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  1. There is ofcourse the unaligned SSSE3 bug on AMD FX CPU's. I know this from bochs...
  2. The problem may also be Metal. Metal was introduced in El Capitan directly lying onto the IOAccelerator. If the GUI uses this, that may be the problem...
  3. The problem is obviously not in the kernel but in the graphics kexts. Maybe a custom version of IOGraphicsFamily could do the trick? Just thinking up aloud ...
  4. Clover/Chameleon Boot Sector for NTFS + ALT booting PBR

    Rename boot to bootc Then it'll work. Because of Windows I have renamed the file inside the PBR to bootc Or use the package attached below. EDIT: New version. Build 3348. Clover.zip
  5. Clover/Chameleon Boot Sector for NTFS + ALT booting PBR

    Made it a little different. Defaults loads bootc (because of Boot being used by Windows for startup entries) Press B loads bootmgr (succesfully booted Windows 10, boots Vista - 10) Press N loads ntldr (succesfully loads NT3.1-XP) Press 1-9 loads boot1-boot9 This way we can also do legacy boot on GPT volumes for Windows. NOTE: The sources and boot files are in CloverNTFSBoot.zip or on Github.
  6. Clover/Chameleon Boot Sector for NTFS + ALT booting PBR

    Could use the keyboard input interrupt. Will look into it. Could make it Check scancode and move in proper offset + length. So 1-9 = Clover / Chameleon. N = NTLDR. B = BOOTMGR
  7. Clover/Chameleon Boot Sector for NTFS + ALT booting PBR

    Added bootice for MBR and PBR install. Use boot0af and ntfsboot(alt).bin Process MBR - Restore MBR - choose boot0af Process PBR - Restore PBR - choose ntfsboot(alt).bin Copy Clover files over. EDIT: Added all Clover boot sectors. Renamed the files to boot1ntfs and boot1ntfsalt. EDIT2: Added boot1ntfsbmgr (support for booting NTLDR and BOOTMGR) BOOTICE.zip BootSectors.zip
  8. Atheros 9K Series ROM Modding Tools And Recovery Kit

    It should be possible if a user space app is made to control the WiFi. For older OS'es one can use VoodooWireless as the interface (see my github). https://github.com/andyvand
  9. Clover/Chameleon Boot Sector for NTFS + ALT booting PBR

    Is included in the Clover.zip package Looking good
  10. Clover/Chameleon Boot Sector for NTFS + ALT booting PBR

    Thanks for the test. Success!
  11. Clover/Chameleon Boot Sector for NTFS + ALT booting PBR

    I've compiled a suitable Clover using GCC 5.3.0. Enjoy... Clover.zip
  12. Clover/Chameleon Boot Sector for NTFS + ALT booting PBR

    I'm testing that as we speak. I'm using GCC 5.3.0 with latest libraries. So far it builds fine I'll let you know the results.
  13. Clover/Chameleon Boot Sector for NTFS + ALT booting PBR

    This is the PBR one. Clover MBR (boot0af) should work. There is a bootjump of 3B first. Next the BIOS Parameter Block (see structure in .inc file). Lastly the loader code. I used bootice for the test install. Currently making GCC-5.3.0 with latest libraries for a better Clover. Gonna build using Cygwin as I'm stuck on Windows for now.
  14. Clover/Chameleon Boot Sector for NTFS + ALT booting PBR

    They work the same way. They load flat binaries.
  15. I've created a boot sector for booting Clover/Chameleon from an NTFS partition. It includes the sources and is based upon leaked Windows NT4 sources. Enjoy... NOTE: Take into account the NTFS BPB during installation. BTW: To recompile you need Windows + Open Watcom EDIT: Added alternate booting PBR EDIT2: Combined both sources. EDIT3: Added Github repo https://github.com/andyvand/CloverNTFSBoot EDIT4: New boot files. Loads bootc by default on alternate booting PBR. 'N' loads ntldr. 'B' loads bootmgr. 1-9 loads boot1 - boot9 EDIT5: Added both alternate booting PBR's and changed the repo (new file name is bootntfsaltbmgr.bin, uses bootc and bootmgralt.bin uses boot). CloverNTFSBoot.zip