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  1. I've updated AnyAppleUSBMouse for Catalina. It requires 4 changes to the idProduct (Product ID) and idVendor (Vendor ID) to work. Enjoy AnyAppleUSBMouse.kext.zip
  2. Andy Vandijck

    AnVMSR 1.1 for Catalina (10.15)

    The kext goes to /Library/Extensions The anvmsr binary goes to /usr/local/bin
  3. Andy Vandijck

    AnVMSR 1.1 for Catalina (10.15)

    I updated AnVMSR so it would work on Catalina. - It can read and write MSR register. - It can read and write the TSC. - It can read and write the PMC. Enjoy EDIT: Little code fix. I tested the module, it works... AnVMSR.zip
  4. I updated the sources of the decompkernelcache tool. Now it can do the following things with the prelinked kernel and its data: - Uncompress prelinked kernel (package with drivers inside) - Extract kernel (repackage possible with kextcache, kernel only) - Extract kexts (including original folder source directory) - List kexts - Extract combined Info.plist resource It can do this with prelinked kernel caches compressed with LZSS and LZVN. It can also extract already decompressed prelinked kernel cache binaries. It is also possible to specify an architecture to extract (in case of a multi architecture prelinked kernel cache). It works with any version of the OS X kernel cache (It works for 32 and 64 bit, extracting all). I tested it on a prelinked kernel of iOS also, it was able to do this to an iPhone 4S prelinked kernel too. (32-bit ARM) It works on Mac OS X prelinked kernel data with any version or architecture (32/64-bit works, can extract Big Endian data so if you manage to have a PowerPC prelinked kernel it can handle them too). It should be able to handle any architecture and any Darwin deployment target. So if you have a decrypted prelinked kernel of iOS, Mac OS X, Apple TV (both Intel and ARM), Watch OS and any other like the HomePod OS you can use this tool on them too. Enjoy decompkernelcache.zip
  5. Andy Vandijck

    APFS support is coming!

    You could also integrate my 64-bit patches into the sources. Yes if somebody made a max 1024B boot1a (boot1 APFS) we could. It has the same proceedings as HFS+ (1024B of space at the beginning of the partition)
  6. Andy Vandijck

    APFS support is coming!

    This is the kernel version in C of the linux APFS out of tree for supporting APFS. Haven't had much time to adapt it yet though. linux-apfs-oot.zip
  7. Yes, somebody stole my USB stick with the sources and wiped it clean. By the time I knew who all data was lost.
  8. Andy Vandijck

    Enoch 32+64-bit made by AnV

    APFS support is not yet added. One could use ported Linux routines but haven't had the time. The headers are included but the sources to support it haven't yet been made. Needs more time but they have APFS in Linux kernel also. This is needed as the base. EDIT: It boots 10.6-10.15 but only HFS at the moment
  9. Yes I know; i lost all sources and binaries about 2 years ago. So if anybody could attach the binaries for it, everybody is free to have it. If needed I'll remove myself all restraints of the App Store for you guys. Free for everybody then. Let me know
  10. I have updated Enoch to 32+64-bit. Needs testing as I only have a real Mac to do this. Link to topic: Enjoy
  11. Andy Vandijck

    Enoch 32+64-bit made by AnV

    I have ported the Chameleon variant known as Enoch to 64-bit and updated the tools and stuff. I have also included the Catalina version variant and stuff. Needs testing as I only have a real Mac. boot64 is the build for doing it. I have also updated the plugins to 64-bit. I also reverse engineered FileNVRAM. Enjoy Enoch.zip
  12. Andy Vandijck

    Clover/Chameleon Boot Sector for NTFS + ALT booting PBR (V2)

    I made NASM/YASM versions of the PBR. Also added support for WASM (Watcom Assembler). Added a Makefile. It comes pre-built with MSVC 1.5, Open Watcom 1.9 and NASM 2.14.02 versions.
  13. I updated mtoc to be able to build Terse Executable files. The "-te" flag enables the building of Terse Executable files. Furthermore they have all my patches included. Enjoy cctools-921-AnV.zip
  14. They can convert both ways. I updated them also for working on PE32+. Included is also the Mojave boot.efi converted to TE. Enjoy TE2PE.zip
  15. I've made a new OPEMU. It's included in the attachment. It is required for High Sierra and Mojave # OPEMU osfmk/OPEMU/opemu.c standard osfmk/OPEMU/opemu_math.c standard osfmk/OPEMU/ssse3.c standard osfmk/OPEMU/sse42.c standard osfmk/OPEMU/sse41.c standard osfmk/OPEMU/sse3.c standard osfmk/OPEMU/libudis86/decode.c standard osfmk/OPEMU/libudis86/itab.c standard osfmk/OPEMU/libudis86/syn.c standard osfmk/OPEMU/libudis86/syn-intel.c standard osfmk/OPEMU/libudis86/udis86.c standard OPEMU.zip