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  1. Andy Vandijck

    APFS support is coming!

    You could also integrate my 64-bit patches into the sources. Yes if somebody made a max 1024B boot1a (boot1 APFS) we could. It has the same proceedings as HFS+ (1024B of space at the beginning of the partition)
  2. Andy Vandijck

    APFS support is coming!

    This is the kernel version in C of the linux APFS out of tree for supporting APFS. Haven't had much time to adapt it yet though. linux-apfs-oot.zip
  3. Yes, somebody stole my USB stick with the sources and wiped it clean. By the time I knew who all data was lost.
  4. Andy Vandijck

    Enoch 32+64-bit made by AnV

    APFS support is not yet added. One could use ported Linux routines but haven't had the time. The headers are included but the sources to support it haven't yet been made. Needs more time but they have APFS in Linux kernel also. This is needed as the base. EDIT: It boots 10.6-10.15 but only HFS at the moment
  5. Yes I know; i lost all sources and binaries about 2 years ago. So if anybody could attach the binaries for it, everybody is free to have it. If needed I'll remove myself all restraints of the App Store for you guys. Free for everybody then. Let me know
  6. I have updated Enoch to 32+64-bit. Needs testing as I only have a real Mac to do this. Link to topic: Enjoy
  7. Andy Vandijck

    Enoch 32+64-bit made by AnV

    I have ported the Chameleon variant known as Enoch to 64-bit and updated the tools and stuff. I have also included the Catalina version variant and stuff. Needs testing as I only have a real Mac. boot64 is the build for doing it. I have also updated the plugins to 64-bit. I also reverse engineered FileNVRAM. Enjoy Enoch.zip
  8. I updated mtoc to be able to build Terse Executable files. The "-te" flag enables the building of Terse Executable files. Furthermore they have all my patches included. Enjoy cctools-921-AnV.zip
  9. I've made a new OPEMU. It's included in the attachment. It is required for High Sierra and Mojave # OPEMU osfmk/OPEMU/opemu.c standard osfmk/OPEMU/opemu_math.c standard osfmk/OPEMU/ssse3.c standard osfmk/OPEMU/sse42.c standard osfmk/OPEMU/sse41.c standard osfmk/OPEMU/sse3.c standard osfmk/OPEMU/libudis86/decode.c standard osfmk/OPEMU/libudis86/itab.c standard osfmk/OPEMU/libudis86/syn.c standard osfmk/OPEMU/libudis86/syn-intel.c standard osfmk/OPEMU/libudis86/udis86.c standard OPEMU.zip
  10. Andy Vandijck

    AnV is back

    Been without a computer for 2 years. Had to save money to buy one But now I am back...
  11. Private headers for Mojave are attached below. They'll allow you to use ObjC private information (or you can convert it to Swift). Mac OS X 10.4.0. MojavePrivateHeaders.zip
  12. I could when I have the time. I'm currently updating the build tools and stuff. I'll get around to it.
  13. Andy Vandijck


    I've updated cctools to include the NG patches and my own extensions. It's prebuilt for Mac OS X Mojave (10.14). It should work for Mac OS High Sierra also. It includes an updated mtoc and otool-ng + llvm-otool-ng. It also builds libdisasm.a for use in applications you write. It's a library that allows you to use any feature used in otool / llvm-otool as a library. Patch is attached as well. Enjoy ... cctools-895.diff.zip cctools-895-AnV.zip
  14. It dumps literally everything from dyld cache. It got updated for Mac OS High Sierra and Mac OS Mojave. It's prebuilt for Mojave. Sources are included. I'm currently dumping as much as I can using a recursive script. It still has a few issues (could use some additional help in fixing those). It uses crashpad libraries (prebuilt for Mojave included). EDIT: I fixed some of the current issues. It now is capable of dumping the shared cache. It can work now Also dumped the Mojave Frameworks and PrivateFrameworks directories. Github repo: https://github.com/andyvand/classdump-dyld-Mojave classdump-dyld-Mojave.zip
  15. Andy Vandijck

    AutoAPBDecrypt 2.0 for Mojave

    I was able to dump some ObjC headers from the Finder, backupd and loginwindow binaries. They are attached below. Mojave_CoreServices_Headers_ObjC.zip