump some ObjC headers from the Finder, backupd and loginwindow binaries. They are attached below. Mojave_CoreServices_Headers_ObjC.zip
  8. Andy Vandijck

    AutoAPBDecrypt 2.0 for Mojave

    Attached are the Mac OS X 10.14.0 (Mojave) decrypts. I've just made them. There are four binaries at current. Mojave_Decrypts.zip
  9. Andy Vandijck

    AnV is back

    I'm back to the scene since today (16/10/2018). I've bought myself a new MacBookAir7,2. Will continue to develop for the hackintosh community. I've started by uploading under the Developers Corner a new version of AutoAPBDecrypt 2.0. CommonCrypto is altered to not allow decryption of Apple Protected Binaries. Solved this using an Apple updated version of OpenSSL 1.0.1j (included in the installer package). I can report that I'm very pleased to be back.
  10. Andy Vandijck

    Mojave Problema Partizione EFI

    Works over here on my real MacBook Air sudo diskutil mount /dev/disk0s1 That mounts EFI.
  11. Andy Vandijck

    AutoAPBDecrypt 2.0 for Mojave

    Since Mac OS X 10.14 AutoAPBDecrypt doesn't decrypt anymore using CommonCrypto. To solve this I've made a custom version of OpenSSL 1.0.1j for Mojave and installed it to /usr/local. I've made a handy installer package for Mojave. I've fixed AutoAPBDecrypt and implemented also Dark Mode Support. It is compatible with OS X 10.14 and above. Attached is also the source code for the new OpenSSL library (requires GMP 6.1.2 or newer to build). NOTE: I'm back as of current, haven't had a computer in nearly 2 years but bought myself a new MacBookAir7,2 and am very pleased. Will continue to do other things as well. New GitHub repo's: https://github.com/andyvand/OpenSSL-1.0.1j-Apple-Mojave https://github.com/andyvand/AutoAPBDecrypt-2.0-for-Mojave OpenSSL101j-52.zip AutoAPBDecrypt-master.zip AutoAPBDecrypt.pkg.zip
  12. There is ofcourse the unaligned SSSE3 bug on AMD FX CPU's. I know this from bochs...
  13. The problem may also be Metal. Metal was introduced in El Capitan directly lying onto the IOAccelerator. If the GUI uses this, that may be the problem...
  14. The problem is obviously not in the kernel but in the graphics kexts. Maybe a custom version of IOGraphicsFamily could do the trick? Just thinking up aloud ...
  15. Andy Vandijck

    Clover/Chameleon Boot Sector for NTFS + ALT booting PBR

    Rename boot to bootc Then it'll work. Because of Windows I have renamed the file inside the PBR to bootc Or use the package attached below. EDIT: New version. Build 3348. Clover.zip